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The 15 best places for coffee in Wroclaw

Best coffee in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is a city full of vibrant and cozy coffee places. All the students obviously need some caffeine, but not only them – we also spend a lot of our weekends in these cafes in Wroclaw to read, chill, relax and work on our city blog.

This list of best places for coffee in Wroclaw is about our top favourites, but believe us, there is much more and at some point we will need to extend this post to the top 50 places of best coffee in Wroclaw.

Visit Wroclaw and enjoy the Polish coffee culture together with us! At the bottom of this article you will also find a book recommendation about Coffee Spots in Poland which is always with us when we travel to other Polish cities. Of course there is no need to mention that the truly best coffee is in Wroclaw 🙂

If you click on the street names, your maps application should open automatically to navigate you there.

And after this post, we recommend you to check out our compilation of the most unusual cafés in Wroclaw here (open in new window).

1. Gniazdo

At Gniazdo (which by the way means “nest” translated from Polish) you will not only find very good coffee, but also a huge selection of cakes which in our opinion are some of the best in Wroclaw.

They will prepare you excellent speciality coffee (Aeropress, Chemex, Drip), but also serve interesting seasonal experiments, like the tonic coffee in the picture or a chili cappuccino.

During summer time, it is a must to enjoy their backyard. Also, Gniazdo is a very laptop friendly place and often you will meet students and digital normads.

Świdnicka 36 , just a 5 minutes walk from the city centre

Gniazdo Wroclaw

2. Pomiędzy

Located between the city centre and the entrance to the alternative and hipster Nadodrze district, this cafe has some special vibes. It does not have a huge selection of speciality coffee, however you will feel welcome immediately and the cappuccino is super delicious. Poland might not be known as the country of big smiles, but here they are doing the best to change that perception.

For art lovers, various exhibitions are shown here and change pretty much every month, which is another good reason to come back.

Pomiędzy is the Polish word for “in between” and so is the food menu, you will also find excellent snacks and some cakes – do not miss the Banoffee here and try the smoothies! And if you want to see how breakfast looks like, check out our article about the best breakfast in Wroclaw.

Stanisława Dubios 2 , just between the city centre and Nadodrze, walkable 5-10 minutes from the centre

Pomiedzy Cafe Wroclaw

Another reason to visit Pomiędzy…

You might have seen that we published an alternative guidebook with 100 extraordinary places in Wroclaw to discover? Finally it is available as an English edition as well!

And at Pomiędzy, you will find not only a copy to browse through it, but you can also purchase it on the spot if you like it. 

But if you cannot wait to have a look inside, then you can read our free online preview here or order it with free shipping!

3. Mała Czarna

Our next recommendation is a bit more outside of the Wroclaw city centre. But even though you will need to take a tram it still is worth a visit as the coffee is just amazing. You will find a great selection of speciality coffee and also delicious cakes. You should not leave here without trying the Tiramisu.

As they also roast their own coffee, the beans from Mała Czarna actually are a popular source for a lot of other amazing cafes in Wroclaw.

Mala Czarna Wroclaw

The great part of the remote location is that the Szczytnicki park is just around the corner. It is the largest park of Wroclaw and visiting Mała Czarna can be combined with a nice walk to get some peace from the crowds in the city.

Aleja Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego 35 , best way to get there is renting a bicycle or taking the tram to „Stadion Olimpijski“

4. Paloma Coffee

One of our all time favourites is the Paloma Coffee. Centrally located it is the perfect meeting spot to make plans for the evening, work on a little bit of stuff and of course just enjoy a great coffee.

They roast their own beans which are available for use at home of course too. Don‘t miss the hummus which is a little but very tasty lunch option. 

Plac Solny 8/9, located at the salt square which is just next to the main market square.

Paloma Cafe Wroclaw

5. Cafe Targowa

Located in the Wroclaw Market Hall “Hala Targowa” this tiny but very lovely place is the perfect cafe to have a rest and enjoy the atmosphere.

When first opened, many people were not convinced about the location. However, now it is one of the best cafes in Wroclaw without any doubt, if not the best. The owner won the World Aeropress Championship in 2016 and of course you can order your Aeropress coffee prepared according to the famous recipe only here.

Check also their facebook page for cupping events!

Piaskowa 17, inside of the Wroclaw Market Hall („Hala Targowa“), get in through the main entrance and then go to the left end corner, just before you will find it. It is just a 5 min walk from the city centre.

Cafe Targowa Wroclaw

6. Cafe Rozrusznik

People originally from Wroclaw say that this is probably the place with which Nadodrze started its transformation. Nowadays often it is compared with Berlin-Kreuzberg as it has turned from a dangerous and shady area into the vibrant artist district. It used to be a garage and the name Rozrusznik in Polish literally means the “starter”.

