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Where to stay in Wroclaw – a comprehensive district guide

Where to stay in Wroclaw District Guide

You want to find out what is the best area to stay in Wroclaw? Then you just arrived at the right place.

In our comprehensive district guide of Wroclaw we are going to introduce you to the most important parts of Wroclaw for visitors. We will show you the differences between certain neighbourhoods in Wroclaw, that after reading this post, you easily can determine which is the best fit for your preferences.

For each district we will give you very specific recommendations on where to stay in Wroclaw. We have a wide range of budget, mid-range and luxury options we will cover to make sure that everybody can find a great match here. Not much time for details? We have a fast track option ready if you want to relay on our recommendations right away.

How did we pick our recommendations?

First of all, we as locals know the city very well and the advantages and disadvantages of every single location. Then, we get a lot of input from friends and blog readers staying in Wroclaw – this is what we have considered too. As third layer, we have checked individual ratings and booking reviews (which are integrated here on this page, you can click on them to read the details).

Great, that should be enough as introduction, so let us have a look at the map now:

Our District Map of Wroclaw

Wroclaw District Map

As you can see, we have divided the city into 8 different areas, these groupings made most sense for us:

  1. The Old Town of Wroclaw – the heart of the city
  2. The extended Old Town of Wroclaw – surely a fit for everybody
  3. Cathedral Island – historic, romantic and quiet
  4. Nadodrze – if you like it more alternative
  5. Ołbin – less touristic residential area with lot of potential
  6. The Western Districts (Fabryczna, Nowy Dwór, Szczepin) – with good access to the airport
  7. The Southern Districts (Grabiszyn, Borek, Krzyki, Partynice, Klecina) – Sky Tower, Train station and more
  8. The Eastern Districts (Grunwald, Biskupin, Sępolno) – Students in Grunwald, touristic and family spots in the other two: Zoo, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden, etc.

To give you a sense of scale and dimensions – the total width of the old town area in red is around 1km, which means that from the Market Square you need just 500m in all directions to reach the ring road.

And now you can decide if you want to dive deeper into the different parts, or if you want to make a quick, but safe choice and use our “fast track” decision help:

In a hurry? Our Fast Choice Option

Not much time to do the full research on where to stay in Wroclaw? We understand – in this section we will make it very simple for you and link our favourite allrounder hotels in the (extended) Old Town of Wroclaw. These are areas (1) and (2) from the map above.

Simply choose from these five options and we guarantee you a great location and value for all of them:

Korona Hotel Wroclaw Market Square

Korona Hotel ***

Mid-Range option just next to the Market Square, a perfect allrounder for most travellers.

Wyndham Hotel Wroclaw

Wyndham Hotel ****

Affordable 4-Star-option only meters from the Market Square.

B&B HOTEL Wrocław Centrum Room

B&B Hotel **

Budget option with modern rooms in the city centre, with private car park available.

PURO Alternative Hotel Wroclaw

PURO Hotel ***

Mid-Range option in the lively Four Temple District with plenty of choice for food and drinks.

Hotel Altus Palace Wroclaw Rooms

Altus Hotel *****

Luxury option in a beautifully renovated palace, located on the city moat.

These links above lead you to where you can see the prices for your travel dates, further details and book instantly.

Great, and for the people that are still with us and want to find out more about the different districts in Wroclaw and where to stay in Wroclaw, let us now start to look at the individual districts.

1. The historic Old Town of Wroclaw (Stare Miasto)

Without any doubt, the historic Old Town of Wroclaw is the main tourist attraction. The beautiful colourful tenement houses and the magnificent town hall building are shaping one of the largest market squares in Europe. Visiting Wroclaw, this part of the city (Stare Miasto in Polish) is an absolute must see and can‘t be missed by anyone.

Old Town Wroclaw
Rynek Wroclaw
Uni Wroclaw

It is the most central part of Wroclaw and there are plenty of hotels and apartments you can choose from. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with it. Many of our recommendations for the top things to do Wroclaw are located here, and you have great connections to all other parts of the city.

You can find absolutely all types of accommodation here, from very affordable luxury 5-star-hotels up to hostels and boutique hotels. From each category we have a few hand-picked recommendations for you.

If you would like to learn more about this area, we recommend these blog posts with more details:

What is the catch in the Old Town of Wroclaw?

This is probably one of the busiest areas in the city, which can be great or overwhelming, depending on your personal preference. Especially on the weekends, large crowds and groups of tourists are gathering here until late hours. If you are looking for a more peaceful place to stay, consider some of the other areas. And obviously the price levels are higher in the city centre as well. If you are coming by car, make sure that your accommodation has parking spaces, or else that might be a tricky thing here.

If you are not interested in this part, click here to skip directly to the extended Old Town (2). Or click here to get back to the big overview map.

Hotels in the Old Town Wroclaw

Let us start with our two favourite hotel options here, and explain to you why we believe that these are the best choice if you decide to stay in the Old Town of Wroclaw.

KORONA Hotel Wroclaw Market Square ***

Our first recommendation is the KORONA Hotel which is just at the corner of the Market Square – you cannot get a much more central location. At the same time, this 3-Star-Hotel has a decent price-value ratio and a very modern interior. This is a true allrounder hotel, we know about happy business travellers that stayed here, families and singles likewise.

