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Have you been to these unusual cafés in Wroclaw?

WuWa Cafe Wroclaw

Wroclaw has a vibrant coffee scene without any doubts. In our post about the best places for coffee in Wroclaw we already introduced you to our favourite places to enjoy a good cup of coffee in Wroclaw.

Today we want to show you another face of the local coffee scene. Did you know that Wroclaw has some really special or probably unusual cafés, not to say quite unique? 

In this post we will take you on a journey through some animal coffees, a film café, and some other places that unfortunately do not get the attention they should have.

Ready to explore more of the coffee scene in Wroclaw? Let’s go!

1. Parrot Coffee

You might already have guessed that this one is about parrots. That means: Forget about the quite popular cat cafés, parrots are the new cats!

Apart from nice speciality coffee and super tasty sandwiches you will get a little bit of zoo atmosphere here. The parrots always have to say something and are just flying around.

Check their facebook page for latest announcements and to see when the parrots actually will be around. 

The location is walkable from the city centre, just very close to the “drinking spot” Słodowa Island („Wyspa Słodowa”) and the Cathedral Island as some of the main landmarks in Wroclaw.

Here you can easily navigate to it: Generała Józefa Bema 2

2. Cafe Równik

Café Rownik Wroclaw

There is one very special thing about the Cafe Równik, which you actually do not realise when you just drop in. Actually it even got awarded by the Polish President Duda…

Why? Well, Równik translates more or less into „equality“ and this is one of the core values lived here. The staff is welcoming guests here and taking so amazing care of them, that it is easy to overlook their mental disabilities. 

The idea is that although having some challenges they fully run this cafe and are part of the normal life – it definitely worked out well. On the walls you can see beautiful portrait pictures of the staff and needless to say that great coffee and cakes are waiting here for you!

Located at Jedności Narodowej 47 in vibrant Nadodrze.

3. Hardcore Muffins

We are actually not going much further – Hardcore Muffins used to be just located on the opposite side of the street from Cafe Równik. If one or the other is too busy, here is your alternative. Now they moved, but still it is a 5-10 minutes walk away only.

With breakfast all day long, this option is not only amazing for lazy weekends and days of hangover, but also for…. vegans! There is a really nice choice for the plant-lovers of the planet available here.

We also would have loved to make some pictures of the cakes as they look super tasty too, but before we try that, we need to fight against COVID-kilos first ;))

The team from Hardcore Muffins welcomes you at Nowowiejska 18. (New location only open on the weekends!)

Hardcore Muffins Wroclaw

4. ZaRogiem

ZaRogiem Cafe Wroclaw

Definitely not one of our typical hipster-ish cafes is the ZaRogiem. It is located in the student district of Wroclaw (Grunwald) and located just next to the campus („Kampus Grunwaldzki“).

This is important information as obviously lots of students get their daily dose of caffeine here. But also the office people from the fancy buildings next to it are coming for the same reason.

You will find this blend of people who all enjoy their coffee and even more important – nice talks. ZaRogiem is more kind of a social meeting point and not only a café… 

Probably it is also the home to the most reasonable priced coffees in town. A true hidden gem you would miss easily – at Szczytnicka 27.

5. Vinyl Cafe

The name from the Vinyl Cafe gives you already some idea of what might be happening inside…

Correct, there is a wonderful vinyl player which is spinning some old music with the original cracking sound of the past. 

Cozy vintage chairs invite you to enjoy some peaceful time, read a book (okay, check your phone and read on your tablet or kindle) or have some nice time with your friends. 

With its central location in the city centre, it should be a must-visit-café for every visitor of Wroclaw!

Enjoy the sound of the past at Kotlarska 35-36.

Vinyl Cafe Wroclaw

6. Kawiarnia Coffilm

Kawiarnia Coffilm Film Cafe Wroclaw

Another very obvious name for a café and what could be happening inside. Yes, there is something going on with films!

On their screen, all day long movies are being screened. Of course with subtitles as all people should feel comfy, the ones coming for a chat, and the ones coming for the movies…

The interior is nicely made with old posters, pictures from movies and feels very welcoming. Coffee and cakes are very good and make a cozy (rainy?) afternoon with a random movie perfect.

Not only because of the movies itself, but also as the location in the Grunwald area is the student district, it is very popular among students…

Check out Coffilm at Grunwaldzka 38/2.

7. Gałązcafe

Just opened very recently, but already deep in our hearts. It does not only have an amazing view on one of the most impressive buildings in Wroclaw (The Water Tower), but much more….

