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The best breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast in wroclaw

Looking for the best breakfast in Wroclaw? Just for you we have tried so many places having breakfast in Wroclaw and we are very happy to finally share the results.

For us it is definitely an important puzzle piece of a perfect weekend to enjoy a laid back breakfast in one of the countless vibrant locations in Wroclaw. In this article we will tell you where to find very local and special breakfast places. You probably would not run into some of them by accident. We are excited to tell you about the true hidden gems in Wroclaw where we as locals go 🙂

Get ready for the day with the most amazing and also healthy breakfast in Wroclaw thanks to our recommendations!

1. w kontakcie

W kontakcieUpdate: As of May 2024, they will unfortunately take a break which is not further specified. We will observe and replace or re-activate as needed.

Actually our first recommendation is a vegan place but for sure it is absolutely remarkable and very special. Most likely you will not find this one in a lot of professional travel guides.

At w kontakcie you will get many different kinds of hummus and probably the best avocado in Wroclaw (still need to ask them where they get them from). The pita bread is super soft and delicious, there simply is no wrong choice at all to make.

Don’t forget to try the smoothies, our favourites are the ones with beetroot and if you plan on going for sports later in the day you should have the peanut butter option.

Michała Wrocławczyka 42/1u is not in the city centre, but from there it is a very lovely 20-25 minutes walk involving one of the most famous bridges in Wroclaw (Most Grunwaldzki).

If you like vegan and vegetarian food and want more, click here.

2. Charlotte

Charlotte wroclawWhen you can smell something already before you actually see it, it can either mean it is super bad or super good. In this case the smell of fresh bread is just amazing. Of course it comes from the Charlotte bistro as they are constantly baking their own fresh bread.

You have a huge selection of breakfast, we recommend the classic option. That is a basket full of homemade bread with white and black chocolate (Nutella like but even much better, can you believe it?) and with two flavours of jam. But not only for breakfast we recommend Charlotte, also later during the day or early evening this bistro has great vibes and is a good option to have a glass of wine too.

On the weekends, better get up early to avoid potential waiting time in the rush hour between 10-13h.

Świętego Antoniego 2/4, just 5 minutes from the city centre in the middle of the four denominations district.

3. Pomiędzy

Maybe you might already have read about this beautiful and cozy place in our article on the best coffee places in Wroclaw. Well, as you might guess now, the breakfast is also totally worth a visit here.

The location in the middle of the old town and the Nadodrze district is quite strategic for a breakfast. After that, you can explore the city in all directions.

You will find some egg classics, but especially the flatbread or various toasts are highly recommended. Don’t forget to try one of the smoothies and start your day with lots of vitamins. 

For art lovers, they also host exhibitions that are changing almost every month, so you always have a good reason to come back.

Stanisława Dubios 2, just between the city centre and Nadodrze, walkable in 5-10 minutes from the centre

Pomiedzy Cafe Breslau Wroclaw

4. Mleczarnia

Mleczarnia breakfast WroclawMleczarnia is just everything – a cafe, bistro, bar and pub. While typically such allrounder places are more popular for one of those categories, Mleczarnia is really an amazing place for everything.

We love the breakfast in the morning here as much as we love the atmosphere for drinks and beer in the evening. It just feels super cozy and in combination with all the candlelight and old black/white pictures on the walls you feel somehow like travelling back in time but also in a very romantic way. You can see, it is hard to describe, so definitely do not miss this one!

But getting to breakfast, it is fair to say that you will find a typical European breakfast here, with eggs, cheese, sausages, bread and fruits.

Pawła Włodkowica 5, just 5-10 minutes from the city centre and right in the heart of the four denominations district

5. Folgujemy

FolgujemyActually we do not spend a lot of time in this part of Wroclaw. Nevertheless, every time we get here, it is for Folgujemy. If you arrive or depart from the main train station, this is also a great option as you walk less than 10 minutes.

You will find amazing breakfast here with the classic options of eggs, sandwiches, super tasty bread, but also Shakshuka that has high standards. Don‘t miss to try the sweet bread „Chałka“ with peanut butter, homemade kimchi, sweet potatoes and lemon mayonnaise which is a creative and super delicious invention.

Generała Karola Kniaziewicza 16, less than 10 minutes walk from the main train station or 20 minutes walk from the city centre.

6. Bułka z Masłem

Bulka z maslem wroclaw

An amazing place to have breakfast in the Four Denomination District of Wroclaw is definitely Bułka z Masłem. It means „bread and butter“, but you can be sure to get more than just that 🙂

Lovely prepared egg-dishes are waiting here for you and as you see also really nice homemade pastries are taking care of the perfect start into the day.

If weather permits, the outdoor area just next to the city moat is beautiful and even it is raining, the winter garden here is one of the most cozy places ever.

