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The 40 best things to do in Wroclaw!

Altstadt in Breslau

Hello there, it seems you want to learn a bit about the 40 best things to do in Wroclaw! That is great, as you just found the right place for that 🙂

We created this whole blog about Wroclaw to write and talk about things to see and do in Wroclaw, and nothing else. If you want to explore Wroclaw like a local, we will be giving you the company you are looking for. Here we share all of our favourite spots in Wroclaw!

After spending many years in Wroclaw, we found that unfortunately there is only limited in-depth information about Wroclaw out there. Mostly information is written by bloggers who come for a long weekend (probably even on a sponsored trip with fixed itinerary), just having scratched on the surface of the city we love so much and guess what – most of them are all writing the same things.

Here in our “Wroclaw is the only topic blog” we will go much deeper than that. We want to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you visit Wroclaw.

What will you find here?

Well, yes, of course first of all our personal list of the 40 best things to do in Wroclaw. But you will also be able to find many more resources on most of the topics if you want to go deeper! For example on the culinary scene in Wroclaw, to learn more about the best wine bars, best pubs for craft beer, etc.

Here we will be giving you an overview of what we feel makes Wroclaw a great destination. In addition to that, you will get a lot of local insights, for example on free bathrooms where you normally would need to pay, tourist traps you better are aware of, a review of all viewing platforms, and much more.

We do not get any funding from the city or tourist information in Wroclaw, and have our own personal perspective on many things. This means we will tell you what is great to see in Wroclaw, but likewise will be very open about things you better avoid in Wroclaw.

Things to see in Wroclaw University

And obviously, we are updating our blog posts pretty much on a weekly basis to keep it all up to date and relevant. We share latest updates on what to do in Wroclaw on our social media channels as well – follow us on Instagram here or subscribe our newsletter here.

The best things to do in Wroclaw – Introduction to Wroclaw

Alrighty, before we share the best things to do in Wroclaw, let us give you a very, very brief introduction to Wroclaw. We will answer some of the most important questions you might have if you are not familiar with our lovely city.

Where is Wroclaw located?

Wroclaw is located in the western part of Poland and it is the capital of Lower Silesia. The largest cities around which you might know are Berlin (350km), Dresden (230km), Prague (220km), Krakow (230km) and Warsaw (350km).

How big is Wroclaw?

Wroclaw has recently became the third-largest city in Poland with a total population of 673.923 (in 2022). More of 100.000 of them are actually students! Hence it is no surprise that Wroclaw is very well known as vibrant student city.

Despite being on one level with many larger European cities, Wroclaw is very walkable. You can do pretty much everything by foot. Of course, in terms of residential areas, the city spreads out quite a bit, the total area is 292,8 sqm.

How to pronounce Wroclaw?

Uh. You will read Wroclaw plenty of times now, so let us try to get this right. Actually the Polish writing is “Wrocław”, with the special letter “ł” in it, but we will get to that. In our text we will be using the English version “Wroclaw”, but here it is quite important.

You pronounce Wroclaw like this: [ˈvrɔt͡swaf]

The “W” in Wroclaw at the beginning is pronounced like an English “v”. The “c” has the sound of a “ts” and the “r” should be rolled a bit – that is the first syllable. The second starts with “ł” which is a bit like the “woo”. Then transition it nicely to “ahf” and you get the second syllable straight with “wouh-ahf”.

And now try to read it out, if you got it right, it should sound like “Vrohts-wouahf”. Good luck!

By the way, residents of Wroclaw like to name themselves as Wroc-lovers. A very pretty but unofficial name for Wroclaw is Wroclove.

Where to stay in Wroclaw?

There is no short answer to that. We know that many people recommend three amazing places, but it is a bit more complex than that – do you come with family? As couple? Single traveller? Business traveller? We have very extensive posts about the best hotels in Wroclaw and about the best apartments in Wroclaw here. If you want to hear some recommendations from locals with details on the locations, be sure to check that out later on. We also have a district guide of Wroclaw where you can find out which area might be the best for you!

Let’s get started with sightseeing in Wroclaw!

For now, we don’t want to overwhelm you with practical information. It is time to start enjoying the best things to do in Wroclaw! Later on, towards the end of this post, we share more useful information, for example on how to get to Wroclaw and how to get around in the city.

1. Visit the beautiful historic Old Town of Wroclaw

Let us start with one of the most obvious things to do in Wroclaw! After that, we work our way further down through some main sights and most important, we will also introduce you to some things to see in Wroclaw which are actually not too well known!

You can‘t miss our beautiful and historic Old Town of Wroclaw, it is the heart of the city centre and surrounded by a ring road and the city moat (we will get to that later!). We used to have city walls around the old town, but Napoleon took most of them away when he came for a visit 🙂

We also have plenty of colourful old tenement houses, gothic and baroque style buildings and churches. You might be surprised to not find too many large retail chains – much of the city centre is gastronomy. We love to spend time in the city outdoors and enjoying the life, for shopping we have more than enough of shopping malls 😉

Historic Old Town Wroclaw

Everything is in walkable distance, from the North to South and likewise from West to East it is approximately a 10 minutes walk. Hard to believe that a couple of hundred years ago, this was pretty much all of the city with not much else around.

That means that from the Market Square you can get everywhere else in the historic city centre in around 5 minutes! Talking about the Market Square, let us introduce you to it…

2. Explore the Market Square in Wroclaw

The Market Square in Wroclaw is actually one of the largest in Europe! According to most sources with its dimensions of 205 x 175 meters, only the squares in Krakow and Olecko are larger.

Obviously it is impossible to visit Wroclaw without stopping by at the Market Square as one of the main things to see in Wroclaw!

Because of its size and many things to tell about it, we have created an overview with 30 interesting things to know about the Market Square in Wroclaw here.

Wroclaw Old Town Rynek

In that separate post, we are introducing you for example to the fake window, which is just painted (yeah, it takes a while to find it!). Have you heard about our „Thanks Jimi Festival“? It happens every year on the 1st May where thousands of people are playing guitar together. Did you know that we have one of the oldest restaurants in Europe in Wroclaw? What about the popular Hensel and Gretel twin houses?

3. Head over to the Salt Market Square

Just next to the main Market Square you run into a smaller, but definitely not less charming little square – the Salt Market Square in Wroclaw!

There is one thing in particular, that is very unique for this place. Every time, you will visit it, you will notice that the flower stalls are open and waiting for you to buy beautiful flowers. Indeed, you can try it on holidays or at 5am in the morning, they will be waiting for you.

In the polish culture, flowers are important, and for the citizens of Wroclaw, this is their 24/7 flower source for all occasions.

