Disclosure and Transparency Notice

With visibility comes responsibility… This is what we believe and hence we would like to be very transparent with what we do here and how we do it.

For sure you have seen the free city maps in Wroclaw and other cities, or free food maps and/or leaflets. But did you know that they are free because basically the restaurants, bars and places in these maps are paying the companies to be part of the maps and leaflets? And in the end you as visitor are paying your price for that map by ending up in places that might be overpriced, touristy and possibly not really the ones where locals would go…

Well, we decided that we want to create something true, personal and local where visitors of Wroclaw can relay to. We want WroclawGuide to be a place where everybody can find inspiration and discover new places, but most importantly: We are independent and do not need to earn any money from our blog. That makes us very different from the mentioned companies before.

That comes with the following basic principle:

No content in our blog posts is paid

Yes, we are fully aware that there are blogs and online portals which take payments from restaurants, coffee shops or bars to be part of posts like “the best 10 places for whatever in Wroclaw”, appear in Instagram posts, etc. Most of them do not even disclose it in a proper way, misleading the readers and sending them to places which don’t deserve it. Unfortunately that seems to be common practise. We are 100% clear on that:

We do NOT take any money or benefits from any of the places that we recommend.

Being fully transparent with you, we are refinancing the cost of operating our blog with the following:

  • Income from the Scalable Central Measurement System (SZMS) of the German collecting society WORT (VG Wort) for authors
  • Producing Wroclaw related content to third parties like texts, (drone) photography and (drone) videos, travel itineraries, etc.
  • Selling our own products like photography, calendars or guidebooks
  • Advertising – which is clearly marked as such, mostly on the top and side of our blog posts
  • Participtation in affiliate programs – for example when we recommend books on Amazon or guided tours on GetYourGuide and you purchase something, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you

All recommendations are personal recommendations from us

That comes with two things:

1) First of all, we personally vouch for these places, as these are the ones where we frequently go and spend our time – together with our friends who actually share most of these favourite places with us.

2) However, and that is second: Taste is always subjective. People are different. On this blog, you find the places that we love (and actually, most of our friends and people who visit us in Wroclaw, too). For sure, these are the places where real locals are going, be certain about that – hence some recommendations might be a bit more outside of the old town.

We are open for feedback, critics and act on it

Nobody is without mistakes, and we are happy about any feedback which helps us to improve our blog and make it more useful to our readers. It simply happens, for example once we forgot about an amazing place in one of our posts and just a comment we got reminded us about that place, we simply added it, problem solved 🙂

How we deal with Invitations and Events

If you want to invite us for an event or notify us about some cool stuff coming up in Wroclaw, please do so, but be aware that we accept invitations only with absolutely no strings attached… If we like an event, restaurant or coffee place, we will be writing about it for sure based on our own intrinsic motivation, and if not, then we simply don’t 🙂

Missing a great place in Wroclaw?

Just tell us which place we are missing here via the contact form – we are more than happy to explore more of the city! It might just take some time for us to work through our to-see and to-visit list, so please be patient… But we can promise that we take every suggestion seriously. And of course no need to mention that we visit places always anonymously to get the real experience.

If there is a local business that deserves it to be promoted, we are totally happy to do that at absolutely no cost for the business – if we like it of course!

Any other questions?

You want to work with us or have any questions? Just get in touch with us here.