Also the building in which you will find this cozy cafe is very special and unique. You can find a piece of street art which creatively used two windows. They became eyes… See it yourself!

Cafe Rozrusznik Wroclaw

Enjoy a cup of coffee, the selection of speciality coffee is excellent. And sometimes there is also pop up breakfast, if you are interested in that, check out more here.

Wojciecha Cybulskiego 15, 5-10 minutes walk from the city centre, a good starting point to explore the street art of Nadodrze

7. Ciekawa

This is a true local recommendation if you ask us, away from the crowds of the city center, in the middle of the peaceful neighbourhood of Ołbin. 

Great speciality coffee, surprisingly good coffee creations like the Yuzu Tonic Espresso, funky playlists, and the overall cozy vibe are making this the perfect space for a Sunday chillout. 

Then, the apple crumble, or the raspberry brownie… Mhh! Just try it out for yourself.

After the coffee, we highly recommend to enjoy a walk through the Stanisław Tołpa Park!

Navigate to it here.


8. Cherubinowy Wędrowiec

Another cafe in the city centre, but not in the shopping streets as you might expect. It actually is far away from noise and could be described as little break from the city within the city…

You will find Cherubinowy Wędrowiec in a little but absolutely beautiful garden (“Ossolineum Garden”) right next to the Św. Maciej church. On purpose we do not upload a picture of the garden here. We leave you the nice surprise that you can discover it yourself.

It is the ideal place to read a magazine or newspaper and even do a little bit of work – which you hopefully do not have to do when you visit Wroclaw. If you actually need to work, this will be a place full of inspiration for sure while you enjoy the garden.

Almost redundant to say but the coffee is amazing and super delicious, also the sweets are highly recommended by us!

plac Nankiera 17a, just inside the city centre, close to the Wroclaw Market Hall (“Hala Targowa”). Accepting the Embargo Loyalty app!

Wroclaw Cherubinowy Wędrowiec

9. Kawalerka (currently closed)

Kawalerka is located directly in the heart of the students area due to its proximity to Politechnika Wrocławska and Uniwersytet Wrocławski. Once you arrive and get in, it feels like a little living room where you can have a good time seeing friends.

Needless to say that also the coffee is really worth it, but the atmosphere is truly what makes this cafe so cozy that especially on a rainy Sunday you never want to leave. Well, and just next door there is the best place for hummus in the city (“W Kontakcie”). Read more about it in our article about the best breakfast in Wroclaw! So in case of a rainy day in Wroclaw we recommend just switching between those two places.

Benedykta Polaka 12, getting here from the city centre is actually a beautiful walk as you can go along the promenade and then cross the most famous bridge “Most Grunwaldzki”. You will reach your destination just in the middle of the so called “Manhattan Skyscrapers”, which are an architecture gem of Wroclaw.

Update from March 2024: Currently it is closed until further notice, we will observe and might remove as needed.

Kawalerka Wroclaw

10. Cocofli

Wait, you remember that we recommended you Cocofli already as a great place to drink wine in our post regarding nightlife in Wroclaw?

That is true – but Cocofli is equally great for coffee and books as the transition to a wine bar is happening more towards the afternoon and evening.

Amazing drip coffee, Aeropress or Chemex are just some of the specialities you can expect here in terms of coffee. Sitting on the cozy couch in the middle of wine bottles and books makes you feel like in your own living room. 

Try it yourself in the middle of the Four Temple District here at Cocofli at Pawła Włodkowica 9.

P.S. Very easy to stay for a whole day, start with coffee, end with wine 😉 

Coffee at Cocofli Wroclaw

11. Popiół i diament

Directly located at the Market Square in Wroclaw (Rynek), here you will find – you might have guessed it – great coffee 🙂

The design is quite modern and what you don‘t see in the picture is the cozy and comfy area on the lower floor which is a great and very central place to chill out, read a bit, work and be productive or anything else you want to do over a cup of coffee.

It is part of the Pan Tadeusz Museum which we talked about here in our post about the best museums in Wroclaw already. 

Have we mentioned the cinema which is also part of it? Check their FB page for latest events on that. 

And on the weekends, they used to have great cinnamon and cardamom buns which we discovered thanks to Giulia, an Italian food blogger in Wroclaw (click here for her inspiring Instagram profile). Unfortunately they seem to have stopped that as of 2023, but try “Kaffe Bageri Stockholm” for cinnamon buns just 5 min away if you are in need of some 🙂

And click here to navigate to it, but you can‘t miss it on Rynek anyway 🙂 

And good news: Here the Embargo loyalty app is accepted as well!