And as we mentioned before, around the Market Square it is sometimes tricky to not run into a very touristic restaurant. Here at the Salt Market Square you find one of our favourite restaurants for a fine dining experience in Wroclaw: Młoda Polska.

Salt Market Wroclaw

For contemporary art lovers, make sure to drop by the OP ENHEIM gallery. They have always very captivating exhibitions, more on that you can read here in the details about the best museums in Wroclaw.

Many of the very popular electric car city tours of Wroclaw are also starting from here, if you want to take one of them, book online for the best possible price.

4. Hunt the countless dwarfs in Wroclaw

One of the most popular things to see in Wroclaw for kids, but likewise for adults, are the dwarfs in Wroclaw. They are the symbol of Wroclaw and there is a growing population of them, especially in the old town.

The history of the dwarfs started in the 80’s. The Polish anti-communist underground movement (“Orange Alternative”) decided to fight with the government by painting graffiti of little dwarfs on city walls.

However, the first monument of a dwarf was only placed in 2003 and now after over 20 years we have hundreds of them – most recent maps show as many as 800 (!).

Each dwarf has its own character, outfit and profession. For example, you can find couch potato dwarf, musician dwarf and even a prisoner, just to name a few. 

Dwarf hunting is certainly one of the favourite things to do in Wroclaw for tourists and locals – you will see it for yourself!

Wroclaw Dwarf

5. Enjoy Cathedral Island

Actually we should have started with Cathedral Island as the first thing to see in Wroclaw! Simply because it is the oldest part of the city and Wroclaw has expanded from here continuously over the past 1000 years.

Funny enough – if you look at the map, you might realise that the Cathedral Island actually is no longer an island. That is true, but doesn‘t stop us from calling it Cathedral Island – or in Polish: Ostrów Tumski.

Cathedral Island Wroclaw

If you want to take a panoramic picture of the skyline, you better go on the opposite side of the river where the markt hall is located. From there, just behind the Sand Bridge (Most Piaskowy) the promenade starts and enables a great view on the whole Cathedral Island.

On the way, pick up an ice-cream from Polish Lody (at Plac Bema 3) if you like! This is where the locals go, we can confirm that, but also the queues in summer will make this very visible to you.

Wroclaw Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Most of it belongs to the church today and is closed for regular car traffic – you will find a lot of beautiful old churches with the main highlight being obviously the Cathedral of Wroclaw (Cathedral of St. John the Baptist) with its 98 meters of height.

Yes, you can get up the Cathedral and there is even an elevator to reach this beautiful viewpoint. We have more details about it when you scroll further down in the section where we compare all different viewpoints in Wroclaw for you.

The cobble stones and the illumination at night are just beautiful – it makes it a great place to stay as well if you like quiet and beautiful areas.

Cathedral Island in Wroclaw

An affordable luxury stay at the Cathedral Island

In the recent years, the five-star luxury hotel „The Bridge“ became the number one choice for visitors staying in this district of Wroclaw. No surprise as despite the five stars ranking you can get rooms for very affordable rates, often less than 100 Euros per night. It is part of our hotel recommendations for Wroclaw.

Bridge Hotel in Wroclaw

The Cathedral Bridge

When you walk towards Cathedral Island, you will be naturally crossing the Cathedral Bridge (Most Tumski) – a beautiful pedestrian bridge closed for traffic.

It marked the beginning of the jurisdiction from the church authorities. Back in the times, some city criminals made use of that by escaping from the city towards the Cathedral Island. Once they made it to the bridge, the regular city authorities could not prosecute them anymore and they were only responsible to god…

In many outdated articles around the web you will see plenty of love locks, please be aware that these have been removed already in 2019. Now a sign is warning you to not put up any new ones.

Cathedral Bridge

What happened to the love locks?

Well, as we introduced you to the dwarfs already before, you can see in this picture that obviously we also have a „love lock dwarf“ doing his job.

Judging his actions here, it seems he broke all of the locks. We hope that the relationships are still alive today despite the love lock removal! And honestly, we personally don‘t understand why people see a lock as symbol of love anyway 😉

Love Lock Dwarf

But there is another very specific reason why this location is a highly unique place in Europe – let us tell you more about this in the next point!

6. Observe the Lamplighter in Wroclaw

You might have noticed the gas lanterns around Cathedral Island already, but maybe you have not seen our local superhero with his cape yet.

We indeed have a lamplighter in Wroclaw who every evening is lighting all 102 gas lanterns on Cathedral Island in Wroclaw manually with his butane pole.

The only other place in the European Union where this happens is Zagreb, and we are proud enough to say that this is a very unique and special tradition to observe in Wroclaw!

The spectacle is magical and simple at the same time, we definitely suggest you to watch it for yourselves.

Of course, especially among kids, our lamplighter is very popular and the whole experience is definitely one of the best things to do Wroclaw!

Lamplighter in Wroclaw

What time does the lamplighter in Wroclaw come out?

The lamplighter comes out every day, no matter what the weather is. We suggest you check the times for sunset in your phone or on google and then arrive around 10 minutes earlier in front of the Cathedral, you will be easily able to observe him.

There is also an official schedule available, which we have translated into English and create our own little table here on the side. However, in our experience it always is better to arrive slightly earlier than that.

As you can see, unfortunately during the summer season he does not get much sleep due to our short nights. He also has to get up very every in the morning to extinguish them 🙂 We have to admit that we never tried that during the summer months, so if you made some nice pictures of him extinguishing the lanterns in the early hours during summer, let us know!

Be aware that actually he is quite fast, and following him together with other people to take pictures can feel like being sort of a paparazzi chasing a celebrity. Better have some good shoes ready on the cobblestone roads to catch him in action 🙂

Lamplighter Wroclaw Schedule

A short video of the Lamplighter of Wroclaw

On our Instagram-Channel we published a little video of the lamplighter, in case you don’t follow us yet, you can change that now 😉 And let us share the video here:

7. Get summer vibes at Słodowa Island

When you want to explore Wroclaw with real local vibes, we can highly recommend you to have a beer at Słodowa Island (Wyspa Słodowa).

When the weather is getting a bit more sunny (typically from late April), plenty of people are coming out to enjoy the sun, see their friends, drink and have a good time. Especially the first days of May, with public holidays on the 1st and 3rd May (Majówka), are marking the beginning of the outdoor season.

Another reason for it to become so busy: As you probably know, alcohol in public is prohibited in Poland. Słodowa Island is the only place in Wroclaw where drinking is tolerated and you won‘t get in any troubles.