It’s hard to think about where to start, should we take the super tasty savoury croissants? The amazing chia-granola-yoghurt? The really nice cappuccino?

It feels like a small and comfy living room when you enjoy your hot drink here. All is decorated nicely, you find books, movies and also a little shop with nice products like jams. 

Did we already mention the glass tile in the floor through which you can see a very special book? Well, you need to come here to find out yourself…

Enjoy Gałązcafe at Sztabowa 89.

Galązcafe Wroclaw

8. Kot Cafe

Cat Coffee Wroclaw

We already introduced you to the parrot café as next generation of cat cafés but of course a really nice and cozy cat café should not be missing on our list 🙂

Here it is! Your partner is allergic and doesn’t want to have a cute cat? Then this is your place to be.

While you pick some of the drinks with names inspired by cats (yes, cattuchino and more), the little sweeties will be roaming around you. 

A fine selection of boardgames is available in the unlikely event that you will get bored just watching the seven cuties sleeping, playing or just being curious about whatever you will do at the café. 

Just in the vibrant Nadodrze district you find this one at Stanisława Dubois 25.

9. Dot Coffee

Of course it was the natural choice to have the Dot Coffee after Kot Coffee as we just had to exchange one single letter…

It is a really nice street-coffee-truck in the Four Denomination District. No matter if during the day or in the darkness, here you will get what you need for a nice walk along the old city promenade or any other place.

Located at the entrance to Kazimierza Wielkiego.
Dot Coffee Wroclaw

10. WUWAcafe

WuWa Cafe Wroclaw

WUWA – what does that stand for? Of course for „Wohnungs- und Werkraumausstellung“ (Workplace and House Exhibition)! Just around the corner, 32 buildings were built in 1929 which should be the future „standard“ for living.

An exciting area from architectural perspective and WUWAcafe takes care of you with amazing cakes, coffee, books and information materials. Really, try the cakes here!!! Great also as base of cycling trips along the river, just navigate to Tramwajowa 2.

11. The museum cafe on top of the bunker

This is another café where the surroundings play quite an important role in the vibes. It is not only located on an old bunker, but also just next to it departs the „train to heaven“.

From the rooftop of the bunker you have a great view on the urban city skyline. From that angle it is quite easy to identify the destroyed parts of the city from WW2.

No museum ticket is required for entrance to the café, you find it at plac Strzegomski 2a.

The Rooftop Cafe from the contemporary museum Wroclaw

12. Macondo

Macondo Cafe in Wroclaw

When we talk about Macondo, it is actually not directly identifiable as café. Why? It appears to be a bit more like a little shop and indeed it is much more than just a tiny and cozy café.

The name originates in one of the most famous novels from Gabriel García Márquez and describes a fictional place. 

Once you enter the door, you will be overwhelmed with creativity – there is an amazing program which keeps changing. 

Do you like Japanese calligraphy? Here you go. Maybe theater-workshops? Concerts? Plant-exchange events? Meetings with authors? Poetry slams? Drawing-workshops? 

The offer is so broad and that is why Macondo is a true source of inspiration for many.

Get into this special world at Pomorska 19.

13. Berg Café (Max Berg)

Opening a café during worst times of the pandemic in April 2021? Yes, that happened. But still we are convinced it will be successful as the location and building is very special.

The building itself was designed by Max Berg (the architect of the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw) as dairy house. We can already picture ourselves sitting in it and enjoying the view towards the city moat…

It is located just next to the Partisan Hill at the corner Podwale/Piotra Skargi.

Cafe Berg Wroclaw

14. Odra Café

Odra Café Wroclaw

The latest addition to the most unusual cafés in Wroclaw is certainly the Odra Café!

As we already talked a lot about it in our dedicated post about the Odra Centrum here, we will keep it short now.

Besides of good coffee (yes, the cappuccino is really huge, be aware of that when you order!) we tried the banoffee cake here and can definitely recommend it. 

But most amazing is the view into the Oder river and its nature as this café is located in a house boat, just on the water and even has a „coffee to go“-window for kayaks and boats. 

There is so much more to tell, so make sure to check out the Odra Centrum as a whole here

You find this amazing place just here next to the Grunwald bridge.


You could say that KIOSSO is indeed holding sort of record – for the smallest café ever in Wroclaw!

Of course, you probably need to exclude the coffee bikes, but precisely just 2,65sqm for a real café is just extraordinary!

And there are even a couple of seats outdoors from which you enjoy a view towards the Plac Nowy Targ.