Korona Hotel Wroclaw Market Square
Korona Hotel Wroclaw Market Square
Korona Hotel Wroclaw Market Square

Some of the rooms feature nice views towards the Christmas Market (starting mid-November) and during the high seasons often it is booked early in advance, for many people this is certainly one of the best places to stay in Wroclaw Old Town. Make sure to book it already a few weeks before your trip.

Wyndham Wroclaw Old Town ****

With one star more, the Wyndham Hotel (former Sofitel) has a similar proximity to the Market Square, in just one minute you are right in the middle of the city. Compared to the KORONA Hotel, you have wellness options in addition. The rooms are spacious and the breakfast has been rated very well by many people who stayed here.

Wyndham Hotel Wroclaw Lobby
Wyndham Hotel Wroclaw Spa
Wyndham Hotel Wroclaw

The Wyndham is definitely a popular choice amongst business travellers, and if you book in advance they often have quite good promotional prices.

These options are our favourites, however, there are a few more places to stay which we recommend too, especially if you prefer to stay in a more personal and smaller hotel, a self-catering apartment or a hostel.

Jazz Hotel Wroclaw ***

The Jazz Hotel is a cozy, almost boutique-style hotel at the edge of city centre, you walk around 500 meters to the Market Square. An extensive breakfast is served at the IDA Restaurant, one of our favourite options for Fine Dining in Wroclaw. It opened just a few years ago, is therefore very modern.

Hotel Jazz Market Square Wroclaw
Art Hotel Wroclaw ****

The Art Hotel is family owned and this is how it feels, despite having 80 rooms, it is highly personal. The restaurant has a great regional kitchen (we came to eat a few times) and the interior is nicely designed. Friends who stayed were amazed by the breakfast, and also the location is just 250 meters away from the Market Square. A bit more pricey compared to similar options, but worth it in our view.

Art Hotel Wroclaw

Apartments in the Old Town Wroclaw

Of course there is also a wide choice of apartments in the Old Town Wroclaw, we have hand-picked the favourites from our guests with excellent ratings and a great value. If you need to buy some groceries in the Old Town, you can find a lot of small Żabka stores – they have the most important products you might need for a few days.

GREENY Apartment

This is our apartment recommendation if you rather stay in a more quiet side street, but still want to be close to everything. Just 100 meters further, pubs, restaurants and cafès are waiting to be explored. Guests have rated GREENY very high because of the location. You can click on the review score to read more reviews from others there. Prices here are affordable.

Greeny Apartment Wroclaw
Odrzańska Residence Old Town

Very modern interior and a great location in a recently renovated old tenement house. Just next door from Dinette, one of our favourite breakfast places in Wroclaw. Guests are rating the service experience as very high here – prices are higher during the popular seasons, but on some dates you can get great bargains.

Odrzańska Residence Old Town Wroclaw
Apartementy Plac Solny 20

This is our recommendation for groups (but of course not only for them) as here more people have space. But the other highlight is the location just on the Salt Market Square and the amazing views from the windows. People say that during the Christmas Market, this is just unreal. Extremely high ratings speak for themselves, check them out.

Apartementy Plac Solny 20 Wroclaw

Hostels in the Old Town Wroclaw

If you want to meet fellow travellers or you travel on a budget in Wroclaw, then there are plenty of affordable hostels. Here we selected a few recommendations directly located in the Old Town.

Bemma Apart Hostel

Cozy and simple rooms (also private double rooms available) here, make it one of the best rated hostels in Wroclaw Old Town. This can be a great option for groups travelling together, and likewise for single travellers. If you want to stay in a central hostel, this should be your choice number 1.

Bemma Apart Hostel
Hostel Krasnal Market Square Wroclaw

The second best choice for a hostel in the Old Town comes already with quite a drop in rating. We decided to add it here just in case that the Bemma Apart Hostel is fully booked and you still want to stay very central. Try to have a look at the options from the extended Old Town area in the next section first!

Hostel Krasnal Market Square Wroclaw

Old Town Wroclaw Accommodation Map

Who will love it here?

Stay in the Old Town if you want to be surrounded by beautiful tenement houses. Everything will be super close and within walkable distance. Plenty of options for food, drinks and nightlife. It might get busy and loud though, be aware of that.

If you come by car, keep in mind that parking options are limited and can be expensive here.

Click here to get back to the overview map if you want to jump between the map and the districts.

2. The extended Old Town of Wroclaw – City Centre

The second area we want to zoom in a little bit for you is what we named the “extended” Old Town. With that we are making a tiny step outside of the city centre, but still remain so close that the Market Square is only a 5-10 minute walk away.

This area is pretty diverse and there are hundreds of options on where stay in the (extended) Wroclaw City Centre. Why? Very simple: It is one of the absolute best choices you can make! We also have our apartment here.

Wroclaw Where to Stay

Not only you will probably get more value for your money when you stay just in these areas, but depending on your preferences you can pick a vibrant area with more restaurants or maybe a more residential and quiet place – you will find all types of accommodation here you possibly can imagine.