Słodowa Island is quite popular, especially for the younger generation, so be prepared for crowds. We love to see the sunset from there!

Beach Bars Floating Pubs at Slodowa Island in Wroclaw

8. Discover the vibrant Four Temple District

It is hard to believe that in a relatively small area you can find four different religions living peacefully together. This is where the name “Four Temple District” comes from, and often it is also described as “District of mutual respect” or “Four Denomination District”.

You will find these four religious sites providing the name of the district:

  • The Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God
  • The Roman Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua 
  • The Augsburg Evangelical Church of Divine Providence
  • The White Stork Synagogue

If you want to see these, and learn more about them, we have a full dedicated blog post about the Four Temple District in Wroclaw.

The Crystal Planet sculpture is located at the entrance it and a popular meeting point. We believe that it is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of unity in a multicultural world!

Four Temple District Wroclaw Planeta

It is only 5 minutes away from the Market Square in Wroclaw, after crossing the Salt Market Square you will end up directly at the sculpture after crossing the main ring road. The Four Temple District is enclosed by the streets Kazimierza Wielkiego, Św. Mikołaja, Pawła Włodkowica and Św. Antoniego.

The Four Temple District as Cultural Center

In case you did not know: Wroclaw became European Capital of Culture in 2016 and still hosts countless cultural events all the time.

In the Four Temple District, for cinema lovers the New Horizons Cinema (Kino Nowe Horyzonty) is a must visit thing to see in Wroclaw! This cinema organises many festivals such as the American Film Festival or German movie week. Most of the movies are screened in original languages or with English subtitles.

The New Horizons Cinema is located at Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a/21, here you will find their homepage with latest program and events.

Cinema in Wroclaw

Nightlife, Food and Drinks in the Four Temple District

However, the district is not as saint as you might think… You can actually have a lot of fun there, as this is also one of the main areas where locals head out into the nightlife of Wroclaw!

Many of our recommendations for food and drinks are actually in this area.

Some of our all-time-favourites here are Bułka z Masłem (Breakfast, but also dinner and cocktails with a beautiful beer garden), Solleim (Korean Fried Chicken), Mleczarnia (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, one of the most cozy pubs ever), Cocofli (Coffee, Winebar and Bookshop), Alebrowar (Craftbeer), OTO Coffee Bar (Amazing coffee and cakes!).

If you would like to find out more about the Four Temple District, here is our dedicated blog post with all details you need to know about the Four Denomination District in Wroclaw.

Bulka z maslem wroclaw

We have a Free Walking Tour available in Wroclaw which takes you through this Four Denomination District. The theme is “World War II & Jewish Wroclaw” and you will find more details here in our guide to Free Walking Tours in Wroclaw.

If you like to stay in this area, we highly recommend the PURO Hotel which is a bit more funky, or alternatively the AC Hotel as more conservative option.

9. Don‘t miss the Neon Gallery

One of the more alternative things to do in Wroclaw is visiting the Neon Side Gallery. In the backyard at Ruska 46c you can find an unique collection of old neon signs.

Many years ago they were everywhere in the city. The Neon Side Gallery was recently renovated.

We love to see that something from the past century resonates so well with the younger generation – it has become a very popular picture spot.

Read more about it in our post about the Alternative and Hipster Scene in Wroclaw.

Neon Side Gallery in the Four Denomination District Wroclaw

Of course you will be able to fully enjoy the lights after sunset when it is dark outside, however when we have guests, we often walk through it before during daylight – the contrast can‘t be stronger. One of our bar and pub recommendations for Wroclaw is located here as well (Recepcja).

10. See the Wroclaw University

The main building of the Wroclaw University at pl. Uniwersytecki 1 is one of the things to do in Wroclaw which nobody should miss!

It is one of the most beautiful examples of baroque style in Poland and even has one of the longest baroque facades in the world. It is decorated by multiple sculptures and amazingly illuminated at night.

Inside you find a museum, after getting a ticket you will be able to access the Mathematical Tower for a nice panoramic view. We have details on that further down when we compare all viewing points for you!

Wroclaw University

Oratorium Marianum and Aula Leopoldina

When you get a ticket for the museum, apart from the access to the roof top viewing point (Mathematical Tower), you will be able to enter two of the most beautiful baroque halls too.

In this picture you see the Oratorium Marianum where we really love the paintings under the ceiling. Be sure to check it out, it is our little sistine chapel of Wroclaw 😉

But visitors come mostly for the Aula Leopoldina which recently got renovated and is open again now.

If you like museums in general, here are the best museums in Wroclaw which we recommend!

For latest updates on entrance fees, here is the official page of the Museum of the University in Wroclaw.

Oratorium Marianum

The Door of the University

But even without entering the University and getting a ticket, you will be able to make amazing pictures in one of the most popular spots in Wroclaw – the door of the University!

This is the place where students are taking proud pictures with their final thesis after their graduation! But not only that, most tourists are stopping by for a portrait photo with this beautiful background.

In case you want to find some really nice picture spots, we also have prepared a blog post with 60 amazing Instagram spots in Wroclaw here.

University Wroclaw Door

11. Pop into the Market Hall in Wroclaw

Visiting the Market Hall in Wroclaw (Hala Targowa) is again one of the best things to do in Wroclaw that you simply cannot miss at all.

Once you enter it, you will get surrounded immediately by a lot of colourful fresh vegetables and fruits. Of course, a lot of other grocery products like meat, teas, regional specialities are traded here.

But it is a one-stop-shop and you can also get flowers, souvenirs, get t-shirts printed, a key copied, find a pet shop, a craft beer pub and even two coffee places. The owner from one of them, Cafe Targowa, got even the World Aeropress Champion Award in 2016. Read more about them here in our Wroclaw café recommendations.

If you like tea, you can’t miss the Herbaciarnia Targowa – a beautiful old-style tea house with hundreds of different teas and unique vibes.

Market Hall Wroclaw

The Market Hall in Wroclaw is open every day from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 – 18:30, but closed on Sundays. It is located between the Cathedral Island and historic old town, making it a great pit stop on the way.

12. Get amazed by the great painting Panorama Racławicka

There are many great museums in Wroclaw with amazing collections but if can see only one museum, take this one. Why? It has only one painting!

You might notice that the building has a nicely rounded shape, and there is a good reason for that. This painting is filling up all that wall space.

Inside you will be able to admire this cycloramic painting which is showing the Battle of Racławice. It makes you feel that you are truly in the middle of the real battlefield.  

Panorama Racławicka

The giant Panorama Racławicka painting is 114 meters wide and 15 meters high – it is therefore most likely the largest painting you will ever see in your life!

