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The best places for street food in Wroclaw

Osiem Miesek Wroclaw

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Wroclaw is full of great street food and the worst challenge is that the human body has certain limitations. It is impossible to prepare a selection of all our favourite places as there are so many. Unfortunately we need to limit ourselves to the very best street food and snack places here. Some of the options only have take away, some others just a very basic seating (to eat and probably leave right after).

Another great thing to do in Wroclaw are the street food truck events. They are organised in different locations throughout summer and great opportunities to try different snacks.

If you want to invite your better half for a fancy dinner, this might not be the right compilation for you here, but no worries. To make it easier for you to find the right type of food you are looking for in Wroclaw, check out the following description and links:

€ – Street Food and Snacks, if you are in a hurry or looking for not too expensive but amazing food (here)
€€ – Restaurants, if you want to spend a nice evening with friends in a cool restaurant in Wroclaw
€€€ – Fine Dining, if you are looking for a top culinary experience in Wroclaw
V&V – this is our special vegetarian and vegan section 🙂

If you want to stay with us in the street food corner in Wroclaw, let us get started and explore some great food places in Wroclaw together! And if you are looking for street food tours, here is more information.

1. Pampa

Pampa Argentinian empanadas in wroclawWe kick off the best street food in Wroclaw with a place that has earned our trust immediately. At Pampa you will find amazing empanadas made in the typical wheat-based Argentinian style. The taste is just perfectly flaky and savory.

We already tried all of them and we loved them equally, so we cannot even tell you which are the best. But we can recommend you to have a real mate tea here. Enjoy some sweet Alfajores for desert if you still have space!

Pampa is waiting for you at Podwale 19/1A and is located just at the border to the four denomination district, not far away from the city centre and also very close to the plac Jana Pawla II.

2. Tandyr House

Georgia in WroclawWe are heading east now, much more east than Poland, and we end up in the beautiful county of Georgia. Not only the oldest traces of winemaking can be found in Georgia, but also today their food culture is pretty much unspoiled. When we were in Georgia we realized that in very few countries the traditional food is still so dominant and that is just awesome.

You can taste a piece of Georgia in shape of their national bread creations at one of the Tandyr House locations in Wroclaw. Get it plain and enjoy it at home with some dips, or get a tasty filled version with for example cheese and mushrooms.

The bread is baked inside on a big oven, where it is sticked to the wall, you will see it. With their three locations, one always will be close.

#1 at Stanisława Dubios 14 in Nadodrze

#2 at Tadeusza Kosciuszki 83 close to the main train station

#3 at Ruska 50 close to the city center and four denominations district

3. Frytki + sos

best fries WroclawWhen you visit the Frytki + sos window, you will not just get some fries, you will get the best fries in Wroclaw! 

Try the sweet potato fries (“Bataty”) with one of their home made sauces, we recommend the mango one but check out which ones are available on that day.

There are two locations in the city:

#1 is at Oławska 6 in the middle of the city centre

#2 is in the four denominations district at Świętego Antoniego 14

4. Gluten Appetit

Gluten AppetitThis might not be the classic street food place, however we love Gluten Appetit so much that it has to be part of this list. 

Why it is not the classic street food place, you ask? Because it is actually a quite hipster-ish designed restaurant which is open during the day. It is perfect for lunch or a little afternoon snack. They are serving traditional Polish food in a very modern interpreted way. 

You can get the typical Pierogi here but for example during the season filled with pumpkin. What we recommend is “Pyzy” which are similar to dumplings. Our favourites are with goat cheese, cranberry and walnut granola. Mhhhhh.

There are two locations, but for a city trip we mainly recommend the first one, unless you want to get lost in a huge shopping mall 🙂

#1 is located at Szczytnicka 54/1b in the Grunwald area, not far from our coffee recommendation Kawalerka

#2 is located in the huge Magnolia Shopping Mall at Legnicka 58

5. Sultan Express Kebap

Sultan Kebap WroclawWhen you have been to Sultan Express Kebap, you will understand that their great kebap is just super tasty and there is not a lot to argue about.

People are only sad about the fact that they just open their doors on weekdays from Monday to Friday. But on those days you will be welcomed with modified movie posters where a kebap took the main actors role…

Have the best kebap in Wroclaw at Jedności Narodowej 62 in Nadodrze.

6. Bar Pierożek

Best pierogi in WroclawOf course when you visit Poland, you have to eat Pierogi. Well, and around the Market Square (“Rynek”) you will find plenty of places that will promise you the real and traditional Polish food. 

However, we recommend you to go a little bit outside of the city, just 5-10 minutes and enjoy the best pierogi not only at a very fair price but also made with love. You will see that when you get in and have a look into the kitchen just behind the counter. 

Try the pierogi ruskie and have a kompot with it. If you have not had kompot yet, it is a sweet drink based on cooked fruits.

Located at Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego 3 in Nadodrze, it can be combined perfectly with a walk on Island Słodowa or Ostrów Tumski.

7. Osiem Misek (Eight Bowls)​

Street food wroclawEight bowls is not only the name of this nice place, it is also the wish you have about the amount of food to eat. You will find fusion cusine between Asia and Poland here and it is super good, believe us.

