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Wroclaw by Boat – Cruises on the Oder River and more

Bootsfahrten in Breslau

With all its bridges, Wroclaw certainly is the Venice of the North (well, or the East). We can second that and definitely agree that the beautiful Oder River is just amazing! During summer one of our favourite activities is going onto the river in Wroclaw and taking a canoe, a boat tour and enjoying the water.

With this post we will be introducing you to all available options to take a boat tour in Wroclaw and will be comparing all available city cruises in Wroclaw for you. Most of them actually take place in the main season from April to October – but no worries, we have all available operators linked in the post so you will be able to find all details easily, including the latest fares – currently with the 2023 season fares.

2024 Update: We updated this post with the 2024 fares already, in average the tickets got increased by around 10 PLN compared to 2023. Since the Easter weekend, the first boat tours are operating again.

Almost all the ships, cruises and boat trips in Wroclaw take a very similar route. They start close to the city centre and then sail eastbound towards the zoo (or a little bit further) and then return back towards the historical old town. Some smaller boats take an additional turn around the University and Słodowa Island.

That is why we mostly do not mention the routes, they are pretty much the same and you can simply pick the one where the schedule fits best for you.

Bootsfahrt Breslau im Sonnenuntergang

By the way, there are plans almost ready for some public transport by boat in Wroclaw on the Oder River! You might have seen that in other cities around the globe, so your bus or tram ticket will be valid on the water too. Once this becomes a reality in Wroclaw, of course we will be notifying you about it!

Overview Map: Taking Boat Cruises in Wroclaw

In the City Centre of Wroclaw there are multiple boat stops along the Oder River from where you can start city river cruises in Wroclaw. Most of them are around the Sand Island which is very close to the market hall. Here we would like to provide an overview to you of all available starting points and right after, we will be showing you the different boat trips available from these.

Flusskarte Breslau Bootsfahrten
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Boat trips in Wroclaw from the Sand Bridge (Most Piaskowy)

We are starting our river cruise adventure in Wroclaw just opposite of the Market Hall (Hala Targowa), as at the Sand Bridge in red you’ll find the first three boat stops. You can’t miss them, they are just next to a little kiosk for bee products (“Bartnik L. Weber”). In our overview map on top we have consolidated these three stops into Most Piaskowy.

Przystań Turystyczna

Bootsfahrt Breslau ab Przystan Turystyczna

Boats: Kuba, Ray

Here you can board regular roundtrip boat cruises but it is also possible to rent the boats exclusively (from around 600 PLN per hour, up to 12 passengers). In the season they are starting daily from 10am and the traditional boat trips last around 45 minutes at a cost of 60 PLN for a regular ticket.

More here:

Przystań Piaskowa

Bootsfahrt Breslau ab Przystan Piaskowa

Boat: Kaczuszka

Up to 55 passengers can fit onto this boat. Roundtrips last around 45 minutes, are operating daily from 10am like before, and the last time we checked, a regular ticket will set you back by 60 PLN. It is a bit less expensive, but might be a little bit more crowded on the other side.

More here:

Przystań Pod Mostem

Bootsfahrt Breslau ab Przystan Pod Mostem

Boats: Korsarz, Pirat, Bolek, Lolek

Usually up to 12 passengers will fit onto these smaller type of boats, so it is a bit smaller and more cozy. The pirate ship is amazing if you come with kids! Boat cruises will take around 45 minutes here, again daily from 10am during the season and a regular ticket used to be 60 PLN.

More here:

Boat cruises from the Sand Island in Wroclaw (Wyspa Piasek)

We continue with the boat trips available from the Sand Island in Wroclaw itself. After crossing the red bridge from the Market Hall, just turn right and after a few meters you will find three more boat stops. This time, we have consolidated them under Wyspa Piasek in our big Oder River overview map of Wroclaw above. Nevertheless, in the following graphic you can easily see which stops are on the Sand Island and in addition we have indicated the stops from the previous section again.

Sandinsel Übersicht Breslau

Przystań Kardynalska
Boats: Parostatek Nereida, Statek Driada, Parostatek Wiktoria, Statek Goplana, Tramwaj Wodny 1-Jeden, Stateczek Gucio

As here are so many different cruiseships departing, you never have to wait long. The tours last 50-55 minutes and depending on the boat tour the regular ticket is between 50-55 PLN.