Obviously this attraction in Wroclaw is one of the most popular, therefore we recommend you to book the ticket in advance. You can do it on the official website right here where you can find the latest entrance fees as well.

If you like museums and have time to visit more than just one, we have another dedicated blog post with the best museums in Wroclaw – there you will find our all-time favourites!

13. Visit Stare Jatki – the old butcher‘s street

In this little street in the historical old town of Wroclaw you can find a lot of small artists ateliers to buy some souvenirs today.

This medieval street used to be occupied by butchers that were processing their meat here. There is an interesting memory of these old times, which shows a different perspective:

The “Monument to the slaughtered animals” has quite a twist as the artist decided to dedicate his work to the animals. The small commemoration sign reads “In honour of the slaughtered animals” and it is signed by “the consumers”.

That is quite thought-provoking, isn’t it?

But this is not the only bizarre thing you can find in Wroclaw, we also have the potato vending machine, the titanic building and much more… Here we wrote about the most bizarre things to find in Wroclaw.

The Old Butcher Stalls Wroclaw

14. Come for the fairytale Christmas Market

Our fairytale Christmas Market in Wroclaw is certainly one of the top reasons why people from all over Europe are visiting Wroclaw in Winter.

That does not come as a surprise – the Christmas Market in Wroclaw is considered to be one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe as many rankings have proven. 

The whole Market Square and surrounding areas are turned into a winter wonderland every year starting mid-November till end of December.

More details about the Christmas Market are available in our dedicated post here.

Christmas Market 2021 Wroclaw

The whole Market Square in Wroclaw is full of stalls with gastronomy, crafts, local products and of course also mulled wine. Talking about that, another highlight for many people are the specially designed shoe-shaped mugs for that – every years has it‘s own special edition. They are highly popular among collectors and multiple times, the vendors were running out of them before the Christmas Market ended, so mugs from previous years were re-used.

A Christmas Market in Summer?

Yeah, we really do like the Christmas Market as much, that we have it twice per year 😉

Every spring from mid-May to end of June the same stalls are places around the Market Square for the St. John’s Market – sometimes also called midsummer market. That is pretty similar, except for the mulled wine and Christmas vibes missing.

Same goes here, we have much more details available in our Wroclaw Christmas Market post here.

Midsummer Market Wroclaw 2021

15. Explore Street Art and more in alternative Nadodrze

Apart from the historic old town in Wroclaw and the vibrant four temple district, there is another part of Wroclaw, which in our humble opinion, deserves a lot of attention.

Nadodrze (literally translated as above the Oder River) used to be a quite shady area, with plenty of pre-war tenement houses in poor condition and not much to do.

This has changed significantly over the past years! No matter if you like street art, small individual art galleries and stores, now Nadodrze is going through probably the same development that Berlin-Kreuzberg already went through.

Proudly we name it the “alternative district of Wroclaw” and yet it is far away from being the typical place where hipsters turn something old into a new and fancy place.

Street Art in Nadodrze

You could say, Nadodrze is where you clearly can observe the contrasts of Wroclaw. All sorts of people are living here together and it is a huge blend of everything. And if you like history, this is a place where the past is meeting the present…

German Traces in Wroclaw

Well, before Wroclaw became a Polish city again after World War II, it used to be the German city of Breslau (read more about the history of Wroclaw here).

And to make a very long story short here in this overview: All the German signs and heritage was to be removed and destroyed with the city changing the rulers. And of course, on the buildings you simply paint over the advertisements from former German shops and institutions.

However, over time, the paint started to crumble and the old signs are become visible again, after so many decades the German past is kind of catching up and saying “hi”. Want to see it in real? We have a free self-guided walking tour prepared for it 🙂

German Traces in Wroclaw

And of course in Nadodrze there is much more to explore, for example the “Heart of Nadodrze”… We created a little district guide for Wroclaw here if you want to compare all the different areas.

If Nadodrze sounds to you like a great thing to do in Wroclaw (for us it certainly is!), then you can read more in our blog post where we convince you that Nadodrze is the best part of Wroclaw!

And in case you are looking for a guided tour around Wroclaw and Nadodrze, check out this alternative tour here.

16. Spend a whole day in the Wroclaw Zoo

Of course, in any list of best things to see in Wroclaw, the world-famous Wroclaw Zoo cannot be missing! 

It is the largest zoo in Poland, but also the 4th largest in Europe when it comes to the numbers of different species that you will be able to meet here.

When we went the last time with friends and kids, one full day gives you a good impression and overview, but you still have plenty of reasons to get back again.

One of the highlights is the „Afrykarium“, which takes you into the African world of nature, animals and wildlife. Most popular is the tunnel where you literally walk through the aquarium.

Afrykarium Zoo Wroclaw

17. Admire the Centennial Hall (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

How could we not mention the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw as one of the best things to see in Wroclaw? Well, we are very proud of our UNESCO World Heritage Site in Wroclaw!

Actually it was supposed to collapse just a few minutes after the completion, but no worries, even after more than 100 years it is still standing.

Find out more about the museum inside, the latest events and concerts taking place, and of course more details about the whole story and construction!

Read all information about the Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) in Wroclaw here.

Centennial Hall Wroclaw

18. See the Multimedia Fountain Shows

We are staying in the same area for the next couple of recommendations and continue with the Multimedia Fountain.

Located just behind the Centennial Hall, this is an amazing combination of water, light and sound – but the best part is that of course all the shows are free! Around 800 light sources, 300 water jets and even three fire jets, it is the largest fountain of its kind in Poland.

Multimedia Fountain Wroclaw

What time are the shows at the Multimedia Fountain in Wroclaw?

During the summer season, typically from May to October, the shows are starting at every full hour. The first show runs at 10am and the last regular show is at 9pm. However, most of the summer days there is another final show which then does not take place at 10pm but around 9:40pm or 9:45pm.

Online you sometimes find tours and tickets to be booked for the show – but be aware that these are only transportation (we recommend the tram to get there, get out at Hala Stulecia). There are no tickets required as it is a public space, so please do not get fooled!

We prefer the evening shows when the light also comes into play, but no matter if during daylight or evening – make sure to visit the Multimedia Fountain as it truly is a great thing to do in Wroclaw!

A life hack – free toilets

Another quick remark before we continue. All signs are pointing to the public bathrooms which are on the left side of the conference building with the terrace restaurants – there you will need to pay for the usage.