Popiół i diament


Another great option in the Market Hall in Wroclaw is ENKLAWA. When you tried to visit Cafe Targowa but there was no space or vice versa, you cannot make any bad choice here in the Market Hall 🙂

ENKLAWA even has their own roastery on site here, which means you probably cannot get any fresher coffee beans (if you arrive at the right time, haha).

We like the cozy space to sit and take a break from the city life, due to the central location it is perfectly suitable for that and of course the coffee never disappoints as well 🙂

Here the navigation to ENKLAWA / Market Hall. Just go through the main entrance of the Market Hall, then towards the very end on the other side and just before the exit left again.

ENKLAWA Coffee Wroclaw

13. HALA - bistro monko.

This one is more like a hidden gem – at least amongst tourists – but well known and established among the inhabitants of Wroclaw. 

A bit off from the old town but still within walkable distance you will be able to find it within a regular living block. Well, actually there are two locations in very close proximity.

At the entrance to the neighbourhood you find the first little one but then when you enter the area and turn around, the larger one will be visible. 

Apart from great speciality coffee we highly recommend the breakfast and snacks, the Challah bread is one of the best options here for sure. 

It is also quite laptop friendly if you need to do some productive stuff, apart from Gniazdo we like this one to work a lot.

Find your way with our navigation link here.

Hala Monko Wroclaw

14. OTO Coffee Bar

We were a bit surprised when in the last quarter of 2021 just another speciality café had opened in Wroclaw – there are already quite some, do we really need another one?

The answer is YES, definitely! In the cozy OTO Coffee Bar there is no Wifi, no digital normads, but a very social space with three small tables. And: Amazing vibes as the owner is a vinyl fan and found a great spot for his collection here too 🙂

Let us try something new here… If you have Spotify, close your eyes, imagine the smell of freshly brewed Colombian coffee and then click here to listen to a song from “Di Melo” shazamed in the OTO Coffee Bar, and *bam* – you have a bit of impression on the cool vibes! Don’t miss it…

Navigate to the OTO Coffee Bar just here!

OTO Coffee Bar Wroclaw

15. Chmiel kawę

Soon we will almost have enough great speciality cafés and coffee places in Wroclaw to write a full book about it 😉 The latest addition to our „good coffee map“ of Wroclaw is the „Chmiel kawę“ which has opened in early July 2022 and immediately grabbed our attention. 

A super nice and cozy speciality café with beans from Czarny Deszcz (The roastery linked to Mała Czarna) and an amazing Nitro brew made with hops for the hotter days (yeah, that is truly unique, but positive unique!). The cakes and other little treats like mini macarons are absolutely tasty and for sure we will be frequent guests here.

With it‘s location directly in the city center, a vibrant playlist full of young Polish pop artists, we highly recommend you to check it out! Navigate to it just here!

Chmiel kawę
Chmiel kawę
Chmiel kawę Inside

How about some unusual Cafés now?

And now, if you still do not have enough of great coffee in Wroclaw, it is time for you to explore the unusual cafes in Wroclaw! We have cats, parrots, a floating café, a bunker café, a movie café, a vinyl café and many many more!

Click here to continue your coffee journey in Wroclaw with the most unusual cafés!

WuWa Cafe Wroclaw
OdraCafe Wroclaw
The Rooftop Cafe from the contemporary museum Wroclaw

We have another hidden gem – the Embargo Loyalty App!

If you live in Wroclaw or you come back frequently, it surely is a great idea to collect locality points from all the cafés. But as you know, we are all humans and keep losing all these hundreds of printed loyalty cards (at least that is what happens to ours, we never find them again).

However, many of our recommendations from the cafés above actually participate in the “Embargo App” which is just one app to collect all the loyalty points from different places and always have them in your phone. 

Somehow in Wroclaw it is not really promoted and in most of the cafés you actually can’t find any hints that they participate… So download it, show the app after the payment and collect points from now onwards 🙂 

Embargo App Wroclaw

We are convinced that you will enjoy those places as much as we do. If you want to continue with coffee, you should not miss our post about the most unusual cafés in Wroclaw here with parrots, cats, movies, architecture and much more! Or maybe you want to check out the best breakfast in Wroclaw now

If you want to know more about the Polish coffee culture we recommend you the following book that we always take with us when we travel within Poland. Actually it also can be purchased in some of the coffee places that we recommended, we got it at Cafe Targowa. 

“Coffee Spots Polska” ISBN 978-83-948378-2-2 

Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!


  • Norm

    Great lists of places to visit for eating! Anything available for bakeries, or do we just assume that they are available in the coffee shops? or Market?
    Visiting in May!
    From Canada

    • Ewa & Mirko

      Try these ones: Chleboteka, Piekarnia Warsztat, Piekarnia Sąsiedzi Wrocławczyka, Charlotte, Piekarnia Plon

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