Our all time favourite is the pulled pork bao bun with peanuts, cucumber, the best mayo ever, spring onions and fresh chili. The waiting time is usually 30 minutes but definitely worth it.

The main restaurant location is at Pawła Włodkowica 27 in the four denomination district, just 10 minutes from the city centre.

As they started as food truck, and then later got the restaurant, you also still can visit their street food truck in the Grunwald / Manhattan area. To find out where exactly check out our article on the best alternative and hipster things to do in Wroclaw.

8. Pan Precel

Pan Precel Wroclaw

Have you met Mr. Pretzel? This is probably the best possible translation… Here you find pretzels in all forms and combinations.

No matter if you fancy Kinder, Bounty, Mushrooms, salami or mozzarella, everybody will find their match here quickly – perfect for a little snack in between.

You find Pan Precel at Ruska 66/67 or alternatively at Świdnicka 12, each one with a nice view into their bakery.

9. Pizza Pany

Pizza pany WroclawLike many restaurants in Wroclaw, also Pizza Pany started as street food truck and then upsized into a full restaurant. 

There are plenty of really outstanding pizza places in Wroclaw, but this one deserves a spot in our top 10 of best street food due to their creativity. Every month you can find a signature pizza, and one of the reasons to visit Wroclaw in October is their pumpkin pizza.

Try it out yourself at Wojciecha Cybulskiego 1, which still is right between city centre and Nadodrze district.

10. poké poké

Poke pokeHawaii arrived in Wroclaw! Enjoy some pretty cool bowls with warm rice and then choose all the ingredients that you love in a subway-sandwich style manner. The classical salmon or tuna marinated in a little bit spicy way is awesome.

This is one of our favourite lunch places. The choice of toppings, addings, fillings, sauces, etc. is just amazing, so let your creativity go! Or if you are not as creative, just go for their suggested combinations 🙂

This little enclave of Hawaii can be found at Świętego Antoniego 27/29 right in the middle of the four denominations district, 5-10 minutes away from the city centre.

11. Woo Thai Street Food

We always get to the same problem… There is a list of the 10 best things and suddenly we realise that we forgot something very important and obvious. Same here. How could we not mention Woo Thai Street Food?

Not only the best Pad Thai in Wroclaw, also the curry dishes are amazing here.

With that we mean: The level of spiciness truly is Asian. Who loves spicy food, will feel very comfortable here. 

There are different branches in the city, and here we are sending you to the one which is closest to the old town: Navigate to Woo Thai Street Food at Rybacka 11

Woo Thai Street Food Wroclaw

12. El Gordito

El Gordito Wroclaw

We used to recommend another place for tacos on this post but unfortunately the last times we have been it could not really live up to our personal expectations anymore. 

However, we were more than happy that during the lockdown in 2020 we discovered El Gordito to order from. After being in Oaxaca in Mexico to try to best tacos ever, we got picky and have to say that these come very close to our Mexican memories 🙂

We love the Al Pastor ones with softly grilled pineapples, mango salsa and guacamole on top – they are simply full of flavour! 

There are two different branches in the city, and here we are sending you to the one which is close to the Grunwald area, just in between the city and the Centennial Hall:

Navigate to El Gordito at Curie-Skłodowskiej 39/U1A

13. District Saigon

There is one food place that is really missing in Wroclaw, and we are talking about Vietnamese cuisine. For years we have been trying to find a really good Pho soup but were not too successful. 

With District Saigon a vibrant Vietnamese restaurant has opened in the city, and we found at least something else we missed – really great Banh Mi! 

For the ones not familiar with it, this is kind of a product of the past French presence in Vietnam when they introduced the baguette – but it is normally made very fluffy and filled with amazing Vietnamese ingredients.

We highly recommend to try the omelet variant from District Saigon for yourself in the city centre!

Navigate to District Saigon here (Kuźnicza 10)

District Saigon Wroclaw

14. Milkbars

Milkbar Wroclaw

You have not been in Poland if you did not try a milk bar („Bar Mleczny“). This is not one single place but more a type of canteen where you truly can expect basic Polish food at very low prices.

A full lunch might cost something between 15 and 20 PLN, of course depending on how hungry you are – many of the milk bars operate in buffet style.

The name by the way comes from the fact that firstly only dishes with milk, flour and eggs as main ingredients were prepared, back then when in 1896 in Warsaw the first milk bar opened. Only after 1989 dishes with meat were added.

We recommend you two locations in Wroclaw, one is quite modern and opposite of the University, another one is more traditional. 

Modern: Navigate to Lepione here (Kuźnicza 42)

Traditional: Navigate to Bar Mleczny Miś here (Kuźnicza 48)

15. Bar Witek

Another great place to get huge portions and kind of typical polish food is the Bar Witek. Directly in the city centre, you can find great sandwiches and another polish classic:

We talk about Zapiekanka, a hybrid between baguette and pizza, we could say. It is definitely a place where you won‘t find a lot of tourists but it is very well known and popular amongst the locals. 

The love from Wroclawians is even more impressive as the Bar Witek got it‘s own dwarf which was crowdfunded. More details on that are available in our post on the dwarfs in Wroclaw here.

And here you can navigate towards Bar Witek!

Bar Witek Wroclaw

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