However, if you just enter the building through the middle entrance and then go down into the basement floor, you will find the free to use bathrooms from the conference centre which are open and accessible. These are the official bathrooms from the terrace restaurants as well, but not everybody knows about their existence 😉

19. Stroll around Pergola

You might arrive too early for the Multimedia Fountain, but that is no problem. Strolling around Pergola is the perfect thing to do while waiting for the shows to start.

Pergola is a shady colonnade with a planted roof that has a total of 750 columns along its 640 meters. It has the shape of a semicircle and leads around the fountain.

Of course, this is a popular scene for beautiful portrait photo shoots, and in particular on the weekends you will meet a lot of wedding couples that are creating nice memories for eternity here.

Almost needless to say, that especially in autumn when the leaves are turning into colourful red-brown-yellow, it is one of the best seasons!

Pergola Wroclaw

20. Find peace in the Japanese Garden Wroclaw

We are still in the same area behind the Centennial Hall, where also the Japanese Garden is located. Initially it goes back to the early 20th century when it was founded for the Centennial Exhibition around 1909-1912.

However, the real reconstruction happened only in 1995, then in 1997 the flood came, and all had to be restarted again. Today, it is a great place to take some rest, be mindful (avoid times when school classes are coming though) and enjoy beautiful surroundings.

Japanese Garden Wroclaw

Did you see our guide on where to stay in Wroclaw?

We wrote a comprehensive district guide about Wroclaw with details about every area! Check this out if you want to know where to stay in Wroclaw and which areas to avoid…

Where to stay in Wroclaw District Guide

21. Try to count the beautiful bridges in Wroclaw

We have tried it already, and what we can say for sure is that we have more than hundred bridges in Wroclaw. The precise amount really depends on how you define “Wroclaw” and its boundaries – so we will refrain here from telling you one single number.

What we can tell you though: Many of our bridges are very beautiful and worth a visit – here are just two examples from our favourites for you.

The Grunwaldzki Bridge

It is the longest suspension bridge in Poland, you won’t find any pillars underneath this massive bridge spanning over the Oder River.

Back in the German times of Wroclaw, when it got completed (1910), it was a true novelty of engineering. A special construction absorbs fluctuations with steel strips running over some rollers.

Grunwaldzki Bridge Wroclaw

The Pomorski Bridge

After around three years of intense renovation works, we finally have our shortcut between the Nadodrze District and the historic old town back!

Some people phrased it as “Charles Bridge” of Wroclaw, and indeed the result is very nicely to look at and walk on.

Pay attention to the little details like the small corner houses, the dragon rain pipes on them, and the gargoyles. It is a great selfie spot to have the University background as well.

Pomorski Bridge Wroclaw

22. Have a walk around Old Town Boulevard and the City Moat

Just finished in 2023, the Old Town Boulevard Wroclaw (Bulwar Staromiejski) got renovated after many many years of construction.

It is a recreational area where you can find old parts of the city wall, parts of a castle that never got built, and many historic buildings from an old German hospital (All Saints Hospital, or Allerheiligenhospital in German).

Many signs tell the stories about the buildings and the area in both Polish and English language, and the first restaurants, cafés and wine bars are just opening here.

We recommend it as starting point to have a nice walk around the city moat.

Old Town Boulevard Wroclaw

Talking about the city moat of Wroclaw (Podwale) which is marking a circle around the historical old town of Wroclaw…

It is a great walk to take (suitable for running too, as the full circle is adding up to pretty much around 5km) on a Sunday afternoon or any other day.

Some floating restaurants and cafés are on it, and you will pass many interesting sights, like the National Forum of Music, the Four Denomination District, or the Partisan Hill.

During sunset hours, take a bite away stick with you (we love it) as the still waters attract mosquitoes.

Podwale Wroclaw

The Partisan Hill in Wroclaw

While mentioning the Partisan Hill in Wroclaw, it is important to highlight that on 8th June 2024 there has been the grand opening of the renovated hill. It really became a beautiful place again and seems to be very close to how it used to be back in the original times in the early 20th century.

Soon, some gastronomic offers will be opening here, there will be concerts and more. Some old travel guides from the 1930s mentioned it as the main reason to visit Wroclaw back then – make sure to see it, as even almost 100 years later the same becomes true again 🙂

Partisan Hill Wroclaw
Partisan Hill Wroclaw Drone Photography
Partisan Hill Wroclaw Viewpoint

23. Get on the Oder River by Boat or by Kayak

You have chosen summer for your travel to Wroclaw? Congratulations – this will enable you to get on the Oder River and see Wroclaw from a completely different perspective!

From April to September we have the busy river season with all the boats and kayaks on the Oder River. During that time, getting on the river (no matter how) is an absolute must thing to do in Wroclaw!

Boat tour in Wroclaw

Of course we have prepared more details with all the piers and available boat trips in Wroclaw here – and we update it every season with the latest fares and additions!

For example, since 2023 you can even party on the river… The party boat tour which departs on Saturday evenings with a DJ, unlimited drinks and good vibes if that is your cup of tea. So far it seems to be a very popular idea among bachelor parties in Wroclaw!

And don’t forget to take something against mosquito bites 🙂

24. Cross the water with the Polinka Cable Car

Wait a moment, Wroclaw is the city of bridges, there are more than hundred of them – and then still a cable car on top? Yes, that is absolutely correct!

While students somehow were the most impacted group who got stuck in traffic on the Grunwaldzki Bridge, the decision was made to establish a cable car which connects two faculties of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Polinka Wroclaw

Initially it was more a pragmatic solution for the University, but nowadays it has become some sort of tourist attraction in Wroclaw. The tickets are very affordable (around 1 Euro) and it really gives you a highly unique perspective of the Oder River. Easy to combine with our next recommendations (Odra Centrum and Hydropolis) and also with the Forma Płynna beach bar!

25. Learn about the Oder River at Odra Centrum and Hydropolis

You might have noticed that we are in the “water section” of our best things to do in Wroclaw blog post. And with that mentioned, we cannot miss out on recommending you two more institutions related to water in Wroclaw.

The Odra Centrum

Again, we can just provide you a first overview here, and on the Odra Centrum we even wrote a full own article here.

But to just give you an idea what it is about – the Odra Centrum is a floating house, which combines all these functions:

  • A great coffee place
  • Learning & Educational center
  • Kayak Rental
  • Meeting Point & Events
  • A bit of museum about the Oder River
  • Games & Library
  • Ecological Support for the Oder River

And many more. As mentioned, definitely a place worth to visit in Wroclaw, and if you got curious, you can read more about the Odra Centrum here.

Odra Centrum Wroclaw

The Hydropolis

We are moving on more towards traditional museums, the Hydropolis is one of them.

