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The best Guided Tours in Wroclaw

Electric Car Guided Tours Wroclaw

In our Blog about Wroclaw we actually provide you a lot of inspiration and ideas regarding sightseeing in Wroclaw – at least we believe so… But some people just prefer to join some guided tours in Wroclaw as then you don’t have to fight with maps and can relax as there is nothing you really need to take care of 🙂

Today in our latest post we are sharing the best city tours of Wroclaw, of which we did some already ourselves (we can be lazy too!). Besides of the classic guided walking tour through Wroclaw, you will also be introduced to some more alternative guided tours – for example about street art, through the four temple district, food tours, or maybe you prefer to explore Wroclaw by bike or boat? Of course, if our posts about the history of Wroclaw did not go deep enough for you, there are also some educational options available.

You prefer to explore the city for yourself? No worries as we provide you with some great links here as well which will enable you to have a self-guided-walk in Wroclaw that you can still see the most impressive things on your own!

1. The “classic” City Tour of Wroclaw

Of course we will be starting with the classic guided city tour of Wroclaw. Why? With this one you will see the most important things, mostly around the Old Town.

The obvious choice if you just have little time and want to get a first impression. However, if this is not your first time in Wroclaw, we would recommend you to try a more specific tour from the following ones.

Breslau Marktplatz

2. The alternative Tour with Street Art in Wroclaw

You prefer a more alternative guided tour in Wroclaw? No problem, then the Nadodrze District is the best destination for you. Lots of street art, old pieces of pre-war history and small little unique and independent shops are waiting for you! No surprise that Nadodrze often is compared with Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Wroclaw German Signs Paulińska 10

3. A Free Walking Tour in Wroclaw

A guided tour for free! Well, you might know the concept of free walking tours… It sounds nice, but eventually you will give some tip anyway, we would therefore more describe it as “pay as you want” tour.

In Wroclaw, the walkative tours are available and offer classic tours, world war tours, but tours related to the islands in Wroclaw. The meeting point is mostly the Fredo monument which you see here in the picture.

Fredo Wroclaw Market Square

4. The Bicycle-Tour of Wroclaw

Ready for action? Poland might not be known as the most cyclist-friendly-country and yet so many people really love to cycle around here. With this tour, a guide will show you the city on bicycles – which enables you to actually see much more than you could in a classic walking tour.

You also will be introduced to the “rules of the street” in Wroclaw, so have fun and stay safe 🙂

City Bike Rental Wroclaw

5. The Food Tour in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the unofficial foodie-capital of Poland, and we definitely would underline this statement. No matter if you are looking for traditional Polish cuisine or for innovative fusion food, you will get it in Wroclaw.

W kontakcie

6. Wroclaw by Night

Yes, the city is a different one at night. All the illuminations on the Cathedral Island, in the city centre, but also on some of the more hidden spots like this night market from the picture.

Highly recommended for people who like to take great pictures! Also very romantic…

The Night Market in Wroclaw

7. A combined walking tour and cruise

We like this option because it gives you a great combination of different worlds. First of all, you will be exploring Wroclaw with a guide – let us say, till your feet are hurting…

But then, in the second part, you can be lazy again as your guide will take you on a little cruise, the perfect way to relax and finish a nice tour.

Boats in Wroclaw

8. History and Culture of Wroclaw Tour

Hopefully you already saw our infographic and timeline about the history in Wroclaw, maybe you even did the history walk in the old town.

If you are keen to learn more about the dramatic history of Wroclaw and the countless influences over time, this tour is the best option for you!

The History Trail in Wroclaw

9. The Dwarf Hunting Challenge

If you visit Wroclaw with kids and family, then of course you cannot miss the dwarfs in Wroclaw! In this tour, a hunting challenge will take place and therefore it is highly recommended for families and kids.

Dwarf Hunting in Wroclaw

10. The Panorama-View Tour

You like it high? You enjoy amazing viewpoints? With this tour, you will certainly get them as you will be taken to the most impressive panorama views in Wroclaw!

In the picture you see the Penitents Bridge but also the Elisabeth Church. Get ready to climb some stairs and deserve a piece of cake after…

St Mary Magdalene Church Wroclaw

11. The Four Temple District Tour

One district where multiple religions live peacefully together, filled with art, party and vibrant nightlife. It is easy to spend hours here as it has an incredible diversity and many great spots to see.

Again you have this choice between a self-guided tour with us or a professional guide:

The Four Denomination District Wroclaw

12. The Secrets of Wroclaw Tour

This tour is so secret, that we won’t tell you anything about it! Or should we? Well, look at this bizarre hand which looks out between some bricks.

Maybe the secret about this hand will be revealed? Who knows….

A bizarre hand in Wroclaw

13. The historical Tram Tour

Well, you got us. We did not manage to make a picture of these historical trams used for this tour, but we will keep our eyes open despite the pandemic.

If you like trams or trains, this is the one for you. Get around the city by historic tram and enjoy a guided tour from there. We believe you can also book it as birthday or fun tram when there is no covid…

Tram Wroclaw

14. The Wroclaw Beer Tour

Microbreweries became a popular trend in Poland, together with a rising craft beer scene… This tour is the best for you if you want to explore the local beer scene and don’t know where to start with all that choice!

Craftbeer in Wroclaw

15. Jewish Breslau – Free Walking Tour

Once upon a time, the Jewish community of Wroclaw was huge and one of the largest in Germany. Today only a few hundred people are part of the community.

With this free walking tour you will find out more about the Jewish heritage and story of Wroclaw, we highly recommend it.

Jewish Wroclaw Tour

16. A sustainable trip with the solar boat on the Oder River

Who likes eco friendly options should definitely consider this great tour – you will spend one hour on the Oder River in a little solar boat. No diesel, no fuel, just energy from the sun.

You will most likely get around the city centre, see the Slodowa Island, the University, go underneath the Grunwald Bridge and see many more nice things.

We found this tour quite often for less than 10 EUR, which makes it also very affordable! Available only during summer months.

Solar boats Wroclaw

17. The classic City Tour by electric car

This is one of the most booked and successful tours in Wroclaw! Why? Well, just imagine a rainy day… Or you already explored so much of Wroclaw that you just want to be lazy and listed to interesting stories for a bit.

The electrical car guided tour in Wroclaw on the other hand is also one of the cheapest available, which might contribute to its popularity.

Electric Car Guided Tours Wroclaw

We hope that you liked our post about the best guided tours in Wroclaw! If you already did some of them, please let us know your opinion as well here below in the comment boxes, how did you like it, and would you recommend it?

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