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The best Fine Dining Restaurants in Wroclaw

Nafta Wroclaw best restaurant

It is incredible to see how the food scene has taken off in Wroclaw. From traditional Polish cuisine towards neo-bistros with high class food to even hidden restaurants… Wroclaw has become the meeting place for foodies and fine dining in Poland.

In this article we will introduce you to the best-in-class Restaurants that Wroclaw has to offer. Most of them are priced above average but we assure you, they all are worth it! The higher price range of our recommendations is justified by the quality of the food, otherwise we wouldn’t add them to this list. Again, we tried all of them ourselves and are frequent customers 🙂 

This post is also the perfect choice if you are looking for a romantic date or you might need to set up a business dinner in Wroclaw! And well, Fine Dining here does unfortunately not mean Michelin Star – as they didn’t care to come to Wroclaw yet, a little set back, but let us assure you, these restaurants we recommend here are the top choice in Wroclaw!

Nevertheless, if you look for more decent priced options, check out the following description and links:

€ – Street Food, Snacks and budget options if you are in a hurry or looking for not too expensive but good food
€€ – Restaurants, if you want to spend a nice evening with friends in a cool restaurant in Wroclaw
€€€ – Fine Dining, if you are looking for a top culinary experience in Wroclaw (here)
V&V – this is our special vegetarian and vegan section 🙂

If you want to stay with us in the Fine Dining recommendations in Wroclaw, let us get started and explore the top restaurants in Wroclaw together!!

1. NAFTA Neo Bistro

Now it is time to get excited. In our humble opinion, this is the restaurant in Wroclaw where you can expect to get a best-in-class food experience. But NAFTA is not a regular restaurant…

It used to be sort of secret restaurant and you only got the location on the day of your fine dining experience. Well, with a little bit of research, you always found it online, and now it has “migrated” to being a regular location.

When you arrive, you will be wondering if you got into the right place. You might feel that in the very industrial area they order you to go, sketchy things might happen at night. But there is no reason to be worried, the opposite is the case!

Nafta Neo Bistro Wroclaw

In terms of food you can expect the highest quality and a very creative menu. Think about exploring tastes like wontons with pork cheeks and tapioca. Or steamed buns with rabbit and teriyaki sauce. The service is very attentive and can support you in a very knowledgeable way on which dish you should pick. And we did not even start to talk about the great wines they have!

NAFTA is definitely the perfect choice for special occasions like birthdays 🙂

Call +48 450 050 180 for reservations (required!).

2. STÓŁ na Szwedzkiej

Our next recommendation is also located in a special environment… You would not expect a world class restaurant in the middle of some huge apartment blocks.

However, Wroclaw is a city that keeps surprising… Why? There will be no menu here at STÓŁ na Szwedzkiej from which you could order dishes.

Instead, Grzegorz who is owner and chef will have a little interview with you, ask about your preferences, what you like and what you don’t. Based on that input, he will create a 100% unique dish that is matching your expectations – or hopefully even exceeding it!

After we went the first time, we just made another booking just some days after… And yes, bookings are required!

Navigate to your surprise menu here

stół na szwedzkiej Wroclaw

3. Młoda Polska

Polish Kitchen, but innovative and modern – this is what you will find at Młoda Polska. The chef Beata Śniechowska is well known in Poland as she participated and won in the culinary show “MasterChef”.

We have picked a vegetarian dish for the picture here as we have already quite some meat in this post 🙂 Check out this polish hummus with cauliflower, green beans, kale and couscous. 

A great combination as we believe, but also the meat dishes are amazing here! We recommend the meatballs with Kim Chi, Almonds and cheddar-purée. And don’t miss out on the cocktails, in particular the one with white chocolate cream on top…..

The restaurant is located very central at the Salt Square, click here to navigate to it!

Mloda Polska Wroclaw

4. Przystań

The Przystań restaurant is the perfect combination of many different factors. You will get excellent food from a regional but also international kitchen. The service has a high standard and of course the location is just one of the best in Wroclaw. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy a view towards the university – one of the largest baroque fasades in Europe. But even in winter times, the view on it is just amazing and compliments the food.

We recommend the duck breast as main dish and the salmon tatar as starter. If you are around in the cold winter season, watch out for the hot ginger & cranberry drinks, they will make you feel like home.

The mix of guests is typical for multicultural Wroclaw. You can observe business meetings, family celebrations and romantic couple dinners at the same time.

Located at Księcia Witolda 2 with a wonderful view on one of the main landmarks of Wroclaw, the beautiful university. 5 minutes from the city centre.

Restauracja Przystań

5. Między Mostami

One of the latest additions to the top restaurant scene in Wroclaw is Między Mostami (“Between the Bridges”) which opened in early 2024. 

You can expect Polish cuisine with a modern twist and cooking techniques from around the globe, since the chef here spent time in Michelin star restaurants in France, Spain and Dubai.