Often it is described as one of the “must see in Wroclaw” attractions for kids and families in Wroclaw. We can absolutely second that!

Here you will find out everything about the elements water, the different states of it, where it comes from, and most surprising what happened to 28.800 rubber ducks which were washed into the ocean…

Underwater worlds are inviting you to a submarine trip, and you will learn how closely life is connected with water.

Read more about it in our post about the best museums in Wroclaw here.

Hydropolis Wroclaw

26. Relax in one of the Beach Bars

As we told you before, Wroclaw is a city of Islands, Bridges and the Oder River. But would you imagine that we also have plenty of beach bars?

Each has their own vibe, some are more family-friendly, while others invite to you play volleyball, take yoga classes, or dance to funky DJ sounds.

The Beach Bar season in Wroclaw typically starts mid to end of April and ends in late September to early October.

To make sure you find the right beach bar for your personal taste, we took our time to write a little beach bar guide to Wroclaw with all our favourite spots. Actually we update it every year!

Basen Beach Bar Wroclaw

27. Immerse in the huge coffee scene in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a young city in terms of population, we have more than 100.000 students – and guess what they need? Exactly – good coffee!

Actually we stopped counting the speciality coffee shops in Wroclaw after probably the 25th new one has opened in the past years…

But seriously, we have so many really great coffee shops that we would love to spend more time in all of them! And not only that, we also have quite unusual ones. Think about our flower café, a movie café, the parrot café, cat café, a houseboat café, a vinyl café and many more with their individual charm.

Make sure to plan enough time in Wroclaw to visit all of our 30+ recommendations 😉

Chmiel kawę Wroclaw Speciality Coffee

28. Fall in love with the sunset in Wroclaw

Looking for a romantic spot in Wroclaw to see the sunset? Well, you should be – as our sunsets can be very beautiful.

The sky fully turning orange-red, the reflections on the water, the light bulbs from rooftop and beach bars… You name it!

We have our favourite spots to fall in love with the sunset in Wroclaw:

  1. The Bridge Hotel Sky Bar (you see it in the picture) – with a cocktail bar, and absolutely stunning views on the Oder River, Cathedral Island, and the city skyline.
  2. The Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard – walking along the promenade shortly after the Market Hall, you get to long stairs with plants in the middle. The view onto the riverside and the Cathedral Island on the other side is magic!
  3. Słodowa Island – we talked about it before, but the colour of the University and the reflections of it during sunset, you have to see it for yourself!
  4. Beach Bars – pretty much all of them are definitely a great spot!
Sunset Wroclaw Sky Bar The Bridge

29. Take a Free Walking Tour in Wroclaw

You want to listen to interesting local stories from Wroclaw while having a walk with other fellow travellers? Then the obvious choice is a free walking tour in Wroclaw (this link takes you to our overview of options).

Usually when we are travelling around the world we always join free walking tours. In our opinion, following passionate people who are locals is a perfect opportunity to get a new perspective. We are convinced it will also help you to learn more about Wroclaw.

So if you don’t have any friends living in Wroclaw, participating in a free walking tour is the right thing to do. The tours operate in multiple languages, most popular are Polish, English, German and Spanish.

Here you can book the Free Walking Tours in Wroclaw online and check available dates – this is required due to limited slots available.

Free Walking Tour Wroclaw Meeting Point

What to do in Wroclaw if the weather is bad?

If the weather is rainy, first of all remember, there is never bad weather, only bad clothing 😉 Nevertheless, as alternative if you still would like to hear more about the city from locals, you can find little electric cars that offer guided tours. Depending on the time of booking you might even be able to catch one of these 2 hour tours for less than 50 PLN. The latest schedules, prices and more information can be found here. And let us be honest, for the free walking tour you probably would pay the same in tips anyway 😉

More Free Things to do in Wroclaw

By the way, if you are visiting Wroclaw on a budget, we have prepared a special list for recommendations with amazing free options in Wroclaw here.

30. Reflect at the Jewish Cemeteries

We have two Jewish Cemeteries in Wroclaw, and the Old Jewish Cemetery is the mostly known and visited, so let us start with that.

Since its opening in 1856, around 12.500 people have been buried here. After the World War II, it was left to itself for many years and only in 1984 maintenance and restorations began. Today it officially is a museum, so you will need to buy a ticket (Thursdays free entrance!).

A visit really feels like time has stood still there. Bullet holes in the walls are still visible and it really is a remarkable place to visit in Wroclaw.

Lesser known and only accessible with organised tours is the New Jewish Cemetery in Wroclaw – which is also worth to see when you have the time and the date is suitable. It was opened in 1902 and consistently in use since then, even throughout the war.

The Jewish Cemetery Wroclaw

31. Taste traditional Polish Food

How can you explore a culture in the best possible and most pleasant way? Correct, let us talk about Polish food!


Pierogi are filled dumplings and definitely the symbol of Polish cuisine. And there is a reason for that – because there are simply delicious!

The traditional option is pierogi ruskie, filled with mashed potatoes and cottage cheese. And to clean up with one common mistake: No, ruskie does not mean Russian here, these are not Russian dumplings. And yet, many places have “neutralised” the name in the past months.

There are many places where you can try them but our all-time favourite is the Bar Pierożek (Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego 3). Read more about it in our Wroclaw street food post here.

Bar Pierozek

Traditional Polish Soups

Welcome to the soup paradise! Try pomidorowa (tomato soup), barszcz czerwony (beetroot soup), żurek (based on fermented rye, traditionally served in bread), grzybowa (mushroom soup), rosół (broth) and many many more. In most of our restaurant recommendations for Wroclaw you will get soups as starter option.

Polish Appetizers and Beer Snacks

Apart from the main dishes we recommend you to try Polish appetizers. One of the most typical starters you can find in Wroclaw is Gzik. It comes from Greater Poland but it became part of the local cuisine.

Gzik is cottage cheese, traditionally served with boiled potatoes. The other recommendations are pickled cucumbers and herring. Also Tatar can be found on almost every menu.

All of them taste great with shots of cold vodka. The Bar Ambasada or Przedwojenna are the perfect places to try these beer snacks in Wroclaw.

Gzik in Wroclaw
Tatar in Wroclaw
Śledź Herring in Wroclaw


Pączki are kind of donuts but in our humble opinion much better. The traditional ones are filled with rose marmalade but there are plenty of more options worth to try (Kinderbueno is also mhhhh!). A very popular place where you can have Pączki is the Dobra Pączkarnia chain. For more traditional ones, check out the Cukiernia Łomżanka.

Food Tours in Wroclaw

Of course there are food tours in Wroclaw where you can try the local cuisine and get many more insights. Click here to see details on the Wroclaw Food Tour!