Within this “ring” around the city centre we will be distinguishing between a few different sub-areas:

Bulwar Staromiejski (Old Town Boulevard)

This area is the complex of an old hospital and has been renovated and turned into apartments in the past years. It is a very quiet corner with a little park and overall a very peaceful place to stay. The Old Town is just a 5 minutes walk away. Pretty much only self-catering apartments here.

Bulwar Staromiejski (Old Town Boulevard)

Kępa Mieszczańska

This island is another very residential area with many newly-built flats over the past years. Also here you find mostly apartments for rent, which overall are all pretty modern. The Market Square is a brisk 5-10 minutes walk away.

Some streets like Księcia Witolda here in the picture on the left come with a beautiful river view. Just cross the bridge and you are already in front of the University.

kępa mieszczańska

The Four Temple District

Stay in the middle of a blend of religion, culture and nightlife. Four different religions living peacefully so close together is definitely something very remarkable. Apart of the churches you will find some of the best restaurants in Wroclawamazing craftbeer pubs, vibrant clubs and delicious breakfast places here. And let us not forget the Neon Side Gallery, a graveyard for old neon signs. Very liveable, and it can be louder here. Mostly hotels and hostels here, less apartments.

Neon Side Gallery in the Four Denomination District Wroclaw

Przedmieście Świdnickie

Here in the Southern ring around the Old Town where you find all sort of accommodation types. Great place in the middle of the Train Station and Old Town. Everything is close, but overall in a more busy area when it comes to traffic.

Cafe Borówka Wroclaw

The North-Eastern Promenade (Juliusz Słowacki Park)

Here it really depends on which hotel you pick, it can be quiet or directly next to a huge shopping gallery. We tell you more when looking at the individual places, but all have in common that the location is good for all purposes 🙂 In the picture you see the Panorama Racławicka, one of the best museums in Wroclaw!

Wroclaw East

Yes, we understand, that might be a lot to process, but we promised you that after reading this extensive blog post, you will surely know where to stay in Wroclaw 🙂

What is the catch with the extended Old Town in Wroclaw?

Here we would only call out the Four Temple District, as that part is well known for its busy nightlife. Again, if you don’t want to stay too close to night clubs, then simply choose a more quiet area around the city (for that we recommend Kępa Mieszczańska or Bulwar Staromiejski)

If you are not interested in this part, click here to skip directly to the Cathedral Island (3). Or click here to get back to the big overview map.

Hotels in the extended Old Town Wroclaw (City Centre)

Here we have three top picks across all areas for you. If you want to stay here (highly recommended by us), then we will give you an easy choice of one budget option, one mid-range hotel, and one luxury hotel here. Let us start with the most affordable and then work towards the premium option.

B&B HOTEL Wrocław Centrum **

If you are looking just for an affordable place to stay which is located very centrally, then the B&B Hotel might be a good fit for you. It has parking spots available on site, and quite decent ratings for the budget category.

B&B HOTEL Wrocław Centrum
B&B HOTEL Wrocław Centrum Room
B&B HOTEL Wrocław Centrum Breakfast

Regarding the breakfast, we would advise against it because the price-value ratio does not seem in line. We have a lot of great breakfast recommendations in Wroclaw where for less money you get better choice not too far away, e.g. from “Folgujemy” 🙂

PURO Hotel ***

The PURO Hotel is a nicely designed modern hotel in the Four Temple District. Before living in Wroclaw, we have stayed here ourselves. The location has lot of nightlife with great restaurants and bars around. Rooms might be a bit on the smaller side, and there is a free bicycle rental.

PURO Alternative Hotel Wroclaw
PURO Hotel Wroclaw
PURO Hotel Wroclaw

For breakfast, it is certainly very good here, especially in summer outdoors in the little garden, but there are also plenty of great other options just around the corner. You can find our Wroclaw guidebook in the lobby here too 🙂

Hotel Altus Palace *****

It took many years of extensive renovation works, but now the Altus Hotel is ready in the former Leipziger Palace building. Located just next to the city moat and super close to the centre, this is our luxury choice if you prefer to stay in the city centre of Wroclaw.

Hotel Altus Palace
Hotel Altus Palace
Hotel Altus Palace Wroclaw Rooms

Plenty of Spa and Wellness options, super nice staff, and classy designed rooms. We love the big beautiful staircase up from the lobby! The only catch: Limited availability of parking.

Herbal Hotel Wroclaw ***

Another recent opening is the Herbal Hotel in the Four Temple District with beautiful garden and a wine cellar. Very clean, rooms a bit on the smaller side, just breakfast can get a bit busy here. But remember, there are plenty of breakfast options in the Four Temple District. Solid choice in great location, no car parking.

Herbal Hotel Wrocław
Hotel Europeum ***

Located directly on the ring road, it is just a 5 minute walk to the Market Square. Private parking available, and the Europeum Hotel gets highest ratings in the reviews. Good ratings from families (playhouse for kids), very friendly staff and private sauna. Our top choice for families!

Europeum Hotel
Centrum Dikul Hotel ***

Located next to the Bulwar Staromiejski area, super close to the city centre. Very often they have extreme cheap last minute deals if rooms are left (less than 150 PLN!). Comfortable rooms, limited parking available, and breakfast with average ratings – we recommend outside breakfast options here for the price.

