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The best Pubs and Bars in Wroclaw’s Nightlife

Nightlife in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a city full of great nightlife. This article about the best bars in Wroclaw will introduce you to the best places to get the nightlife started.

You might know that depending on the source, around 20-30% of the population in Wroclaw are students. That said, almost every day – even during the week – there are plenty of great opportunities to party in Wroclaw.

In this post about the best bars and nightlife in Wroclaw, there will be hidden cocktail bars, cozy spots full of candlelight, a street full of pubs underneath train tracks and much more. We hope you are ready to party in Wroclaw now!

By the way, there are also pub crawls in Wroclaw which you can book here. And if you are looking to go dancing, here is our blog post with the club recommendations for Wroclaw.

1. Mleczarnia

Mleczarnia is one of our all time favourite spots in Wroclaw and here is why. It is the perfect place at any given time of the day! No matter, if you are looking for breakfast in the morning, a coffee in the afternoon, a beer in the evening or drinks in the middle of the night.

The cozy candlelight that you find at Mleczarnia makes it a very special place all the time, with a soft romantic touch. In addition, quite often Mleczarnia was one of the last places still open very late during the week – so give it a try. 

Frequently there are events like comedy nights, concerts, and of course we have celebrated already a few birthday partys in their vaults. Try their MLE beer from the tap.

If you don’t make it home for some reason, check out their integrated hostel which we recommend in the best places to stay in Wroclaw. 

Mleczarnia Candlelight Wroclaw

Enjoy the cozy candlelights (or the lovely outdoor area) from Mleczarnia at Pawła Włodkowica 5, in the middle of the four denomination district. There are also plenty of other great restaurants and pubs around, therefore it is the perfect spot to either start or end the night 🙂

Mleczarnia Pub Wroclaw
Mleczarnia Wroclaw Food
Mleczarnia Wroclaw Outside

2. Przedwojenna (Prewar)

If you are looking for a pub where the beer is decently priced and you get a real local atmosphere, you should not miss Przedwojenna (“Prewar”). It really reminds us of prewar-times as the decoration mainly consists out of photographs from the old times. 

Due to its popularity on the weekends it gets crowded quickly, but in summer time you also can enjoy a beer outside on their terrace. And if you are getting hungry, you have the opportunity to try some local Polish cuisine, like Gzik (Cottage cheese with potatoes) or Tartare (seasoned raw meat) – we have introduced you to them here on our post about the best things to do in Wroclaw.

Przedwojenna Wroclaw Inside
Przedwojenna Wroclaw Outside
Przedwojenna Wroclaw Inside

Visit this very popular pub in the city centre at Świętego Mikołaja 81, just a few meters away from the market square and right opposite of St. Elizabeth’s Church. That is very convenient: Drink first and confess after.

If you are into beers, we also recommend you this beer tour of Wroclaw.

And this place is certainly great for solo travelling in Wroclaw – if you want to meet some other people, you won’t stay alone long here ;)) Another recommendation for solo travellers by the way are the great free walking tours in Wroclaw (with that link you end up at our comparison of the available ones).

3. Szklarnia Cocktail Bar

Did you ever have drinks in a greenhouse? Not yet? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Szklarnia litarally translated means greenhouse and actually it is one. 

In a very hipster-ish design with bicycles on the walls, you can enjoy some great cocktails here, but also just enjoy a pint of beer. On the weekends the volume of the music inside might not support to have a lot of deep conversations, but for sure to party. The soft electronic beats are awesome. During summer time you can enjoy a great backyard outside where it is easier to talk over a drink.

Get some great drinks in your new favourite greenhouse at Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19, located in the city centre. If it is crowded, just one door further you will find Kontynuacja, which is one of our craft beer bar recommendations.

Szklarnia Wroclaw

4. Bistro Narożnik

You might have read already about the Berlin-Kreuzberg of Wroclaw, which is the Nadodrze district. This cool place named “Bistro Narożnik” has great vibes and is one of the first places where you could get craft beer from the tap in Nadodrze. 

Literally translated, Narożnik means “at the corner” and you might have guessed it, this is exactly where it is located. Normally not a lot of tourists get lost here, so if you are looking for a true local experience, you are very welcome.