32. Discover the Ukrainian and Korean Community

Did you know that already before Russias full invasion of Ukraine in 2022, we had remarkable 10% of Ukrainian citizens in Wroclaw? Now, depending on the sources even 20-30% of residents are Ukrainian (read some notes on the war and the impact in Wroclaw here).

Therefore you can also experience a lot of Ukrainian culture, food and events nowadays.

Another (probably more surprising) group which is growing over the past years is the South Korean community.

Due to large corporations and manufacturing plants like LG in Wroclaw, we have amazing Korean bakeries, restaurants and street food in Wroclaw! We love the Korean BBQ at the Restaurant GALBI or Korill180.

Well, this point is certainly for the visitors that already have come many times to Wroclaw, explored all the Polish culture and now want to get to know another new layer of the city!

Ukrainian Peace Demonstration in Wroclaw

33. Enjoy the nightlife in Wroclaw

With more than 100.000 students in Wroclaw, you can imagine there we have a great nightlife scene. That is absolutely true and once you are in Wroclaw, you should definitely spend a night out.

As this topic would probably double our overview post with the best things to do in Wroclaw in size, we have our own posts with recommendations for the nightlife in Wroclaw:

Craftbeer in Wroclaw

And in case you like pub crawling, and would like to taste some good Polish beers, we can recommend the beer tours in Wroclaw here. Or you try out the new Wroclaw Boat Party here.

34. Get lost at the Flea Markets

Unfortunately, we both have never experienced the vibes of Wroclaw around 20 years ago and only know from friends how much the city has changed.

Nevertheless, there are some places, where the time has stood still – more or less. We are talking about the two flea markets of Targowisko na Świebodzkim and Targowisko MŁYN.

Trust us, in these places, Wroclaw has not changed much, and if you want to have an out-of-regular-tourist experience, we highly recommend you to visit one of them on Sunday mornings.

Mlyn Flea Market Wroclaw

35. Observe the contrasts in the architecture of Wroclaw

You can’t have it all? Well, in terms of the architecture of Wroclaw, you definitely can!

We have beautiful buildings from pretty much all styles you can imagine over the past 1000 years. That was a good reason for us to write a list of the 25 most impressive buildings in Wroclaw here.

Some buildings, like our beautiful baroque university, one of the most impressive water towers in the world, or the largest gothic tower in Poland, will certainly make everyone’s eyes glow.

The WuWa district (a building exhibition from 1929) can’t be missed by architecture fans either.

But of course, after the war, buildings got more functional to address the urgent housing need and you will see a lot of “blocks” too.

And we then have some great examples of post-modernism like you see in this picture 😉 And one of the more bizarre buildings in Wroclaw is the titanic building or the igloo house.

Plomba Wroclaw Architecture

36. See the city from these viewpoints

Ready to climb some stairs? After all the great food and the nightlife in Wroclaw, it is time to get active and reach the best viewpoints in Wroclaw! We have five great recommendations for you – for all of them you need a ticket, except for the Concordia Design where you just need to buy a drink 😉

The Penitents Bridge

The first viewpoint is already very special, as we are taking you to a church – well, a little foot bridge which connects two towers.

While you are heading upstairs, you will find out more about the story which has happened here. All we can tell for now: It involves a girl that did not want to marry, quite the opposite of what her parents had in mind for her. And she ended up with a curse…

The height is 45 meters, and you will have to take the stairs, no elevator is available. During summer season, it is open from 10am to 8pm, make sure to check the latest hours before you go.

The Penitents Bridge Wroclaw

Concordia Design

Yeah, we already mentioned this as one of our favourite sunset places in Wroclaw – and likewise during the day you can catch a really nice perspective!

Enjoy a drink from what we call rooftop terrace in Wroclaw – the fifth floor 😉

There is an elevator available and you do not have to pay entrance fees, just get a drink and you are good to go.

Concordia Design Wroclaw Rooftop

The Cathedral

The tower of the Wroclaw Cathedral is 97 meters high and also functions as a viewing point! From here, you have a great view on the Cathedral Island, but also of the Oder River and up to the Centennial Hall.

Elevator available, but a couple of stairs still have to be taken by yourself, be mindful of that. Regular opening hours 10am to 5pm but again, be sure to check before you go.

The Cathedral in Wroclaw

St. Elizabeth Church

And we got just another church for you – the tallest gothic tower in Poland with almost 92 meters! Just across the Market Square, it is hard to miss.

But the staircase is really narrow and the 300+ steps are really steep (no elevator), just that you don’t say we have not warned you.

However, the reward is amazing, one of the best view on the Market Square, the historic old town and the surrounding Oder River – this is our favourite together with the mathematical tower!

Typically it is open from 10am to 5pm.

St. Elizabeth Church Wroclaw

Sky Tower

The tallest building in Wroclaw with 212 meters of height must have a viewing platform too!

Take the elevator and in a few seconds you are up in the sky. The truth though is – yes, you get a quite extensive view, but mostly over residential blocks and new office buildings.

Opening hours are from 9am to 9pm (10pm on weekends). Decide for yourself if it is worth the price of around 30 PLN…

Sky Tower Wroclaw

The Mathematical Tower

As part of the University museum, you can get up to the certainly most pretty viewing spot – and apart from Concordia Design most spacious too.

The views from this 42 meters high platform are similar like from the St. Elizabeth Church and we love them – of course also because we can wave to ourselves and can see our apartment 🙂

No elevator available, and open from 10am to 5pm, but closed on Wednesdays.

Wroclaw University

We even have guided panorama tours in Wroclaw, which are a great idea if you like these viewing points but at the same time want to learn more about the city. Check out the panorama tours of Wroclaw here.

Our hidden gem panorama point: The Bridge Sky Bar

The Sky Bar on the rooftop of The Bridge Hotel is a very recent addition, as it just opened mid-May 2024. During the summer season, it is open Thursdays to Saturdays from 6pm to 10pm and offers truly breathtaking views of the Oder River, the Cathedral Island, the Manhattan buildings and the skyline of Wroclaw. Of course there are delicious drinks available to enjoy the sunset!

Seriously, in our humble opinion, this is really the best sunset panorama viewpoint in Wroclaw we have been to so far, nothing else could match the vibes here so far 🙂

Wroclaw Rooftop Bar The Bridge Sky Bar
Wroclaw Sky Bar The Bridge
View from the Wroclaw Rooftop Bar The Bridge Sky Bar

37. Explore the surroundings of Wroclaw: Lower Silesia

If you decide to stay a for a week or longer in Wroclaw, we definitely recommend you to explore the surrounding areas too!