Hotel Dikul Market Square Wroclaw
Scandic Wroclaw Hotel ****

A popular choice amongst business travellers, just in between the train station and city centre (Przedmieście Świdnickie). High ratings for the breakfast here in-house. Well-sized rooms, warm and cozy atmosphere, and good bargains if booked early in advance. Parking quite pricey here.

Scandic Hotel Wroclaw
Radisson Blu Hotel Wroclaw *****

One of the few hotel options on the north-eastern ring of Wroclaw, close to the river promenade. Compared to other 5-star options, a bit in need for renovation, but nice staff and great location (quiet, but close to many sights). Less expensive choice from the 5-star hotels in Wroclaw.

Radisson Blu Hotel Wroclaw
Monopol Hotel Wroclaw *****

The luxury hotel in Wroclaw with the longest history. Even during the German times of the city, it used to be the Hotel Monopol already. Plenty of famous guests have stayed here. Nice rooftop bar, modern and classy interior. Location in the Przedmieście Świdnickie is perfectly close to everything, the Market Square is 7 minutes away.

Monopol Hotel Wroclaw
AC Hotel by Marriott Wroclaw *****

Another great luxury choice with very modern interior, often highlighted for the great wellness options (nice pool!). Located just next to the National Forum of Music, great choice for concerts. A public parking garage is literally in front of the hotel. Just crossing one street and you are in the Four Temple District with restaurants and bars. Excellent ratings and all people we know that stayed here were super happy.

AC Hotel by Marriott Wroclaw
DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw *****

Located in the north-eastern part of the ring, this is another amazing choice for wellness and spa, the rooms are large and nicely designed. Also a popular choice amongst business travellers. Many restaurants in the same OVO building complex. A bit more busy area with shopping option close by and around 10 minutes to the Market Square.

DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw

Boutique Hotels in the extended Old Town of Wroclaw City Centre

You are looking for smaller hotels with just a few rooms or a more family style approach? No problem, we have a choice of boutique hotels for you here.

Kamienica Pod Aniołami ***

Located directly on the ring road, very close to the Europeum Hotel, this is the more intimate choice. Highly recommended breakfast, nice vibes, great location. Not the most modern place, but basic and great price-value ratio. Parking can be booked in advance.

Kamienica Pod Aniołami
SleepWalker Boutique Suites ***

Located on a street that is in between the Four Temple District and Bulwar Staromiejski, the location is perfect. It is a quite small place, but the rooms are beautifully and romantically decorated – although definition of romantic is always very subjective as we know. Check more pictures for yourself, we definitely would stay here!

SleepWalker Boutique Suites

Hostels in the extended Old Town Wroclaw City Centre

Hostel Mleczarnia *

This hostel is part of one of our favourite pubs in Wroclaw (Mleczarnia). The location is amazing, in the Four Temple District in a backyard. Extremely friendly service, and probably much more you would expect from a 1-star-hostel. Lively area, which could be slightly noisy to you, keep that in mind. Great to explore the nightlife from here.

Hostel, Pokoje gościnne Mleczarnia
Vice City Hostel

If you like pink, you like the Vice City Hostel! Location is great on the ring road, close to the Four Temple District and just 5 minutes to the Market Square as well. This hostel is getting above average ratings for the great location. Very clean and modern, a great choice for people who love the funky 80s and 90s 🙂

Babel Hostel

The Babel Hostel is the first choice if you want to stay close to the train station in Wroclaw. Ratings are solid, absolutely affordable prices, and everything you need is close. Walking to the city centre is 20-25 minutes, but tram connections just in front of it.

Babel Hostel

Apartments in the extended Old Town Wroclaw

If you rather prefer a self-catering apartment in the extended Old Town, then we also have a good pre-selection for you here.

ApArt Bulwary Wrocław

It will be hard to find any other apartment in the extended Old Town of Wroclaw with such excellent ratings and reviews. This is really the favourite apartment of many visitors, and there is a good reason for that. A quiet and peaceful location with river view on Kępa Mieszczańska, just crossing a bridge to the city centre and it seems a nice welcome gift is waiting for guests. Our top choice here!

ApArt Bulwary Wroclaw

As you see in the picture, the location on Kępa Mieszczańska is excellent and from some rooms you can see the University directly in front. Simply breathtaking! Great for couples as romantic getaway, many people who stayed here would love to get back again. Amazing Fine Dining places just downstairs. One of the best locations to stay in Wroclaw in an apartment!

EXCLUSIVE Aparthotel MARINA Wroclaw
Jungle Apartments

In case you like Zoos, Jungles, etc. you probably gonna love that style! We have picked this apartment due to its special vibes, and we believe in particular for couples it is really lovely for a change in the everyday scenery. Location is close to the train station, 15 minutes walk to the Market Square. Love the design or hate it 😀

Jungle Apartments Wroclaw
Prestige Apartments 12 (Bulwar Staromiejski)

Very luxurious design, high ceilings, some rooms with access to sauna and jacuzzi. Great choice for larger groups as well (we know of up to 11 people staying in several apartments here). Amazing location in a quiet area, few minutes only to the Market Square. Our top apartment choice within the Bulwar Staromiejski area.