Bistro Naroznik Outside

We didn’t mention the nice little snacks you can order with your beer here – just try them out!

Be a withness of the transformation happening in Nadodrze at Ludwika Rydygiera 30. If you go here, don’t miss to see the Heart of Nadodrze which is just 2 minutes away.

Update: Since 2023 they have suspended their kitchen and serve drinks only – but you can order pizza from next door.

Bistro Naroznik Food
Bistro Naroznik Bar
Bistro Naroznik

5. Czeski Film

Meet this cool underground pub which is typically full of students. The name Czeski Film has a special meaning in Polish language. It means as much as “I do not understand anything, this is like a movie from the Czech Republic to me”. Maybe this is how you will feel after too many drinks? 😉

This is one of the alternative places in Wroclaw where you will enjoy your beer or nice cocktail with some music from The Black Keys, Muse, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more artists from this direction.

Czeski Film Pub

The bar is beautifully decorated with the spirits sorted by colours, softly illuminated and put into old wooden boxes. And if you happen to sometimes work from a café… There is one connected upstairs, so right after your work you just need to get down the staircase for some after-work-drinks.

The vaults from Czeski Film are waiting to be discovered at Kiełbaśnicza 2.

6. Cocofli

We have another romantic suggestion for you. Cocofli is a speciality cafe during the day where you can order excellent coffee (here more on that).

However, in the evening it turns into a winebar with cozy seating and candlelight atmosphere. In addition, a little bookstore is integrated here which makes you truly feel like at home.

Don’t miss out the chocolate truffles with your glass of wine.

Enjoy a good glass of grape juice at Pawła Włodkowica 9, where you will find Cocofli – in the middle of the four denomination district. Again, if it might be crowded, in this area there are plenty of other cool pubs, for example Mleczarnia is just a stone’s throw further.

Cocofli Wroclaw

7. Incognito Cocktail Bar

An interesting concept of cocktail bar can be found at the Incognito cocktail bar. First of all, let’s start to talk about the entrance. When you arrive in front of their door, you will just see a coffee place. Can that be right? Yes, it is.

Read it again, the cocktail bar is incognito – which means it is hidden! Just walk into the cafe and at the corner in the left end you will see some stairs leading you down towards the vault.

Incognito Cocktail Bar Wroclaw

Finally arrived without even the need to say a password or do some other weird secret agent stuff, the next surprise is waiting for you. There is no menu! You will just be asked by the waiter what kind of flavours you like. Based on that you will receive an individual cocktail… Good luck! But no worries, so far we only made good experiences 🙂

Feel like a secret agent, passing through the coffee shop downstairs to the hidden cocktail bar at Plac Solny 11. Actually lately a sticker was added on the door that you should go downstairs – it seems that some potential customers wanted to get cocktails, saw just a coffee place and then went somewhere else 😀

8. Paka Pub

Paka Pub is a little hidden gem in Wroclaw and rarely part of any tourist guides. That is why we need to ask you to keep it as a secret 😉 It is a real local place where not a lot of tourists were seen by us so far.

It is a typical small and cozy pub with a decent selection of good Polish beers. As the interieur used to include a huge salamander at the wall, we sometimes are joking that this is the local Art Cafe Kalambur which you might have heard about already (if not, scroll down a bit!).

We have the feeling that here the bartender-couple is really taking care of the guests and it is a great example for Polish hospitality – but of course you still will need to pay 😉

Meet real locals at Rzeźnicza 3 in this very cozy and alternative pub. The beer is very reasonably priced here!

Paka Pub Wroclaw

9. AleBrowar

If you are in the city centre, and you are looking for a perfect combination of super tasty beer and good vibes, AleBrowar is the place to go.

We counted 13 different beers from the tap, including very special ones. Have you ever tried a milkshake pale ale? 

We can almost guarantee that for every taste they have a beer available, from basics to quite experimental stuff.

Craftbeer in Wroclaw

No reservations are possible here, but a little hint from us if AleBrowar appears to be crowded and you are almost about to leave… There is a quite hidden area in the basement as well. Once we saw people leaving again as they thought its too full, but we had all the basement for ourselves!