We enjoyed the dumplings filled with pumpkin and served with truffles. The other dish you see is the codfish with pickled shallots in champignons and mushroom sauce – super tasty! The signature cocktails were amazing (try the one with chili chocolate!) too.

The interior is a blend of minimalistic elements and art deco, it reminded us a bit of the amazing Quale restaurant in Łódź which unfortunately closed. 

Check it out for yourself here!

Między Mostami Wroclaw

6. IDA Kuchnia i Wino

Another really great spot for a top food experience in a  beautiful setting, also centrally located in the old town, is IDA Kuchnia i Wino.

They describe themselves to serve „traditional dishes in a new version in the casual atmosphere of a family home.“ And we believe that is pretty accurate! 

The vibes are cosy here for all possible occasions without the feeling of everything being over-the-top-fancy level. It is simply classy! 

In terms of food we have tried fish a couple of times and can highly recommend it. But also Polish classics like tatar or regional soups are an excellent choice here. 

You better book in advance, only throughout the weekdays you might be lucky enough to get a table spontaneously.

Click here for more info and bookings.

IDA Kuchnia i Wino

7. Baba

Baba is another project created by the people behind Młoda Polska (Beata Śniechowska and Tomasz Czechowski) – therefore we had very high expectations for our first visit and were already afraid it will be hard to live up to that.

It opened in December 2023 and really is an intimate, cozy space, fitting probably 20-25 people and creating a sphere of sitting with friends at a kitchen table.

They use a lot of regional ingredients, of which some grow in their own garden, and the dishes we tried were an amazing combination of textures and tastes – like the slightly spicy mushrooms, or simply the leaves that garnished the chicken alone were already so full of flavour. The menu is short and creative.

In terms of service we experienced one of the best in Wroclaw here with people taking the time to explain the dishes and creating a really nice atmosphere, absolutely top level. 

We probably need to add much more pictures in the future to all our restaurant recommendations – certainly we will be back at Baba again very soon!

Find out more here from their webpage where you can also book online.

Baba Wroclaw
Baba Wroclaw

8. OK Wine Bar

Another great place if you are looking for an extraordinary food and drink experience in Wroclaw is the OK Wine Bar, located in the little harbour Marina Topacz, close to the University.

They serve lots of fresh seafood, high quality steaks and of course: a largely extensive selection of wine. Last time when we have been mainly for wine, we also clearly found that there are only very few places with this level of service – highly recommended! Just be aware, here the price level is on the very top.

Check the menu and drinks here for more information.

OK Wine Bar

9. The Cork

It took us quite a while to finally visit the Cork restaurant in the city center of Wroclaw – we always were too late in booking a table, but after calling around 1,5 weeks before going, it finally worked out!

The journey started for us with some olive oil tasting, which was prepared at the table – something we have not experienced before and was really nice! In the picture we captured a herring on rye bread with horseradish cream, fennel, pickled cucumber, onions, creme fraiche, dill and some olive oil combined with chives. Mhhhh!

We also recommend the lunch menus which provide great value for the price – just make sure to book a table 🙂

Check the menu and drinks here for more information.

The Cork Wroclaw

10. Craft Restaurant (The Bridge Hotel)

Well, we have to be honest – normally we rarely visit a hotel restaurant in the city we are living. However, once we visited the Craft Restaurant in the Bridge Hotel, we were absolutely positively surprised!

Both starters we had, the tatar and the pumpkin breaded in coconut, were one of the best we recently had in Wroclaw. As main dishes we had the duck with pak-choi & oyster mushrooms and the trout coming with walnuts & marinated mussels. Both absolutely excellent, but we also can highly recommend any other of the dishes here. 

While normally the duck goes quite well with beetroot, we got another surprise – the cocktail menu is amazing and full of own creations. In our picture you see the “beetroot” cocktail as example.

The design of the restaurant is very classy, and is definitely suitable for business meetings and dates likewise. It is located on Cathedral Island, and we already mentioned “The Bridge Hotel” to you in our hotel recommendations here.

Check the menu and drinks here for more information.

Craft Restaurant Wroclaw in The Bridge Hotel

Other Food Recommendations for Wroclaw

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Bigos in Wroclaw

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We are convinced that you will enjoy those super tasty restaurants in Wroclaw as much as we do.

Are you also looking for amazing street food places in Wroclaw? Or you want to plan the next day with an amazing breakfast in Wroclaw?

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Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!


  • Phillip Spratt


    Brilliant website I must say!

    Really gutted to hear about Noriko Sushi moving. Do you have an alternative restaurant, that would be a similar experience please?

    Would love to try something like that whilst I am here.

    Thank you in advance


    • Ewa & Mirko

      Hi Phill,

      For a similar experience we would recommend you to go to STÓŁ na Szwedzkiej if you have not been yet! And in terms of Sushi, obviously Noriko left a big hole in the city with moving out, however we also really like Yemsetu.

      Ewa & Mirko

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