Prestige Apartments 12
Rentplanet Bulwar Staromiejski Wrocław

Very modern apartments with excellent ratings in a historic building. Great location, cozy and stylish, grocery shopping options close by. Many different apartments available here in the building. Absolutely allrounder place for everybody to stay, no matter if business, family or solo traveller.

RentPlanet - Bulwar Staromiejski
apartamenty-wroc Księcia Witolda

Our final apartment recommendation for the extended Old Town is located on Kępa Mieszczańska. Here you might need to stay for a minimum of 3-4 nights, depending on the season. Excellent ratings, some apartments with river view, modern design, and fully equipped. Just crossing a bridge and you already are in the Old Town.

apartamenty-wroc Księcia Witolda

Extended Old Town Wroclaw Accommodation Map

Who will love it here?

Everybody! In our opinion, this is the best area to stay in Wroclaw. You are super close to the Old Town and everything you need, but still can enjoy some peaceful moments without the busy city life. Everything is within walkable distance and we absolutely love to be living in this part of Wroclaw.

If you are unsure on where to stay, take this one!

Click here to get back to the overview map if you want to jump between the map and the districts.

3. The Cathedral Island in Wroclaw

This is where it all started and Wroclaw was founded. Certainly one of the most beautiful parts in Wroclaw and along with the historic Old Town it is a sight that is impossible to ignore in your itinerary.

It is full of beautiful architecture and history, the perfect place to have a walk. Most unique to see here besides the Cathedral itself is the Lamplighter of Wroclaw, who is lighting up the lanterns every evening during sunset hours. The Botanical Garden is also just around the corner here.

Cathedral Island Wroclaw

If you decide to stay here, you will have a totally peaceful environment in the evenings where you can take well deserved rest for sure. Nonetheless you will be very close to the Old Town and can easily walk to the Market Square in 10-15 minutes, passing some of the most beautiful areas on the way.

What is the catch on Cathedral Island?

First of all, there is only a very limited choice of accommodation options here – most of Cathedral Island belongs to the Church. It is a very, very quiet area at night which can be great if you are looking for it. But if you want a choice of restaurants and bars within a few minutes around, then there might be a better fit for you. Here your choice is mainly the Craft Restaurant from the Bridge Hotel (highly recommended!). But to be clear: You have a wider choice immediately after ten minutes of a beautiful walk!

If you are not interested in this part, click here to skip directly to Nadodrze (4). Or click here to get back to the big overview map.

Hotels on Cathedral Island in Wroclaw

We have two hotel options prepared for you on Cathedral Island. You won’t really find self-catering apartments or hostels here.

The Bridge Hotel Wroclaw *****

This would actually always be our choice here. Especially if you do not want to stay in the very middle of the city because of noise or other reasons, we can recommend the Bridge Hotel on the Cathedral Island. Here we created a little video about the great location.

In the evenings, you won‘t have the traffic from main roads or big party areas in front of the hotel, but you will be able to observe the lamplighter on duty and lighting up all the gas lamps. This is really unique here.

Best Hotel in Wroclaw
Bridge Hotel in Wroclaw
Breakfast Craft Bridge Hotel Wroclaw

Compared to other 5 star hotels in Wroclaw, we certainly prefer it here to relax and feel decelerated, simply enjoying the peaceful vibes. Great restaurant on site (Craft) where also the breakfast is served.

Hotel im. Jana Pawła II ****

If the Bridge Hotel is fully booked, or you are simply looking for a more old-fashioned hotel, then you can also consider this option. We highlight it mostly because of the location – and the lobby is really charming with the impressive chandelier. The rooms however are a little bit “outdated”, so it will be only our second best choice here.

Hotel im. Jana Pawła II Wrocław

Click here to get back to the overview map if you want to jump between the map and the districts.

4. The District of Nadodrze in Wrocław

Nadodrze is an artistic and certainly more alternative part of Wroclaw. It often is compared to Berlin-Kreuzberg.

You will find many art galleries, cool cafés, individually owned little stores and much more. Just as example, one of the most unique cafés is having parrots flying around you.

If you are into street art, this is your district as well. You like history? As this part of Wroclaw was not destroyed too much, you will be able to observe tenement houses where the paint comes off and old German signs appear again…

Nadodrze entrance

Nadodrze is located in the North of the Old Town and still is very central. To the city centre it is just a 5-10 minutes walk, of course depending on where you stay exactly.

Contrasts in Nadodrze
Street Art in Wroclaw
What is the catch in Nadodrze?

The neighbourhood sometimes can appear a bit shady and the reputation has been slightly sketchy up until around five to ten years ago. Lots of older tenement houses are still waiting for their second life (renovation). You might find people drinking beer illegally in parks, but they mostly stick to their friends. We used to live here for quite a while and never had any bad experience.

If you are not interested in this part, click here to skip directly to Ołbin (5). Or click here to get back to the big overview map.

HP Park Plaza Hotel **** in Nadodrze

This is another allrounder hotel in our perception. The location is just at the entrance of Nadodrze, and within 5 minutes you reach the Old Town through the beautiful University gate. From many rooms you can see the Oder River and the price-value ratio is great. Many parking spots available on site as well.