Already recommended in our article about the best craft beer places in Wroclaw, still in the middle of the four denomination district at Pawła Włodkowica 27.

If you are eager to learn more about Polish beers – check out the beer tour of Wroclaw here.

10. Art Cafe Kalambur

No list about bars in Wroclaw would be complete without the Art Cafe Kalambur. This probably is most known among tourists, but still it just is a great place for drinks and events.

Usually a lot of people from the artistic scene in Wroclaw are hanging out here. Watch out for famous musicians, writers, actors and any other sort of artists. Students are also frequent visitors for many decades here. It is fair to say that Kalambur certainly is one of the best bars in Wroclaw.

Kalambur Wroclaw Inside
Kalambur Pub Crocoldile
Kalambur Wroclaw

Check out the latest schedule on their facebook page as well. You might want to see a cool concert or performance here, it is really worth it!

Meet one of the most popular and artistic pubs in the city centre at Kuźnicza 29A.

11. Nasyp (The Embankment)

Our final recommendation is not about a single pub, it is much more about a very special area in Wroclaw. Nasyp literally translated means the embankment. It is a street named Wojciecha Bogusławskiego which is very close to the main railway station. All trains coming into Wroclaw or getting out are passing here.

What makes this area so special is that you will find around 25 pubs and restaurants underneath. In all of them you can feel the vibrations from the trains which catapults you somehow into a different world. Actually the first times you hear the trains above you, it might even be a bit scary.

Nasyp Wroclaw

We really like the Swing Pub at Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 75 and Pizzeria Si at Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 89.

If you are looking for one of the most decent priced, it might be U Augusta at Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 7

Don‘t forget to check out „Mistrz i Małgorzata“ in number 21 as well, it is a pub based on the novel from Mikhail Bulgakov (here in the picture).

But just stroll around and do some bar hopping, maybe you want to take the challenge and visit all of those cozy pubs in one evening 😉 This is by the way a really local area!

Mistrz i Małgorzata

11a. Rusty Rat

Well, 11a? Yeah, really. The first time we do some strange number like this – as Rusty Rat is part of Nasyp and all the pubs there, but yet it deserves its own entry.

You know, we are proud about our alternative guide to Wroclaw that got published in 2023 – so it is not easy to admit that there is one guidebook to Wroclaw which is even better…

We talk about the cocktail menu / guidebook from Rusty Rat, a bar with amazing signature cocktails! Here you can see the Japanese Garden in liquid state, of course served in a Japanese bowl.

We also tried the “Market Hall” with Mezcal, Smokey Tequila, Paprika, Coffee and Cardamom – a super unique and amazing creating, really resembling the good old Cafe Targowa, served in a coffee mug. 

If you want to embark on a drinking journey though Wroclaw, start here at Rusty Rat!

Rusty Rat Wroclaw

12. The Rooftop Bar on the Concordia Design

There are many great viewpoints in Wroclaw, but this one is just special (you won’t get cocktails on the church towers anyway).

Watch the sunset with a nice cocktail from the open rooftop. The DoJutra Bar on top of the Concordia Design building which even holds Polands largest green wall…

Although cocktails are more expensive on the top than on the ground floor, the view is worth a visit and cocktails are decent too. You will find it in building 7 on Słodowa Island.

Concordia Design Wroclaw Rooftop

13. Pociąg do wina (hidden gem!)

If you want to explore the nightlife a bit off the beaten path, we have one more very special recommendation for you. 

The “Train to Wine” (alternatively lust for wine) – this is how Pociąg do wina would translate, is departing in the vibrant Nadodrze area. So if you are looking for something close to the city centre, this is not it. 

But if you are into a really local and mostly undiscovered place for amazing wine and the probably best tapas in the city, then this could be the best address for you! 

Try it out yourself at Słowiańska 12! Great for nice evening with friends!

If you like wine, we also have our wine bar special here: The best wine bars in Wroclaw.

Pociąg do wina Wine Bar in Wroclaw

14. Browar Stu Mostów

We have recommended Browar Stu Mostów already in our craft beer post but as they just opened a branch in the city center, we naturally have to mention them here!

Find 20 different beers from the tap, mostly the local stuff from Browar Stu Mostów but also guest beers and amazing food at Świdnicka 4 in the old town.