There are even evening and night cruises in Wroclaw which are starting here.

More here:

Przystań Kapitańska
Boats: Solar boats (Cityboats)

These special boats are powered by solar panels on the roof and we will tell you more about them in the next section – therefore here just the basic information:

Daily from 10am, depending on the season the last trip starts between 16-22h. The 50 minute option costs 60 PLN in 2024. Bring up to 9 friends and rent your exclusive boat for 750 PLN per hour.

More here: or
Purchase tickets online here

Przystań Tumska
Boats: Tara, Santa Clara

The Tara can fit 12 passengers which brings a nice intimate vibe. The Santa Clara is the latest addition to the tourist cruise fleet and was added in 2021 – up to 28 passengers will find space on this nice boat.

Daily cruises start at 10am, duration is around 45 minutes and the regular ticket price was 60 PLN the last time we checked it. Be aware that inflation is still a topic and check their website before.

More here:

A little hint based on an email we received – it seems that sometimes it is not so easy to book just a one way ticket to the zoo, somebody had problems here and the boat operator pretended to not speak English well. If anything similar happens to you, insist on the one way ticket (check on the signs if they really have it, not all operators have it), use the Google Translator, and if you have any problems, please send us an email with the name of the operator, so we can be more clear on whom to avoid 😉

Taking the Solar boat catamaran for an eco tour in Wroclaw

The previously mentioned city boats in Wroclaw have one thing that is really unique – which makes them the most sustainable option to explore Wroclaw on the water!

These boats are powered by solar cells on the roof, and are actually manufactured in Poland (Gdansk). You will enjoy a full hour tour, the starting point is Przystań Kapitańska on the Sand Island (Wyspa Piasek).

Here you can buy the tickets online.

Solar Boot Breslau

Boat trips from the river promenade in Wroclaw

If you want to start your boat trip from the promenade in Wroclaw, there are three different boat stops: Przystań Amfiteatralna, Przystań Hala Targowa and Przystań Dunikowskiego.

At the promenade you most likely will find the Wratislavia steamship with its restaurant “Z Nurtem” on board – it actually makes tours as well. More Informationen, including the schedule, is available here.

Restaurantschiff Breslau

Fancy a catamaran? The ”Laguna” has its base here and apart from regular roundtrips on the Oder River, it can be booked exclusively for up to 12 people if you bring a group of friends. When we checked it last time, the price was around 650 PLN per hour. More details are available on

Taking Boat trips from the Słodowa Island Wroclaw

During the summer season, many little boat pubs are embarked on the Słodowa Island in the city centre. Some of them offer river cruises as well, best is to directly ask them about it as online only limited information is available.

Friends from us took a little journey on the river from Barbarka and really enjoyed that. Keep your eyes open for the polish words ”Rejs” or ”Rejsy Turystyczne” as they mean as much like touristic cruise.

One of the options from there is the Catamaran BARBARKAR which you can rent hourly or take the regular 40 minute cruise with Captian Nicolas for 60 PLN (normal ticket). More Information on that with all prices here:

Barbarka Boat Wroclaw University View

After getting back, you can then easily enjoy a cold beer in one of these boat-beachbars – well just without sand. If you are looking for more beachbars, here is our list of recommended beach bars in Wroclaw. Also helpful might be this picture of the entrance to the bar / river cruise starting point…

Barbarka Boat Trip Wroclaw

Renting boats in Wroclaw from the Gondola Bay (Zatoka Gondoli)

Located on the promenade, a bit further, you will get to the Gondola Bay (Zatoka Gondoli) where apart from kayaks you can also rent regular motor boats. As the name tells already, also gondola boats and little rowing boats are available for rent.

A small motor boat has space for up to four people and the hourly rent is somewhere between 120 and 140 PLN. No driving license is required for these small ones and the cost for fuel is included – but make sure to bring a valid ID.

If you have a driving license for sport boats, they will rent larger boats to you as well, but of course only if you have the respective permissions.

More informationen is available here on the website from Zatoka Gondoli.