HP Park Plaza Wroclaw Garden
HP Park Plaza Wroclaw Room
HP Park Plaza Wroclaw

Friends reported that they found the most comfortable beds here ever! And if you want to have an individual breakfast far away from the buffet in a more cozy setting, our breakfast recommendation Pomiędzy cafe&bistro is just 3 Minutes away.

Akira Bed&Breakfast *** (Budget Option in Nadodrze)

If you want to stay a bit more in the backyards of Nadodrze, very close to where we used to have our previous apartment, then this is your choice. A small and cozy boutique hotel with outstanding ratings, a great budget option where you do not have to make any compromises. Breakfast included, and if you want to walk to the Old Town, it will take you around 15 minutes. Great spot to explore alternative Wroclaw and Nadodrze from a real local perspective!

Akira Bed & Breakfast Wroclaw

Hostels in Nadodrze

Again, if you are travelling in a larger group, or you simply prefer to stay in hostels, there is a great choice in Nadodrze too. Let’s have a look at our favourite options for Hostels in Nadodrze.

Grampa’s Hostel

Great reviews, perfect location just next to one of the main parks in Nadodrze with a craft-beer pub around the corner, a wine bar, and many small shops. We know people that stayed here and really loved the vibes and coziness – it feels like your own living room. Also not far away to the Old Town, you walk around 10 minutes.

Grampa's Hostel Wroclaw
Colourful Hostel

Well, from the location we could have included this one also into the “extended” Old Town section as it is just one street away from it. Although this is listed an hostel, all rooms are private, have a TV and their own bathroom. So certainly the level here is more upscale, a great budget option that feels more like a boutique hotel!

Colourful Hostel Wroclaw

Apartments in Nadodrze

There are also plenty of apartments available in Nadodrze, many grocery stores close by, and apart from the extended Old Town, we can say that Nadodrze is our favourite area to stay in self-catering apartments in Wroclaw.

Odra View Apartments

As many of our recommendations, modern and stylish, and definitely one of the favourite places to stay for some of our friends – they always keep choosing this apartment! It is located in between of Nadodrze and the Old Town, so if you want to explore both – the traditional Wroclaw and more alternative sides, this is a great base. Three apartments for two people each are available, due to the great location they are often booked well in advance.

Odra View Apartments Wroclaw
Wroclaw City Apartments

With 29 apartments available in the building you could almost call it an Aparthotel. Plenty of availabilities, and in particular for families one of the first choices in Wroclaw! A 5 minute walk away from the University and the entrance to the Old Town. At the same time, on the other side you‘ll jump right into Nadodrze.

Wroclaw City Apartments
Prestige Apartaments 79

Simple design, very high ratings, and an amazing location define the Prestige Apartaments 79. A solid choice and very comparable to the Wroclaw City Apartments – you just have to decide which you find a bit more cozy 🙂 Eight apartments in different configurations make sure that every group, couple, single, or family will be happy with the choice. 

Prestige Apartaments 79 Wroclaw

Accommodation Map of Nadodrze

Who will love it here?

People that like to explore an alternative side of Wroclaw! Find plenty of small individually owned stores here, restaurants and bars where you won’t find many tourists. People who love history, old buildings, and an unique mix of old and new.

Street Art lovers, but in summer time also Beach Bar lovers, as you can easily walk from Nadodrze towards the river banks in the North.

More information about Nadodzre:

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5. The District of Ołbin in Wroclaw

While in Nadodrze there are quite a few of apartments and hostels to stay in, now we are moving to a more unknown district: Ołbin. This is a true residential neighbourhood for locals, you have a very limited choice of accommodation here. We decided to include it here as surely there are people out there who want to fully blend into the “real life” of a city like Wroclaw – this would be the best place to do that.

Olbin Wroclaw
WW Café
Olbin Wroclaw

You can visit one of the most beautiful parks in Wroclaw and admire a “Hogwarts”-like building, enjoy a glass of Natural Wine or an amazing breakfast at the WW Café. Ołbin is developing fast and might be the “next Nadodrze”.

What is the catch in Ołbin?

Ołbin is a real residential neighbourhood with not too many touristic attractions around. That is limiting the choice for accommodations available, but on the other hand you can feel like a real local if you decide to stay here. There are not too many restaurants and bars around, however Ołbin has just started to attract really cozy cafés and wine bars.

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Boutique Hotel: Villa Art Novis

A lovely boutique hotel that is getting highest ratings for service and the breakfast. Here you get a great value for money and actually the Old Town is still in walkable distance (10-15 minutes). Family rooms are available as well, and overall the Villa Art Novis is an individual place with lots of charm, certainly no chain hotel – expect real personal hospitality here.

Villa Art Novis Wroclaw
Basecamp Wroclaw

In the Basecamp Wroclaw you find small and modern Mini-Apartments that were originally created to attract students, but can also serve well for digital nomads. Very much hipster, and kind of hybrid form of self-catering apartment and modern hostel with social areas.

