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The best Fine Dining Restaurants in Wroclaw

Nafta Wroclaw best restaurant

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It is incredible to see how the food scene has taken off in Wroclaw. From traditional Polish cuisine towards neo-bistros with high class food to even hidden restaurants… Wroclaw has become the meeting place for foodies and fine dining in Poland.

In this article we will introduce you to the best-in-class Restaurants that Wroclaw has to offer. Most of them are priced above average but we assure you, they all are worth it! The higher price range of our recommendations is justified by the quality of the food, otherwise we wouldn’t add them to this list. Again, we tried all of them ourselves and are frequent customers 🙂 

This post is also the perfect choice if you are looking for a romantic date or you might need to set up a business dinner in Wroclaw!

Nevertheless, if you look for more decent priced options, check out the following description and links:

€ – Street Food, Snacks and budget options if you are in a hurry or looking for not too expensive but good food
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€€€ – Fine Dining, if you are looking for a top culinary experience in Wroclaw (here)
V&V – this is our special vegetarian and vegan section 🙂

If you want to stay with us in the Fine Dining recommendations in Wroclaw, let us get started and explore the top restaurants in Wroclaw together!!

1. NAFTA Neo Bistro

Now it is time to get excited. In our humble opinion, this is the restaurant in Wroclaw where you can expect to get a best-in-class food experience. But NAFTA is not a regular restaurant…

As officially it is sort of secret restaurant and you only get the location on the day of your fine dining experience. Well, with a little bit of research, you will still find it easily online, but we do not want to spoil the fun.

When you arrive, you will be wondering if you got into the right place. You might feel that in the very industrial area they order you to go, sketchy things might happen at night. But there is no reason to be worried, the opposite is the case.

Nafta Neo Bistro Wroclaw

In terms of food you can expect the highest quality and a very creative menu. Think about exploring tastes like wontons with pork cheeks and tapioca. Or steamed buns with rabbit and teriyaki sauce. The service is very attentive and can consult you in an excellent way on which dish you should pick. And we did not even start to talk about the great wines they have!

NAFTA is definitely the perfect choice for special occasions like birthdays 🙂

Call +48 450 050 180 for reservations (required!). You will receive the address on the day of your reservation. Most likely it will be slightly east from Wroclaw centre.

2. STÓŁ na Szwedzkiej

Our next recommendation is also located in a special environment… You would not expect a world class restaurant in the middle of some huge apartment blocks.

However, Wroclaw is a city that keeps surprising… Why? There will be no menu here at STÓŁ na Szwedzkiej from which you could order dishes.

Instead, Grzegorz who is owner and chef will have a little interview with you, ask about your preferences, what you like and what you don’t. Based on that input, he will create a 100% unique dish that is matching your expectations – or hopefully even exceeding it!

After we went the first time, we just made another booking just some days after… And yes, bookings are required!

Navigate to your surprise menu here

stół na szwedzkiej Wroclaw

3. Młoda Polska

Polish Kitchen, but innovative and modern – this is what you will find at Młoda Polska. The chef Beata Śniechowska is well known in Poland as she participated and won in the culinary show “MasterChef”.

We have picked a vegetarian dish for the picture here as we have already quite some meat in this post 🙂 Check out this polish hummus with cauliflower, green beans, kale and couscous. 

A great combination as we believe, but also the meat dishes are amazing here! We recommend the meatballs with Kim Chi, Almonds and cheddar-purée. And don’t miss out on the cocktails, in particular the one with white chocolate cream on top…..

The restaurant is located very central at the Salt Square, click here to navigate to it!

Mloda Polska Wroclaw

4. Przystań

The Przystań restaurant is the perfect combination of many different factors. You will get excellent food from a regional but also international kitchen. The service has a high standard and of course the location is just one of the best in Wroclaw. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy a view towards the university – one of the largest baroque fasades in Europe. But even in winter times, the view on it is just amazing and compliments the food.

We recommend the duck breast as main dish and the salmon tatar as starter. If you are around in the cold winter season, watch out for the hot ginger & cranberry drinks, they will make you feel like home.

The mix of guests is typical for multicultural Wroclaw. You can observe business meetings, family celebrations and romantic couple dinners at the same time.

Located at Księcia Witolda 2 with a wonderful view on one of the main landmarks of Wroclaw, the beautiful university. 5 minutes from the city centre.

Restauracja Przystań


Super fresh ingredients, amazing vibes and outstanding Italian food – all can be found at AULA. 

This is one of our latest favourite fine dining restaurants in Wroclaw. As you see, we were lucky enough to try their fabulous black pasta with seafood.

The richness in taste can hardly be described with words, hence we encourage you to try this gem which is not in the city centre but more south. Just next to the water tower, one of the most impressive buildings in Wroclaw.

In terms of service this place is certainly in our top 5 in the city, very attentive and super friendly. Whatever you want to celebrate here, you will be in good hands.

AULA is located at Sudecka 96, click here to navigate.

AULA Wroclaw Restaurant

6. Noriko Sushi

How could we select one single picture to represent a 16 course menu? Well, it is clearly impossible with Noriko Sushi and we had to make a small selection to give you at least a little bit of impression of the culinary journey ahead of you.

Noriko Sushi is a 8 seat only restaurant where Marcin will treat you very well, believe us. We tried the Omakase tasting menu, which means as much as „I‘ll leave it to the chef“.

In the 16 courses we got only the most pleasant surprises you can imagine and of course that varies depending on the season and which products are available in a great quality.

Don‘t expect boring california roll sushi here, but this is the place to be if you want to try real Japanese style sushi with the highest quality available in the region.

Click here for more info and bookings.

Noriko Sushi Wroclaw

7. Forum Kulinarne

At first we were not 100% sure if we should add Forum Kulinarne to our list but in the end we decided to do it.

Why? Well, we really enjoyed the food there but overall found that other recommendations like Nafta, STÓŁ na Szwedzkiej or OK Wine Bar have still a much better price/value ratio and a higher level of service. 

However, most of our Fine Dining recommendations here require a booking in advance, in some cases even a couple of weeks before.

At Forum Kulinarne there might be a good chance actually to just walk in and find a table available, in addition it is centrally located between the Opera and National Music Forum, and as said, we really enjoyed the food. Try it for yourself and make your own verdict! We of course would be curious to hear about it in the comments below! 

Find out more here.

Forum Kulinarne Wroclaw

8. OK Wine Bar

Another great place if you are looking for an extraordinary food and drink experience in Wroclaw is the OK Wine Bar, located in the little harbour Marina Topacz, close to the University.

They serve lots of fresh seafood, high quality steaks and of course: a largely extensive selection of wine. Last time when we have been mainly for wine, we also clearly found that there are only very few places with this level of service – highly recommended! 

Check the menu and drinks here for more information.

OK Wine Bar

Other Food Recommendations for Wroclaw

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Bigos in Wroclaw

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We are convinced that you will enjoy those super tasty restaurants in Wroclaw as much as we do.

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Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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