Zatoka Gondoli

Party Cruise Tours in Wroclaw

You are looking for some party on the river? Starting in May 2023, there will be party cruises in Wroclaw every Saturday evening – you pay a fixed price for a package with DJ, all drinks included, and a lot of fun. We will try it out once they start operations in Wroclaw!

Partyboat Wroclaw

Working out on the water: Take a kayak or SUP in Wroclaw

Many great restaurants and cafés will be waiting for you in Wroclaw, so there is nothing better than fighting the calories by kayak!

We have three main rental places:
1) Zatoka Gondoli,
2) Odra Centrum, and
3) Żegluga Pasażerska close to the zoo.

Renting a kayak in Wroclaw is very affordable and depending on the size you need to plan a budget of 30-42 PLN per hour. If you start from Odra Centrum, the second hour is for free in case you pick some garbage from the river.

There you will be finding one of the most unique places for coffee in Wroclaw too, and much more. Hence we really emphasize a visit there.

Kajaks Odra Centrum

Where can I rent kayaks in Wroclaw and where is it allowed to paddle on the Oder River?

In the map we have created here, you have all three rental places for kayaks in the perfect overview. It is also easy to see where you are allowed to paddle and where boats without motor are not allowed (around Słodowa Island the huge red circle).

Everywhere you find the red encircled X, you have to turn around and get back, further east and close to the zoo is a weir where you definitely should not drive over… But the lock at Most Zwierzyniecki can be used by kayaks too, so enjoy the fun going through a water elevator there…

We recommend the little Oława river (just turn right after the Odra Centrum) for some more nature – motorized ships would easily get stuck there, so it is mostly kayaks.

Kajak Map Wroclaw
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In case you are looking for some guided kayaking trips in and around Wroclaw, like on the amazing Barycz river in the landscape park a bit north of Wroclaw, we recommend to check out or for some more information. If you are into Stand-Up Paddling in Wroclaw, we recommend to reach out to SUP Dolny Śląsk.

Maybe you are looking for a real kayaking adventure? Every year we have a group of amazing people who “simply” paddle from Wroclaw to Berlin. If that is something for you, check out this Facebook Page from Recykling Rejs.

What about a romantic swan boat or racing car boat?

Looking for a romantic getaway on the river in Wroclaw? Then you should visit the rental place close to the Zoo in Wroclaw, just after the bridge with the difficult name “Most Zwierzyniecki”.

They will provide you some beautiful romantic swan boats, and if you need to impress girls with big cars, that is possible on the water too – just take a racing car on the water (well, but your legs will need to work on it…). After working out with your legs that you still can take the kayaks, so your arms will get stronger too 🙂

Here in this part of the river there are only very few large ships floating around, so it is much more peaceful to paddle here. Nevertheless, some smaller sport boats might overtake you every now and then….

Navigate to this wonderful place here.

Sailing in Wroclaw

For the sailors amongst our readers, it must be obvious that in a city with so much water, there are plenty of options to do sailing in Wroclaw.

Several clubs and possibilities exist in Wroclaw, we would say most of them operate just behind the Millennium Bridge (Most Milenijny) in the port of ”Marina Wrocław”. Best is to search there for further information.

Segeln in Breslau

We hope that our blog post about the best boat trips, cruises, river trips, kayak adventures, boat rental and anything else water-related in Wroclaw has brought some value to you! If you have comments, additional comments, questions, or anything else, please feel free to add them in the comment section below!


  • Mikołaj Uzunow

    Dear Mirek,
    I’ve just learned about your very interesting and useful website.
    I run a tourist and party ship on the Odra river, which has it’s own marina on BARBARKA, one of our three pubs on a river at Słodowa Island. It’s name is BARBARKAR.
    I’ve noticed that there is no exact information on your website about it. So I just send you additional ones with kind request of add it to it. I will very greatfull of it:)
    Ship BARBARKAR, (soon it will be in english as well),
    Facebook: Katamaran Barbarkar,
    Google: Statek Imprezowy Katamaran Barbarkar,
    mobile: 531 555 400,
    Marina: BARBARKA,
    If you have any questions, don’t hasitate to contact with me.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Ewa & Mirko

      Hi Nicolas,
      Thanks for posting the details, we will update it the next days in the Wyspa Słodowa section in this post.

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