Basecamp Wroclaw

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6. The Western parts of Wroclaw (Fabryczna, Nowy Dwór, Szczepin)

Now we are leaving the touristic areas more and more, and are looking at everything that is on the Western side of our previous recommendations. The three main districts there are Fabryczna, Nowy Dwór and Szczepin (moving from West to East).

The airport of Wroclaw is located in Fabryczna, so this might be a reason to stay close by in case of an early flight, but there is not much else touristic.

Nowy Dwór is also purely residential but in Szczepin you have a few points of interest like the Contemporary Museum of Wroclaw, the Train to Heaven which you both see in the picture here, and the largest shopping mall in Wroclaw (Magnolia Park).

The Train to Heaven Wroclaw
What is the catch with the western districts of Wroclaw?

Most tourists decide to stay in more central parts, as the prices are quite similar and you wouldn’t need to take a lot of public transport. If you stay in these districts, most likely you need to commute to the city centre by public transport. We rather recommend to only stay here if you get a really great hotel deal, if you have friends living close by, or any other specific purpose like the museums described above or an early flight.

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DB Hotel Wroclaw ****

Located very close to the “Train to Heaven” and Contemporary Museum of Wroclaw, with good public transport access to the City Centre. Almost half way between city and airport. One of the highest rated 4-star hotels in Wroclaw despite the not super central location. Guests highlighted the large rooms.

DB Hotel Wrocław
CITI Hotel’s Wrocław ***

This is our 3-star budget option, located closer to the city, after a 20-25 minutes walk you find yourselves in the Old Town. Most likely we would try to book the DB Hotel here when we can, but in case the prices on your travel dates are significantly higher, or the DB Hotel is fully booked, this is another solid choice in the Western parts of Wroclaw.

Citi Hotels Wroclaw
ARCHE Hotel Airport Wroclaw

If you have an early flight, like the daily 5-6am flights to Warsaw, Munich or Frankfurt, this could be a good choice for the last night of your stay. Sometimes it can take a while to get an Uber or Taxi at 3am in the night. From here you can literally walk to the airport, this is a very modern choice and our recommendation if you need an airport hotel in Wroclaw. Good restaurant on site as well!

Arche Hotel Wroclaw Airport
Lemuria Houseboat

Come on, it is a freaking houseboat in Wroclaw! Great for a romantic surprise or if you just like something truly extraordinary. The original location is in the western area close to the Millennium Bridge, but you know, just take it where you want 😉 This one is often well booked in advance. Make sure to book ahead of others! Look at the ratings, they also speak for themselves.

Houseboat Wroclaw Rent

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7. The Southern parts of Wroclaw (Grabiszyn, Borek, Krzyki, Partynice, Klecina)

Like the Western parts of Wroclaw, the parts in the South are not too touristic and typical residential areas. Some people like to stay close to the train station, then this might be a good fit, and also one of the most iconic buildings in Wroclaw (The Sky Tower) is located here. So if you would like to see the whole city from your window, this would be your choice.

In Sky Tower itself, there is an opportunity to go shopping, bowling or admire the miniature world of Kolejkowo which is one of our favourite indoor activities. Not far away, there is the Old Jewish Cemetery where time is standing still, the most beautiful water tower in the world (yes, that is our opinion, but decide for yourself), and the charming Park Południowy.

Water Tower and Sky Tower Wroclaw
Wroclaw Miniature World Kolejkowo
The Jewish Cemetery Wroclaw
What is the catch with the southern districts of Wroclaw?

Like before, most tourists prefer more central locations. Here you will most probably have to use public transport to get around. Many parts of the south have been destroyed during the war, and the architecture you mostly see is either new office buildings or huge socialist blocks. Stay here only if you have a specific purpose for it or you need to be close to the train station or to the Sky Tower.

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IBIS Wroclaw Centrum ***

With comfortable beds, a solid desk to work from and well sized rooms, this is a great choice for guests that work and travel at the same time in Wroclaw. Plenty of food and drink options around the Embankment (Nasyp) area just 5 minutes away. Great tram connections to the city centre or a 20 minutes walk. During the off-seasons, prices on budget hotel level but you are getting almost 4 stars – amazing price-value ratio!

Ibis Wroclaw Centrum
Piast Hotel Wroclaw Centrum **

Another decent budget choice to stay very close to the train station (just on the opposite site) with all tram connections to other parts of the city. Probably not the most modern hotel in Wroclaw, but ratings are on a satisfying level for this price range (2 stars).

Piast Hotel Wroclaw Centrum
Novotel Wroclaw City ***

This hotel is located in the most southern part of Wroclaw, you certainly will need a tram to get to the city centre from here. The Park Południowy is really nice and around the corner, but from a location perspective we rather would choose from the other options if they are available, there is not much else around here. Good breakfast, rated high by families.

Novotel Wroclaw City
Platinum Palace Boutique Hotel & SPA *****

All rooms are individually designed in this beautiful villa, guests really love the comfortable beds here, and as the name already is saying: This is probably the best Spa Hotel Option in southern Wroclaw. You possibly would not need to leave this hotel unless you want to see Wroclaw 😉 If you are looking for a combination of wellness, resting and a bit of city trip, this is it!

