Stadtplan Breslau

City Map of Wroclaw – with our recommendations

You are looking for a simple city map of Wroclaw which you can use to navigate a bit through Wroclaw and find the best spots? No problem, here we have a couple of different Wroclaw City Map options for you!

Our interactive Wroclaw Map

If you want to discover Wroclaw through the eyes of some local residents, then we recommend you our self-made Wroclaw Map on Google Maps. You will get a lot of amazing recommendations with it. Other bloggers sell maps like this for 8,90 Euro (!!!) – we share ours for free as we don’t think this should cost anything.

Stadtplan Breslau

With that Wroclaw City Map, you will be able to easily find out which of our recommendations are close to you, sorted by the different categories like restaurants, bars, activities, sightseeing attractions, etc.

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A district guide on where to stay in Wroclaw

You are not sure on where to stay in Wroclaw?

We have also created a massive blog post where we zoom into the different neighbourhoods of Wroclaw.

There are advantages and disadvantages to stay in some areas, after reading this extensive post, you will know where to stay in Wroclaw for sure 🙂

Where to stay in Wroclaw District Guide

The Hotel Map of Wroclaw

If you are looking for hotels and accommodation in Wroclaw, then here you have the latest hotel map of Wroclaw with all hotels that will be available for your stay. You can select your preferred dates and then choose by price and location what you like most.

Looking for insights on different parts of Wroclaw?

In case you want to find out which areas in Wroclaw are good to stay in, and what makes each different part of Wroclaw special, then we recommend our overview of the different city parts first:

If you already know, which district you want to zoom in a bit deeper, then check out our individual posts for some of them:

Marktplatz Breslau Luftaufnahme

The USE IT Wroclaw Map for young travellers

In 2023, another group of locals have published a “USE IT Map” for Wroclaw. USE IT a a city network of young volunteers who create maps that make you feel like locals.

They tell you a bit about the history of the city, give you a basic crash course in Polish language, and of course take you to nice places to see. A part about Polish food you should try is included too 🙂

You can find the map as hardcopy in many cafés, but also in tourist information points.

USE IT Wroclaw Map

Looking for more hidden gems in Wroclaw?

If you want to explore some really local parts of Wroclaw (real hidden gems), then we recommend you the neighbourhood maps which were created by Culture Zone Wroclaw in collaboration with residents.

The unique advantage of them is, that they were created by real residents and introduce you to districts where tourists normally would not really go at all, but still there is a lot to discover!

Nachbarschaftskarte Breslau Olbin Elbing

These maps tell stories and refer to childhood memories of some participants, but likewise take you to amazing spots where you never would go on your own…

Here we are linking the English versions:

Of course, you will also find a link to our recommendations in almost all of our articles, with which you can navigate directly to the corresponding place in Wroclaw. Of course, this makes it even easier if you are looking for certain things directly. We recommend that you simply bookmark our page and then use it again to navigate when you get there 🙂