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Wroclaw by Train – The best Train connections to Wroclaw

Mit dem Zug nach Breslau
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Many options are available to get to Wroclaw, by many different means of transport… But to get by train to Wroclaw is certainly one of the most convenient options. Why? Well, start with finding parking space for a car in the city and get around all the traffic jams in Wroclaw… And due to covid, a lot of flight connections are not fully recovered too (not yet talking about co2 footprints).

These are just some of the reasons why during the covid pandemic many people discovered their old love for trains again. And there are even more reasons! Besides relaxed train travel where you can read a book (or work if you have to), you will be welcomed by one architectural highlight of Wroclaw – the main train station which is more a fairytale castle!

In addition, all major points in Wroclaw are connected via trams, so if you don‘t plan any major trips outside of the city, in our view there is no better option than the train to Wroclaw. If you still want to check out flights or other options to get to Wroclaw, we have made that information available here. And everyone else, who wants to stay with a nice train ride to Wroclaw, just keep reading here….

1. The Culture Train from Berlin to Wroclaw

One of the most unique train travels in Europe certainly is the culture train from Berlin to Wroclaw. Originally it was just supposed to operate in 2016 when Wroclaw was the European Capital of Culture, but this new offer was simply too successful. Due to the demand, it was extended year after year.

In addition to getting from Berlin to Wroclaw and vice versa, an amazing cultural program takes place on the train – with concerts, readings, silent discos and more.

Kulturzug Berlin Breslau

When does the Culture Train run from Berlin to Wroclaw and from Wroclaw to Berlin?
The Culture Train operates every weekend.
For 2021 resumption after a covid break is planned for 11 June.

Departure on Fridays in Berlin-Lichtenberg at 13:42h – Arrival at Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 18:28h
Departure on Saturdays in Berlin-Lichtenberg at 08:26h – Arrival at Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 12:40h
Departure on Fridays from Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 19:11h – Arrival in Berlin-Lichtenberg at 23:45h
Departure on Sundays from Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 17:27h – Arrival in Berlin-Lichtenberg at 21:25h

More Information is available here:

2. The EC Wawel train from Berlin to Wroclaw

Since 2020, after 6 years of break, the EC Wawel is back in operation! This is the daily connection between Berlin and Wroclaw which takes around 4 hours.

Actually the Culture Train has to get a lot of credit for bringing this connection back to live, as it has proven that there is quite some demand for this route.

We could be on board ourselves already and have a nice picture from the train in Berlin for you 🙂

Mit dem Zug nach Breslau

When does the EC Wawel operate from Berlin to Wroclaw and from Wroclaw to Berlin?
The EC Wawel operates daily between Berlin, Wroclaw and Krakow.
Departure from Berlin Hbf at 10:37h – Arrival at Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 14:41h
Departure from Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 13:07h – Arrival in Berlin Hbf at 17:16h

More Information is available here:

3. The ÖBB Nightjet from Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava to Wroclaw

Well, technically this night train from ÖBB (Austrian Railways) connects Berlin and Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, but also stops in Wroclaw! The perfect choice for a weekend trip by train.

What could be better than waking up in a beautiful sunset like in that picture from our trip from Wroclaw to Vienna? Be sure that the travel time is something you don‘t notice at all.

Schlafwagen OBB

When does the ÖBB Nightjet operate from and to Wroclaw?
This night train operates daily between (Vienna/Budapest/Bratislava), Wroclaw and Berlin.
Departure from Berlin Hbf at 18:27h – Arrival at Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 22:49h
Departure from Wroclaw Main Station (Wrocław Główny) at 05:31h – Arrival in Berlin Hbf at 09:51h

Resumption after a covid break is planned for end of May 2021.

More information and tickets are available here:

4. The Trilex-Train and KD from Dresden to Wroclaw

Even though there are no direct connections between Dresden and Wroclaw at this time, it is quite ironic that having one stop in between even shortened the travel time. First of all you have to take the Trilex-Train from Dresden to Zgorzelec and from there the KD-Train to Wroclaw.

There is a Dresden-Wroclaw special ticket available where for 37 EUR you can get both ways and are flexible to travel back within 14 days after the first leg towards Wroclaw. With more people this ticket gets even cheaper.

Trilex Train Dresden to Wroclaw
Picture: Die Länderbahn GmbH DLB (Michael B.)

When does the Trilex/KD train operate from Dresden to Wroclaw?
This connection is available daily between Dresden and Wroclaw, with one stop in Zgorzelec. Depending on the time of the day, the journey will take you between 3:15h and 4:00h. There are multiple daily connections, hence we suggest to check directly online in our link section which is the best for you.

More information is available here:

5. Germany to Wroclaw by Train

You don‘t travel from Berlin, Dresden, Görlitz or other cities which are on the route of the previous connections? No problem at all.

From almost every city in German you can travel very conveniently to Wroclaw by train. Probably after a stopover you will just end up in some of the connections above. Here you can check the schedule with Deutsche Bahn directly for the city where you want to start your journey to Wroclaw.

6. The Euro Neisse Ticket

Kind of a hidden gem as not very well advertised is the „Euro Neisse“ ticket. While it is a day ticket that allows you to travel within the border region in Germany, Poland and even the Czech Republic, you can also use it to get very cheap to Jelenia Gora and take a normal ticket from there to Wroclaw. Be aware that if you buy the ticket in Germany, it will cost you 16 EUR, but buying it in Poland will only be 40 PLN (less than 10 EUR!). For the whole day and as many trips as you want.

For groups it is even less expensive and of course very suitable for some nice day trips from Wroclaw too.

More Information on that special deal:

7. Getting to Wroclaw by train from other cities in Poland

If you are travelling from/to other Polish cities, then the best choice will probably be PKP Intercity. Here are the approximate travel times for the most obvious cities you would go to from Wroclaw:

  • Wroclaw from/to Warsaw (IC Train takes around 4:30h, EIP Express Train takes 3:35h)
  • Wroclaw from/to Poznan (IC Train takes around 2:30h)
  • Wroclaw from/to Katowice (IC Train takes around 2:10h)
  • Wroclaw from/to Krakow (IC Train takes around 3:30h)
  • Wroclaw from/to Gdansk (IC Train takes around 6:00h)
  • Wroclaw from/to Lodz (IC Train takes around 3:30h)
  • Wroclaw from/to Czestochowa (IC Train takes around 2:00h)

Another hint if you want to explore Lower Silesia and the surroundings of Wroclaw by train: Take the super weekend special offer from KD, for just 49 PLN you can drive around the whole weekend as much as you want, here you find more about it.

Tickets, schedules and more information can be found here:

8. You like train stations? More of that here.

If we could not convince you to travel by train to Wroclaw or if you live just to far away, we recommend you to check our generic „how to get to Wroclaw“ post where we compare more options, like getting into Wroclaw by plane, car or bus.

9. Alternative to Trains: The Flixbus from/to Wroclaw

Wroclaw Instagram

Although we personally do not find long distance busses as comfortable as trains, there are still many people who are into it, also the fares for a bus to Wroclaw are typically even lower than a train. There are many great connections, for example from Brussels or Düsseldorf to Wroclaw. Check all connections for the bus connections in Wroclaw here:

And that was it already again. We hope that you liked our post about getting by train to Wroclaw! If you have comments, suggestions or whatever, please leave them in the comment box below 🙂

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