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The best Beach Bars in Wroclaw

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Some people might say that you can find the best beaches in Poland around the Tri-City area of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Of course today we are going to expose these people and will tell you: That is fake news! You believed that Wroclaw has no beaches? Well, you are right and wrong at the same time 😉

In this post, we will tell you why there is no need to visit the coast of Poland if you want to enjoy a cold drink, build some sandcastles and take part in some Yoga classes at the beach. Although there is no direct access to the Baltic Sea from Wroclaw, there are a couple of really lovely beach bars. And in them, we guarantee you a feeling of holidays!

By the way, if you visit the city outside of the beach bar season, here you find our favourite bars and pubs in Wroclaw.

Just for you, our lovely readers, we enjoyed some cold beers in the sunny beach bars in Wroclaw. As a result of that, today we are sharing our favourite outdoor bars of Wroclaw – let us get started!

Oh, one last thing – what about arriving by speedboat? Here you find the one hour speedboat tour where the wind will make you cool down 🙂

1. Basen Beach Bar

Just in the north of the alternative Nadodrze district, the “Basen Beach Bar” is waiting for your visit. Basen translates into pool, but you will not find any – please don’t be disappointed 😉

However, it is one of the most laid-back beach bars in Wroclaw. A great place just to chill and enjoy the water around, very family friendly as well.

Sometimes there are events and live performances, but we would not say that people come here to party hard.

Basen Beach Bar Wroclaw

Just at the Bridge “Most Trzebnicki” in the northern parts of Nadodrze you will find the Basen Beach Bar before crossing the bridge on the right side – if you are coming from Nadodrze or the city centre.

2. Stara Odra Beach Bar

Prosto Z Mostu Beach Bar Wroclaw

As we are committed to the truth, we need to tell you that while we went through our beach bar pictures, actually lots of them were taken in the darkness. Time is flying in the beach bars of Wroclaw and suddenly you find yourself in the darkness… True story!

Stara Odra is a very solid choice and we have lot of great memories there. As most of the bars light up a couple of bonfires in the evening, you won‘t be freezing in the night. We recommend to enjoy their little cocktail truck 🙂

In terms of food universally we can say for all beach bars that you won’t be starving. Here at Stara Odra you have some cool food trucks, but we need to warn you… If there is a Vietnamese Hot Dog truck, this is probably the most spicy food we ever had, be careful 😉

Just on the other side of the Trzebnicki Bridge, the Stara Odra Beach Bar is located at the opposite of the Basen Beach Bar. Depending on which one is closing first, you can just hop over the bridge to get a final round.

3. ZaZoo Beach Bar

The ZaZoo Beach Bar is definitely the most popular one in Wroclaw. The location is beautiful and you are truly surrounded by water. In case you rented a kayak from the city, you can perfectly stop here for a cold refreshment – there is a small pier.

A separate area of course features some street food trucks. And of course as in most of the beach bars, some live DJ sets will provide a nice background tune on regular basis. 

Oh, and it does not matter if you are more a sand or grass person, you can choose between these different areas to sit and chill.

ZaZoo Beach Bar Wroclaw

Literally translated “za Zoo” means behind the zoo. Now you can guess where to find the ZaZoo Beach Bar… Correct, just behind the zoo! In very close proximity to the Centennial Hall as well, just to mention it in case you want to combine a visit. 

4. Prosto Z Mostu Beach Bar

Prosto Z Mostu Beach Bar Wroclaw

The Prosto Z Mostu Beach Bar is kind of allrounder for all kind of guests. One the one side you have a large sandy area to relax. The other half does not use sand as ground and is fully covered by large umbrellas to provide some shelter from the sun.

As part of the sand area a huge volleyball field is inviting the sports folks to do some fitness and keep their bodies in shape. That means you can choose between spending a lazy or active beach day yourself, all alternatives are available 😉

There seems to be a rule that all beach bars must be located just next to a bridge. Maybe it is just a coincidence in Polands city of bridges that Wroclaw definitely is, but Prosto Z Mostu is waiting for you just next to the Warsaw Bridge (“Most Warszawski”). 

If you do beach bar hopping, you can have a nice 15-20 minutes walk from our both first recommendations (Basen & Stara Odra) along the Odra River.

5. The Floating Bars at Słodowa Island

Normally, the Słodowa Island is the place where all students and party people are meeting in the summer to spend some great time outdoors – since this is the only place in Wroclaw where you can have a beer legally outside. 

However in summer there are around 3-4 floating bars attached to the island which are inviting you for some nice drinks. We recommend Barbarka to enjoy a perfect view at the University building while just enjoying life and taking a rest.

Floating Bars at Wyspa Slodowa

Sometimes they even host cool events like comedy shows or little concerts.

The floating bars are certainly the closest beach-like-bars to the city centre, you can find them all at Słodowa Island – just across the bridge from the main university building.

If you are looking for a tour by boat in this area, check the latest available online-rates and dates here.

6. Odra Pany

Odra Pany Beach Bar Wroclaw

As you can see on the picture it already had gotten late when we took it… Instead of dark black sky, you will have the fresh (?) water from the Odra around you, while you can chill in the sand. 

The little hill of euro-pallets gives Odra Pany a little bit of hipster touch which we really like. Some chairs are inviting to relax underneath some big trees that are beautifully illuminated in colourful neon lights at night. 

Some time ago, they were located in an urban location in the city but with the season in 2019 Odra Pany moved just next to the ZaZoo bar. Although the name does not suggest that it is behind the zoo, it is there too 😉

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We hope that you enjoyed the best beach bars in Wroclaw as much as we do! Don’t forget to check out some other very hipster things to do in Wroclaw!

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