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Where to stay in Wroclaw: Hotel, Hostel and AirBnB

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You are looking for the best places to stay in Wroclaw? We have selected some of our favourite hotels and hostels in Wroclaw for you! Of course we do not stay very often in hotels in the city where we live… But still we get a lot of good input from our friends, family and co-workers on the best accommodation in Wroclaw.

We have three main categories for you, first we will check out the most popular hotels in Wroclaw. Second we will have a look at some low budget options and check out the Wroclaw hostels. Finally, we will be looking at the airbnb option.

The best hotels in Wroclaw

In a city like Wroclaw, there are plenty of hotels and it is hard to make a decision. However we believe that there are enough travel sites with hundrets of hotels in a list! That is why we picked just three of our favourite hotels here. This selection is based on our knowledge and input from friends and family that actually stayed there. We hope that they will have availabilities during the time you want to visit Wroclaw. 

In terms of their location we made sure that all are very central. All major sightseeing points are within walkable distance.

Puro hotel wroclaw

PURO Hotel

The PURO Hotel has a younger design and you will find it in the heart of the four denomination district. This spot is also the perfect start to expore the city. Even better, after going out in the evenings to the best pubs in Wroclaw you will be home within seconds. Also popular amongst business travellers throughout the week.​ Free bicycles!

HP Park Plaza Hotel Wroclaw

HP Park Plaza

With a location just at the entrance to the old town, but also with the vibrant Nadodrze District on the other hand, the HP Park Plaza is in the heart of the city. And still you have beautiful views on water at the popular Słodowa Island just in front of the hotel. Friends from us said that it has the most comfortable beds they have ever ever slept in.​

Hotel Monopol

Monopol Hotel

If you are looking for the probably very best and classy hotel in Wroclaw, it is undoubtful the Monopol. It is one of the five star hotels in Wroclaw, and always gets the best ratings everywhere. The building has a long history dating back to the 19th century and we totally recommend it! Don't miss the Spa facilities and rooftop!


The rates are always depending on the time you want to visit the city. But just to give you a little bit of indication on the cost per night for a double room. The room rates from PURO are starting at around 270 PLN, HP Park Plaza at around 290 PLN and for the Monopol Hotel you will need to consider at least 450 PLN per night.

If that is out of your travel budget or you want to meet fellow travellers, we recommend you to check the best hostels in Wroclaw in the next section.

The best hostels in Wroclaw

If you are not at the stage yet where you can afford to stay in those nice hotels, no need to worry. There are also plenty of really cool hostels in Wroclaw where you can meet fellow travellers.

Same here, as we want to make an easy and good pre-selection for you, we will focus on the three best hostels in Wroclaw.

Hart hostel wroclaw

HART hostel&art

The HART is like the name already tells you a combination of hostel and art. Actually even during selected alternative free walking tours, this hostel is an example for the vibrant art in the Nadodrze district. Every room has a completely different design. We love the one where the walls are glowing in different colours depending on the light. Rooms start at around 80 PLN per night.

Grampa hostel wroclaw

Grampa's Hostel

Like the HART hostel, also this one is located in the centre of the Nadodrze district. The city centre is only a 10 minutes walk away. Quite often cooking events, pub crawls and other social activities are organized here. It is worth to mention that the hostel is familiy owned and operated which makes it quite personal. Rooms start at around 90 PLN per night.

Hostel Mleczarnia

Mleczarnia Hostel

The Mleczarnia Hostel actually is operated by one of the best pubs in Wroclaw. Frankly, we have never stayed here ourselves, but heard a lot of good things about it. The location is in the middle of the four denomination district which is the perfect spot to explore the nightlife of Wroclaw, but also the city centre. Rooms start at around 40 PLN per night.

Hostels might be a good place to stay in Wroclaw if you travel on your own, also if you are looking for less expensive accommodation options.

If you are travelling with a larger group and there is only limited space available in HART or Grampa’s Hostel, be aware that both are within 5 minutes of walking distance. So you might as well just consider to split the group. Both are located in the vibrant Nadodrze district, more information about the area can be found here.

The Mleczarnia Hostel can be booked online directly here on Hostelworld.

What we also always recommend is to check for apartments on Airbnb. In Wroclaw a huge airbnb community with nicely designed apartments is well established. Find out more in the next section.

The best Airbnbs in Wroclaw

You want to stay in beautifully designed loft aparatments? Maybe even with view on Odra river or directly in the old town of Wroclaw? Then airbnb might be your choice. Originally the idea was that people would rent out their flat when they are away or even just a room when they are around.

This idea has turned into a huge business now and numerous apartments in Wroclaw became fulltime airbnb apartments.

As the availability of them is very volatile and owner changes happen frequently, we can not recommend you any specific place at this stage.

Check the available apartments here:

We hope that we could help you with our selection on the best places to stay in Wroclaw.

Enjoy your stay in the city and don’t miss out to check our articles on the things to do in Wroclaw!

Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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