Browar Stu Mostow City Center Wroclaw

15. Recepcja in the Neon Gallery

You might know the Neon Gallery from our post about alternative Wroclaw? There you find Recepcja, a great mix of club and bar.

Apart from cocktails and classic drinks you’ll find eight different craft beers on tap and when it gets later, a DJ often is performing a live set or there is a silent disco party! Even better in summer as then you can party outside in the neon backyard!

Recepcja Neon Gallery Wroclaw

16. Academus Pub

If you’re a fan of Belgian beers, you can‘t miss the Academus Pub…

Here you can find many classics like the cherry-sweet Lindemans Kriek, but also specialities like the Kwak beer. With Kwak, a practical wooden glass holder comes with the it, because otherwise it would be a bit difficult to put it down on the table…

The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed, even in the lower area there are still plenty of seats if it looks a bit crowded at first glance. Small snacks like pretzels or chips are available, but the focus here is clearly on a cosy beer.

A really great pub that we always like to come back to!

You can find it in the old town at Kiełbaśnicza 23 (click on the street to navigate).

Academus Pub Wroclaw

17. Piwnica Świdnicka

A centuries-old tradition can finally be continued…

Early July 2022, the famous beer cellar in the townhall building has reopened its doors with a new tenant after a long break. Since it is also one of the oldest restaurants in Europe (dating back to 1273), we were very excited about the reopening and finally were able to visit them – some more insights on the restaurant itself is available here.

For beer and drinks we can recommend the tasting set, in which you can pick four beers to try. They have pretty much everything you would want, including cocktails and an extensive selection of fine Whiskeys and other spirits. Although it is definitely more on the pricier side, we recommend a visit at this place full of traditions…

Navigation? You don’t need it, because Piwnica Świdnicka is located directly at the town hall on the market square… 🙂

Piwnica Świdnicka Wroclaw in 2022

18. Artzat Café

Another pub to meet your friends in a laid back atmosphere over a beer, right next to the Academus Café – ideal as a backup spot if one of these gets too crowded.

Even though we don’t need it ourselves, it’s one of the few pubs in Wroclaw that still has a smoking room. So if you ever want to make a trip to a real “aquarium” – take the smoking room here.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere is also absolutely great in the non-smoking section, ideal for meeting friends for a beer – or two…

The address is Malarska 30 and you can navigate there directly here.

Don’t forget to bookmark our page so that you can easily check where to go next when you’re in Wroclaw 😉. Or you join the Pub Crawl here and get lost with others in the nightlife 🙂

Artzat Café

19. KRVN Bar

The KRVN Bar is one of the places where many people (including us) would say that here you get some Berlin vibes in Wroclaw.

Nice cocktails, a good selection of wine, decent bar food like burgers and more are making the KRVN Bar a true allrounder for all type of meetings. Try the club sandwich, one of our favourites!

Even breakfast is available here, so you can start early in the morning.

The funny part is that it used to be a funeral home and many of the paintings on the wall and decorative elements are referring to that. 

It is located in the Four Temple District in Wroclaw, and here you can navigate to the KRVN Bar directly.

KRVN Bar Wroclaw

Or maybe jump on the party boat?

Starting in the 2023 season, we will have a new type of floating pubs – the party boat on Saturday evenings!

There you pay a fixed amount and then get a flatrate with all drinks included, plus a DJ taking care of the music – it is kind of floating club 🙂

Partyboat Wroclaw

A bit of culture on the day after?

Well, well. After a long night out, you‘ll be tired in the morning and we do not want that you might feel lost in Wroclaw… 

Therefore we highly suggest to start the day after with a nice and cozy breakfast, and have our amazing alternative guidebook with you to determine what you‘d like to see next 😉

We hope that you enjoyed the best bars in Wroclaw as much as we do! Don’t forget to check out some other very hipster things to do in Wroclaw! Maybe you are also into dancing and clubs? Here we wrote about the best clubs of Wroclaw.

You are looking for guided drinking tours and you want to taste a lot of different beers? Check out the guided Polish Beer Tour.

Having hangover? You might want to check out the best breakfast places in Wroclaw.

Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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