Platinum Palace Boutique Hotel & SPA
Apartamenty Sky Tower z Wanna Przy Oknie

The location speaks for this apartment itself. You won’t have this amazing view anywhere else than from the Sky Tower – the tallest building in Wroclaw. Admire the skyline of Wroclaw from your bathtub, a perfect choice for couples that like to stay in extraordinary places.

Sky Tower Wroclaw Apartments
In The Sky Apartamenty w Sky Tower

Similar option to the previous apartment. Luxury apartment option for an affordable price with amazing views on regular dates. Perfect for the romantic weekend in Wroclaw. Imagine sitting in that Jacuzzi with a glas of bubbles! 🙂 It is also one of the most exclusive places to stay on New Year’s Eve!

Sky Tower Wroclaw Apartments

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8. The Eastern parts of Wroclaw (Grunwald, Biskupin, Sępolno)

Three of the most important Eastern parts of Wroclaw show two very different sides of the city. While Grunwald is a student hot spot due to the proximity of the Technical University of Wroclaw, both Biskupin and Sępolno are relatively quiet and very beautiful residential neighbourhoods.

In the Grunwald area you find the iconic Manhattan buildings (“Little New York”), the famous Grunwaldzki Bridge, and plenty of nice food and cafè options. Crossing the river from Grunwald towards Biskupin and Sępolno you have sightseeing spots like the Zoo in Wroclaw, the Centennial Hall, the Four Dome Pavilion, the Multimedia Fountain, the Japanese Garden, the WuWa exhibition and others.

Centennial Hall Wroclaw
The Zoo in Wroclaw
Japanese Garden Wroclaw

If you ask us, most of these spots are pretty family friendly. So if you plan to visit these sites with kids, maybe consider staying here. During summer time, from the back entrance of the Zoo, you can take a direct boat taxi that takes you to the Old Town. The tram connections are very convenient from here too.

What is the catch with the eastern districts of Wroclaw?

It depends on the exact area you are staying. If you stay in Grunwald, you will have lot of student vibes around with plenty of cafés and restaurants. Closer to the Zoo, the Centennial Hall, Sępolno and Biskupin, you will find a lot of regular residential neighbourhoods where families live in their houses. The choice is a bit limited for going out in the evening here. Either way, from the eastern parts of Wroclaw we would not talk about a walkable distance to the city centre anymore, so be prepared to take public transport.

Hotel Zoo by Afrykarium ***

As the name indicates, the location is just next to the Wroclaw Zoo. If that is your main goal in Wroclaw, this should be your choice. Modern and nicely designed rooms which make you feel like in the Zoo. Amazing Price-Value ratio, the breakfast received consistantly great ratings. Parking is paid here. Good tram connections to the city.

Hotel Zoo by Afrykarium Wroclaw
Grape Hotel Wroclaw *****

The Grape Hotel describes themselves as 5-Star-Boutique Hotel. It is a beautiful villa from the 19th century that features a restaurant as well. Sauna, Pool and Spa are open 24/7, and free parking is available. Animal-friendly, spacious rooms, and great quiet location next to the Centennial Hall. Breakfast is served on the terrace in summer, where you can enjoy an amazing green view into the park.

Grape Hotel Wroclaw
Stara Biblioteka ***

The Stara Biblioteka is getting highest reviews and many people say that the standard is well above their three stars. Beautiful location with the park, the restaurant has a strong Italian accent, and the breakfast is extensive. Rooms are comfy, the hotel is animal friendly as well. A great peaceful location, also just two minutes away from the Centennial Hall and all other sights close by. Free Parking!

Stara Biblioteka Wroclaw

We have some further blog posts about this area:

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You made it! That was quite a read on where to stay in Wroclaw, right? But now you can officially print your “I know the areas in Wroclaw well”-Certificate! Congratulations 🙂 Did you know that we also have dedicated posts just about Hotels in Wroclaw here and another one just about holiday apartments in Wroclaw with more details on these categories?

Another Wroclaw Map created by us

And once you are in Wroclaw, you might want to find the best local spots in terms of food and drinks!

For that we also have created an interactive map with all our favourite places, which you can find here.

City Map of Wroclaw

Hotel Map Overview with current prices

If you have not found anything based on the location yet, here you can add your individual travel dates and check based on the updated prices on the map what might be a good pick for you:

And as always, if you have any comments, amendments or suggestions, please leave them in the comment box below. We also want to say “thanks” to all the accommodations that we were able to use the official pictures from – we certainly would not make such great pictures for every single place.


  • Phil Robinson

    Great website. Thanks for the information!

    We found a really nice and good value apartment to stay in on Plac Bema. It seems like it is very well connected and a short (15-20 minutes) walk to the old town. Is this area nice to stay in? Thanks!

    • Mirko

      Hey, yes, certainly, it’s close to Carhedral Island and just a few minutes to the city, plus some nice cafes around, we highly recommend it 🙂

  • Paddy O'Connell

    Excellent website. We used it a lot during our recent visit to Wroclaw.
    We found the Pijalni Wine Bar via your pages. The owner of Pijalni Wine Bar wasn’t aware her place was mentioned in your blog.
    Thanks again

    • Mirko

      Thank you so much for the nice comment! We hope you enjoyed the Pijalni Wine Bar – it is really a nice hidden gem 🙂

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