Ahmed actually is architect and designed the whole interior himself, and we can vouch not only for his design skills but also for his barista skills 🙂

Enjoy a coffee in the smallest (okay, let’s just say tiniest!) café of Wroclaw at Kotlarska 2a which is made with lots of love for sure!

KIOSSO Wroclaw

16. Kwiaty Kawy - Coffee & Flowers

Kwiaty Kawy

If you like both flowers and coffee (who doesn‘t!), then we just found a new home for you!

At Kwiaty Kawy you will find yourself in the middle of a green jungle of flowers and beautiful decoration. And unless in other cafés that look nice, here you actually can take the stuff home!

And although we highly recommend to enjoy this view with open eyes, at the same time you should take some seconds to close your eyes and just breathe in and focus on the smell. Wow! 

In the students area of Grunwald you can find Kwiaty Kawy at Szczytnicka 44. Be aware, space is limited and in high demand 🙂

… and as of mid 2022, you do not need to worry about space anymore, since the second location in the city centre has finally opened with significantly more cozy areas! You‘ll find the second location at plac Kościuszki 12, not far away from the Renoma Shopping Mall, here some impressions:

Kwiaty Kawy
Kwiaty Kawy
Kwiaty Kawy

17. Tajne Komplety

If Tajne Komplety is more a bookstore, a café or just a meeting point, is something we will leave up to your judgement. 

But for sure you‘ll find super cozy furniture to read, chill out and enjoy a cup of coffee. In our German-language guidebook we also recommend this special place as one of 100 extraordinary places in Wroclaw!

In case you play chess, there is a cool table with integrated chessboard – what could be a more intellectual environment to play than being surrounded by books?

Focus clearly is on alternative books, including German and English books if your Polish is not at the needed level yet. And the best: It is super central, directly at the Market Square, just hidden in the middle at Przejście Garncarskie 2!

Tajne Komplety Breslau

18. Blossome Café

Blossome Cafe Wroclaw

Although there is a pandemic situation going on, more and more new places in Wroclaw are popping up… We love the fact that people are brave enough to follow their dreams, whatever is going on in the world 🙂

The latest addition to our unusual cafés is the Blossome Café which is directly located at the Market Square, so you definitely can’t miss it. 

What makes it so unique and unusual is definitely the interior… It is very flowerish, pinkish, instagramable and therefore it is quite common to observe some younger people being busy with their selfie sessions here 😉

The coffee itself is solid and there are some own sweet coffee creations available like the gingerbread latte here in the picture. (This is where you probably can read the Starbucks background of the owners 😉)

Here the navigation to the Blossome Café 

19. Selfie Café

We have to admit we did not visit the Selfie Café for a long time as we thought we are just too old for that kind of stuff. But when we finally made it,  we have to say it is kind of fun to do…

You submit a picture during the order process and voilà, it will be printed into the milk foam and you can drink yourself away. That definitely qualifies it as unusual café! Enjoy drinking yourself! 

Here the navigation to the Selfie Café 

Selfie Cafe Wroclaw

20. Słodki Chłopak in the National Museum

Another café that impresses with its location and delicious cakes. Since January 2023, the National Museum in Wrocław has been home to the “Słodki Chłopak” café, which is also represented at other points in the city.

Here, however, the delicious cakes can be enjoyed right next to one of the most beautiful courtyards in Wroclaw, with or without a visit to the museum. You can find out more about the National Museum here.

For rainy days, this is just the place to go!

Navigate to the café here.

Museumscafe Breslau słodki chłopak

21. WW Café

Does this list of unusual cafes in Wroclaw never stop, you ask yourself? Well, that is the good news! While in 2022 and 2023 we had some sad and tragic losses in terms of gastronomy in Wroclaw, there were also new amazing places which got opened. 

One of them is the minimalistic Berlin-style WW Café which is in a residential area far away from anything else, with great design and amazing books to buy related to food and architecture (e.g. “Never trust a skinny Italian chef”).

But the best: It is a wine bar at the same time with a great wide choice of natural wines. Oh, and the cinnamon snails…! We are melting just writing these lines… Really, make yourself some time to visit this hidden gem!

This way the navigation to WW Café.

WW Café

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations here! If you are into coffee, don’t miss our “classic” post about the best places for coffee in Wroclaw, in which we focus more on the coffee itself rather than the environment.

Don’t forget to check out some other very hipster things to do in Wroclaw!

Do you have some comments on this article? Maybe you have some other great recommendations? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!


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