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What kind of services do we offer?

As you can read in our transparency notice, for us one of the most important things is that we provide content of value to our readers. We do not want to be one of the countless blogs that visit a city for two days and then are already able to share “super secret hidden gems” from their travel experience. Our blog is not really about us as people, it is about Wroclaw as city. Our mission is to make some lesser known parts of the city visible and provide some insightful guidance for visitors on what to see and what better to avoid.

We are offering the following services to finance the cost of operating this blog and helping us to invest in further content productions related to Wroclaw:

  • Content Creation
    • Writing about Wroclaw for blogs, magazines, books
    • Creating drone videos & drone photography in Wroclaw (we have all licences)
    • Hosting, consulting and organising of local TV, radio and other media productions
    • Advising other bloggers coming to Wroclaw
    • Photography in and around Wroclaw
    • Native German voice audio recording (e.g. for city tours, audio walks or movie productions)
  • Advertising on our blog and other channels
    • Banner and Text Advertising
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Newsletter and Push-Message-Advertising
    • Sponsored Posts
  • Services related to our travel guidebook
    • Reading Events and Presentations
    • Contests and giveaway collaborations
    • Interviews
  • Genealogy Research
    • Supporting with local contacts, pictures, research in archives etc.

  • Regional Promotions and Reviews
    • You just started a business in Wroclaw? Perfect, get in touch with us!
    • Reviews of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafés and other businesses
    • Collaboration with cities and tourist boards within reasonable reach from Wroclaw
  • Strategic Partnerships
    • You want to develop and/or promote your regional brand? You want to use our content for yourself? Sure, let’s talk about it!
  • Travel itineraryplanning and location scouting
    • We create travel itineraries for individuals and groups
    • Location scouting for media productions – we find and pre-select the places fitting to your production!
  • Missing something? Let us know and we are able to find a solution for sure!

All of the above we do with a strong focus on Wroclaw, the whole Lower Silesia Region, but in some cases also Poland as country or other cities within reasonable distance. When it comes to advertising we have to be convinced that the product or service you want to market is really relevant to our readers. Reviews are only available outside of our editorial content. We provide our services in English, German and Polish.

Some examples of what we are doing

Here are some pictures from previous projects and events where we participated.

Dom Handlowy Kameleon
Drone Photography: Aerial shots of the “Dom Handlowy Kameleon” for a YouTube presentation of a German publisher.
Book Presentation Event of our alternative travel guide to Wroclaw on the Culture Train from Berlin to Wroclaw.

Interview as part of the official program from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 regarding “Self-Publishing”.

Being guests in the Sunday Lunch Show at
Radio Ram in Wroclaw to talk about the city and our blog.

Collaboration with the IHK Germany for a giveaway contest as part of their quarterly magazine.
The Market Square Wroclaw
Drohe Videography for WDR TV Production of culinary show.
Lesung Görlitz
Book Presentation Event of our alternative travel guide to Wroclaw at Schlesisches Museum in Görlitz.
German Traces
Discussing the old German traces still visible in Wroclaw as part of a German television program. (Picture: WDR)

Who is our audience?

We offer our blog in English and German language. Most important for us is to provide value added information for tourists and visitors coming to Wroclaw. However a lot of our content is likewise relevant to English-speaking expats living in Wroclaw. Around 60% of our blog page readers are from Germany, another 20% from Poland (mainly Wroclaw) and the rest from all possible countries around the globe with UK and US being the next largest.

Some of our social media channels have very different follower groups, for instance on Instagram, around 45% of our followers are from Wroclaw while on Facebook the average age is higher than on other channels – ask us for more details!



Our engagement rate for posts is around 8-12% in average.

(Facebook overall network average ER is around 1%)



Our engagement rate is far above average with more than 10%.

(Instagram overall network average ER is around 2%)



Our engagement rate is typically around 4%.

(Twitter overall network average ER is around 0,045%) 

We strongly believe that the simple number of followers in social media is not as important as the quality of content and therefore the engagement rates always comes first! Having 100.000 followers with very little engagement can easily be equal to 5.000 followers with high engagement rates. On Facebook our engagement rates are around 10x as high as the average, on Instagram around 5x higher than average and on Twitter even 100x higher than average.

In addition we are active on Pinterest (but very limited), distribute our own regular newsletter about Wroclaw with 1300+ subscribers and share the latest updates from Wroclaw via Browser-Push-Messages to more than 6000 of our loyal blog readers.

We are happy to share more details with you if you are interested in working with us.

(Status: August 2023)

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