You can discover the Valley of Castles in Lower Silesia, head out for some lakes, explore other great cities, visit the Peace Churches which are UNESCO World Heritage sites or do wine tastings in wineries around Wroclaw. Maybe a day trip to the mountains in the south is what you want to do?

Everything is pretty close and there are plenty of possibilities.

Palace Wojanów from the air

38. Take a guided tour in Wroclaw

Of course, our city blog actually has all the information you need to have a great time in Wroclaw!

However, if you would like to have a guide who will show you the best things to see in Wroclaw on the spot, this is a great idea. As there are plenty of options (walking tours, golf cart tours, boat tours, bike tours, evening walks, etc.) we also made a compilation for you here:

Electric Car Guided Tours Wroclaw

39. Capture memories at these picturesque spots

Wroclaw has many great spots where you as a visitor will make pictures naturally, at the main attractions, the riverside, historic buildings and others.

Nevertheless – what about things to see in Wroclaw which are a bit less obvious and slightly hidden?

For example we have a beautiful maze that not even all residents are fully aware of – the dream for every drone photographer, and also a great place to have fun with family and kids in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw Maze

Hidden Staircases and Backyards

However, there is much more to that. In quite a few buildings we have such beautiful staircases that you would not expect when looking on the outside!

We have featured a couple of staircases in Wroclaw in our alternative list here.

Even better, if you are a professional or hobby photographer is our compilation of 60 great instagram spots in Wroclaw here.

The only downside for that is, that you will need much longer than a weekend in Wroclaw to see all of them – but surely we have plenty of reasons to come back 😉

Staircase Wroclaw

40. Get familiar with things to avoid in Wroclaw and Poland

Well, we wrote a lot about things to do in Wroclaw, but now it is time for some serious talks! Like in every city and every country in the world, there are a couple of things you better do not do.

Just as an example, we have quite aggressive people who want to put roses into your hands, and then they ask for ridiculous amounts of money and won’t take it back.

Or the “volunteers” collecting money, where an organised scheme is actually behind. And obviously, changing money from your home currency is also a sensitive topic.

Therefore we recommend you to get familiar with the most common tourist traps in Poland here. In that blog post we have consolidated all the scams and other things to be aware of, so you will be able to fully enjoy your time in Wroclaw!

Flower Scam in Wroclaw

What‘s next to plan the trip to Wroclaw?

We hope that now you got excited so much, that you can’t wait to plan your trip to Wroclaw! We have a few more insights on when to visit Wroclaw and how long to stay in Wroclaw here.

When to visit Wroclaw?

The short answer is: We recommend a visit from April/May to September/October for the spring and summer season, plus November and December for the Christmas Market. From January to March we have to be honest with you – the city is grey, a bit of air pollution, probably not the greatest time to come over. Unless you plan to stay in pubs all the time anyway 😉

The Long answer: We wrote a separate post on when to visit Wroclaw with insights for each month here.

How long to stay in Wroclaw?

You might have realised that a weekend is probably not enough to visit all these places to see in Wroclaw we recommended. After living many years in Wroclaw, we still keep finding new things and surely did not see everything we wanted to.

For a first visit in Wroclaw we do recommend at least 2-3 days, a long weekend would be a great start. Then you are able to get a good overview and see a couple of things in Wroclaw.

For the second and third visit you probably have a better idea on what you missed out the first time and then can plan the time you need accordingly. We know people that visit Wroclaw for 10 days in summer, or even a full month, and trust us, they are not getting bored 🙂

If you consider moving to Wroclaw, we wrote a little expat guide to Wroclaw here.

Our alternative Wroclaw Guidebook

There is a great way to support our work and get something for yourself at the same time – check out our alternative guidebook for Wroclaw which we ship across the globe, wherever you are!

We have filled it with 100 extraordinary places to see in Wroclaw and since early 2023 we finally do have the English edition available as well!

Wroclaw Guidebook

The Wroclaw city map – made by locals

If you want to have a city map of Wroclaw with you, there are different options. First of all, we have created an interactive Google Map with all our favourite spots. These are the ones recommended in our blog, but also additional places for which we did not have time to write about (yet).

It is available as “thank you” gift when you subscribe to our newsletter.

City Map of Wroclaw

Apart from our own recommendations which we made available on Google Maps, there are also two other options which we really like!

The first one is a USE-IT map of Wroclaw, made by locals for young travellers. You will see that many recommendations are overlapping with ours, the reason is simply that it is a great map 🙂

The second option are neighborhood maps which were created by a city project and introduce you to more local districts, away from the historic old town.

For all of these maps we have consolidated the information and download links available in our City Map of Wroclaw page.

P.S. We do not recommend the free “In Your Pocket” Maps as they have mostly sponsored content where places paid for to be part of it. This won’t happen with ours or the other maps recommended.

USE IT Wroclaw Map

Our hotel recommendations for Wroclaw

If you are looking for a great place to stay in Wroclaw, you should either check out our hotel recommendations for Wroclaw here, our list of recommended apartments in Wroclaw or alternatively you can use the map below to find the best and available places to stay.

Change the dates to your desired ones to quickly see the best deals, as the map by default shows the options available for tonight:

How to get to Wroclaw and how to get around in Wroclaw?

Well, take the train to our beautiful train station, take a car, jump on a plane, just make sure to come over because our city is really worth it! Here we have a massive piece of information on how to get into Wroclaw.

When you want to find out how to use the free city bikes (up to 20 min), what scooter rentals we have, and why you don’t get a tram ticket when you pay contactless in it, check out our guide to public transportation in Wroclaw here.

Read more about Alternative & Hipster Wroclaw

You already saw all of the above? Then it is time to move on to more alternative and sometimes also a bit hipster-ish things to see in Wroclaw! Street Art, a quite unusual bakery, the city port for urban explorers and many other things to see in Wroclaw are waiting for you. Read more about alternative Wroclaw here.

The Water Tower in Wroclaw
Dickery Wroclaw
Street Art in Nadodrze

We hope that you enjoyed our massive blog post about what to do in Wroclaw. If you still can’t get enough, keep in mind that on our blog you will find much more about Wroclaw 🙂

If you are planning a trip to Wroclaw, here you will find our planning guides with plenty of insights about travel and accommodation!

You will be in Wroclaw for just a weekend? Then here are our hints for a perfect weekend in Wroclaw!

You also would do us and other visitors a big favor if you leave comments and remarks below! Is there anything you found in Wroclaw and think should be added? Any remarks on what we wrote? Feel free to leave feedback!


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