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You just found which is your alternative and local travel guide to Wroclaw! We are two passionate locals who really love Wroclaw and decided to create a city blog – just browse our posts to find the hidden gems of Wroclaw!

We love good food, coffee, canoe adventures, travels and just to enjoy life. Did we mention, that we love coffee? Join us on our journey through the amazing city of Wroclaw now…

Our alternative Guidebook for Wroclaw

We have released the English edition of our alternative guidebook to Wroclaw – now available in stock with all orders shipping in 48 hours!

If you are interested in a truly unique guide which will introduce you to 100 extraordinary places in Wroclaw, then check out more details here:

English Wroclaw Guidebook


Here you find our latest and most recent blog posts:


Looking for really local recommendations and great hotels in Wroclaw? Want to know more about the best options to get into Wroclaw? Then the following blog posts should be helpful:


You won’t get bored in Wroclaw with us. Here we have a little collection of our favourite blog posts about the best things to do in Wroclaw. No matter if you prefer lazy sightseeing on your own, if you are looking for a guided tour in Wroclaw or if you want to explore some more alternative corners of Wroclaw, here you will find it all:


Get ready to explore the culinary scene of Wroclaw – we have plenty of amazing and affordable fine dining restaurants, amazing party spots, an extensive choice of wine bars, pubs and craft beer. This is the section to plan your evening (well, or breakfast!) in Wroclaw:


We are just people who are really passionate about the city in which we live. That’s why want to spread the word about Wroclaw and its cool, vibrant and hidden places to the world 🙂 

We know it is easy to find a lot of travel information about Wroclaw online but.. Mostly you just find some big travel websites that just tell you about the obvious and main attractions.

We want to be different and tell you about the things that we explored and discovered ourselves. In addition we use mostly our own pictures – no stock photography for sure here. The places that we recommend are the ones that we visit frequently ourselves and just love.

This is why you can expect perfect inspiration not only for a weekend in Wroclaw, but also for longer stays – we recommend at least a week in Wroclaw, there is just so much to do.  And now, explore Wroclaw as a local together with us!

We really hope that we can provide you valuable inspiration for your upcoming trip to Wroclaw!

Take care, Ewa & Mirko


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