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The best vegan and vegetarian Restaurants in Wroclaw

W kontakcie

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Once, in one of the cool cafés in Wroclaw we had a very interesting experience. A group of young German tourists was talking about how difficult it is to find vegan and vegetarian food in Wroclaw. We were just looking into each other eyes and thought: This is simply not true! The challenge is just to know where to find all those great places for vegans and vegetarians in Wroclaw. 

By finding and opening this article, you actually became a member of the circle of people who will know about them 🙂 It looks like there is an increasing demand for healthy and sustainable food, and we are happy to share our recommendations here. 

Ready to read about the best places for vegetarian and vegan food in Wroclaw?

1. Bez Lukru

Bez Lukru wroclawWelcome to our journey through vegan and vegetarian Wroclaw, which starts right in the middle of the city centre. At Bez Lukru you will get 100% vegan dishes, including many gluten free options too. We heard that even meat loving people are falling in love with this place. If you are looking to turn some friends into vegans, take them here and the probability will increase significantly 🙂

We promise you that you never will get bored of Bez Lukru as their menu is changing every day. For lunch we recommend you to take the special menu. With this you will get the soup of the day and a really tasty vegan main dish, guaranteed. 

In the picture we present a super delicious curry with tofu and vegetables. It is hard to describe all the spices and put it in words, so you have to try it yourself! We also love the interior with the soft Indian touch. 

You can find Bez Lukru directly around the corner from the Wroclaw Market Square at Igielna 14.

2. Wilk Syty

Wilk Syty Wroclaw NadodrzeWilk Syty means “the full wolf” and you can be sure to be full when you get out of this great vegan and vegetarian restaurant again. Not sure if you will turn into a wolf, but let us know if so!

Most options here are fully vegan, and the menu is changing every month. Many times we went it was hard to believe that the dishes made by Wilk Syty really are vegan. There is no reason for any doubt, but the tastes they craft with their creative inventions are above any expectation.

Just thinking about their interpretation of the Vietnamese Pho soup here, which was extraordinary. Here in the picture you can find a Mexican pancake that is covered by avocado, champignons and beans – just delicious!

Wilk Syty is cooking for you in the vibrant Nadodrze district at Trzebnicka 3. At lunch time it gets crowded fast, so you better arrive straight at noon when they open their doors.

3. Greenbus

Greenbus burger wroclaw breslau vegetarianLike many popular restaurants in Wroclaw, Greenbus started its journey as a street food truck in 2015. The success in Wroclaw’s vegan and vegetarian community came rapidly and the team decided to upsize the food truck into their own restaurant.

Enjoy great burgers here, we love the halloumi burger with dried tomatoes, olives, cucumber, rucola salad, pumpkin pesto and amazing mayonnaise. The pizzas are a great choice too.

The location is just between the old town and the artistic Nadodrze district. You will find Greenbus at Stanisława Dubois 2/1C. If it happens to be too crowded, check out our recommendation Tajfun which is just around the corner.

4. w kontakcie

W kontakcieWe have talked about w kontakcie already in our article about the best breakfast in Wroclaw. But not only for breakfast this is an amazing choice. Any other time of the day you are looking for vegan and vegetarian food in Wroclaw, you should try it out. 

At w kontakcie you will get many different kinds of hummus and probably the best avocado in Wroclaw. The pita bread is super soft and delicious, there simply is no wrong choice at all to make.

Don’t forget to try the smoothies, our favourites are the ones with beetroot and if you plan on going for sports later in the day you should have the peanut butter option.

You better get to w kontakcie early in the morning or call them ahead to book a table. It gets crowded very quickly and there might be some waiting time.

The best hummus in Wroclaw is available at Benedykta Polaka 12/1b, in the Grunwald student district. Just next door you find one of our recommendations for best coffee in Wroclaw. And as you are already in the neighbourhood, do not miss the Craft na Manhattan area! There you will find more street food, a craft beer truck and a really cool hipster Vintage shop.

5. Tajfun

Tajfun wroclaw breslau veganMany of our vegetarian or vegan friends who went to Asia, actually had a hard time sometimes. It is quite difficult to figure out sometimes if a dish a really vegetarian, not even talking about vegan.

At Tajfun all fans of Asia don’t have to worry as here all dishes are vegan (some vegetarian) for sure. You can expect excellent Asian-Fusion-Cusine.

We suggest to start with the summer rolls and then take their signature dish which is the mango pad thai you can see in our picture. Getting hungry now?

Tajfun will be happy to serve you at Wojciecha Cybulskiego 3/1a. It is very close to Greenbus, just to mention again if you need a backup.

6. Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

Vegan burger in wroclaw breslauLooking for the best vegan burgers and wraps in Wroclaw? Or you prefer vegan bowls? All your dreams will come true at Krowarzywa then. They have a broad selection available between different super tasty fillings.

We love the vegan pastrami (pieces of marinated and roasted Seitan with spices) or the Millet (patty with pumpkin, sunflower seeds and coriander). Some other available fillings for your individual configuration are tempeh, tofu, beyond and chickpea patties.

Pretty much all vegans and vegetarians in Wroclaw that we know are very happy and frequent customers here. We have not calculated the amount of different dishes you can create yourself here in a “subway-style” but it must be a lot. If you do the math, please let us know that we can add the number here 🙂

It is fair to say that the best vegan burgers in Wroclaw are waiting for you at Rzeźnicza 34, in the middle of the old town of Wroclaw.

7. Vega

Vega vegetarisch BreslauLocated at the market square, Vega is actually the first vegetarian and vegan restaurant we have ever been to in Wroclaw. While the dishes here are not very special or very creative, we still believe it is worth to be mentioned as the quality of food is decent and the location is very central if you want to have a quick bite. 

The dishes are a bit canteen style. You will find some options around hummus, falafel, burgers, salats, pizza, but also quesadillas. 

There is no location that could be more central. Literally in the middle of the market square you can find Vega at Rynek 27a. If you are at the market square, we would recommend you to try Bez Lukru first and if there is no space available get over to Vega.

8. iBO Falafel

Falafel in wroclaw breslauThe best falafel in Wroclaw, let us introduce you to him. He is living in the city centre of Wroclaw, after he had a long journey from a random Middle Eastern country…

In the picture you can see the avocado wrap that is worth to try and for sure the reason that iBO Falafel made it to our list of the top vegan and vegetarian places in Wroclaw.

We couldn’t find any better Falafel yet, but are still hoping that one of our friends will open his kitchen for public… While he has not opened his own place, we will send you to Świętego Mikołaja 15 in the heart of the beautiful and historical old town of Wroclaw.

We hope that you enjoyed the best vegetarian and vegan food in Wroclaw as much as we do! Don’t forget to check out some other very hipster things to do in Wroclaw!

Another recommendation we have for you is the application Happy Cow. When you travel and are looking for healthy food, we only made the best experience with it so far! 

You are bored of vegan and vegetarian food? Also in this case we are able to help you – check out our other recommendations for good food in Wroclaw.

Do you have some comments on this article? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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