Find Bułka z Masłem here at Pawła Włodkowica 8A.

7. Dinette

Dinette is recommended in many other guidebooks, and no matter which source you are using to find a nice breakfast in Wroclaw, most of them will point you to Dinette.

And actually we can just second that. A nice bistro-like place with French vibes that has much more than just the amazing poached eggs we captured on our picture here – try it out yourself!

You find the main location Dinette from Dinette in the Renoma mall, but also a smaller second location in the Old Town, here you can see both locations.

Information: The location opposite of the Opera has been moved mid-January to the new main location in the Renoma shopping mall, just 3-5 minutes away.

Dinette Wroclaw

8. Gniazdo

Gniazdo Breakfast Wroclaw

You might have read about Gniazdo already in our post about the best cafés in Wroclaw here and we promise you – here you can get great coffee and amazing breakfast at the same time!

Actually lot of quite healthy options are available here, we love the granola, the egg dishes like in the picture but also the „serniczki“, which are kind of cottage cheese pancakes with amazing dips.

Just 2 min further from Dinette you find Gniazdo here (Navigate to it).

9. Zenka

Another great option especially for breakfast is the Zenka cafe. It is located in the ground floor of an office building just a bit outside the city center – which makes it a great option for weekends.

We love not only the hot ginger mint drink here which is the best thing to have in winter, but also the crossaint breakfast with poached eggs, salmon and a truffle sauce. 

Lots of other treats are available for breakfast, like bagels, omelettes, granola, and many more. With the wide selection here, everybody will be happy for sure. 

Navigate to Zenka here.

Zenka Wroclaw Breakfast

10. Piekarnia Sąsiedzi

Another recent opening from May 2023 is near our previous recommendation “w kontakcie” in the student district of Grunwald.

Actually, the “Piekarnia Sąsiedzi” is a bakery, you can buy really delicious bread, cinnamon buns and other good stuff, but the breakfast won our hearts instantly too.

There is the option to try their bread directly with eggs, cheese and jam as a classic breakfast, but we also liked the creative dishes very much.

In the picture you can see the seasonal asparagus on labneh (Lebanese yoghurt cream cheese), butter with smoked paprika, an egg, spices and bread crumbs. Yummy!

Navigate to this tasty breakfast here.

Piekarnia Sąsiedzi Wrocławczyka

11. Kwiaty & Kawy Sunday Brunch

This option is available on Sundays only – if you like to have an extensive and long brunch, you‘ll be very happy at the flower café „Kwiaty & Kawy“. 

For a fixed amount you can enjoy the beautifully arranged breakfast buffet, but instead of scrambled eggs, sausages and typical hotel buffet breakfast, you will be having healthy and super tasty vegetarian options. 

We love the soft bread with avocado creme or the spicy salads full of freshness. Strongly suggest to try it for yourself if you have the opportunity on a Sunday.

And the whole interior is very cozy, if you haven‘t seen it, we have this café also in our selection of unusual cafés in Wroclaw.

Navigate to it here.

Kwiaty Kawy

12. Jolie - Brasserie Cafe

If you are looking for a great breakfast as central as possible, then you should try Jolie Brasserie Cafe in Wroclaw! 

They have two locations, one directly at the corner of the Market Square in Wroclaw, and the second one only a few hundred meters further at the Salt Market Square. 

Generally their options are French-inspired, a wide range of egg dishes, toasts, granola, bagels, hummus pancakes and more can be found here. A great allrounder with a nice service and breakfast served all day.

Here you can find both of their locations on Google Maps.

Jolie - Brasserie Cafe

13. WW Café

We already mentioned WW Café as part of our unusual coffee place recommendations here,  but believe it also has earned a place in our breakfast compilation as well!

We love the open sandwiches, like the seasonal option you see here with pears, walnuts and cheese. The omelette is really nice, and with the boiled eggs you get the bigger salt flakes we love so much! 

Lot of attention to details here, and one of the first-movers in the Olbin district where we strongly believe, more young places like this one might follow soon!

You can easily extend the stay here as they also have a selection of excellent natural wines, a great choice of design related books and other objects (check out the chairs!).

Navigate to the WW Café in the neighbourhood of Olbin here.

WW Café Wroclaw

14. Visit the local markets

If you are looking for a “farm to table” experience, we also recommend you to visit some of the very local markets in Wroclaw.

In most of them you will get delicous and fresh breakfast as well – check out our article on the best local markets in Wroclaw here.

This picture here was actually taken at the little breakfast market which happens from time to time at cafe rozrusznik, just another one of our favourite cafés in Wroclaw.

rozrusznik wroclaw Breakfast

Did you know that there are even some cool foodie tours in Wroclaw? Here you find more information.

We are convinced that you will enjoy those breakfast places as much as we do. Of course we also have made a post about the best coffee in Wroclaw which you find here.

Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!


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