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Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw?

Fireworks Wroclaw

As the clock strikes midnight and a new year approaches, there’s no better place to celebrate it than in our beautiful city of Wroclaw. Known for its charming atmosphere and lively spirit, Wroclaw offers a variety of exciting ways to ring in the New Year. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best things to do in Wroclaw very specifically on New Year’s Eve, with a focus on partying and celebrating in style.

In the past weeks we have received a lot of mails asking us that question, so it seems that you out there definitely want to know more about it! Although we won’t be able to compile a full list of events, we will share the best ways to celebrate and point out where you can find more information and events.

1. Listen to a New Year’s Concert or go to the Opera

If you like New Year’s concerts, in particular the famous Vienna New Year’s concert, you should consider the Wroclaw edition of it. On the 31st of December, the National Forum of Music is hosting a beautiful classical concert. They say: “The distance of four hundred kilometers between Wrocław and the capital of Austria will not matter at all on this special night: the National Forum of Music will move to Vienna’s Ringstraße, and water from the Danube will flow in the Odra river bed!

You can find the details about the event here on their homepage.

If you like operas, then you should also check out the Silvester Gala at the Wroclaw Opera which is “Opera Italia” for New Year’s Eve 2023, starting at 22:00. And on the 1st January 2024 there is a New Year’s Concert at the Opera in the evening – details here.

National Forum of Music in Wroclaw

2. Take part in a New Year’s gala and check out the events in Wroclaw

If classical concerts are not made for you, then probably a traditional New Year’s gala could be an elegant way to celebrate the New Year! Some of the best clubs in the city turn into party hubs, hosting DJ sets, live music, and themed events.

You certainly will have more opportunities here to dance compared to the traditional concerts.

There are a couple of locations which are hosting these type of events and we found this selection here to be most useful – so suit up and enjoy:

Dancing Dwarf Wroclaw

New Year‘s Gala at the Bridge Hotel

Last time we checked, this has not been part of the event calendar above… But we can’t miss to mention one of the best views for the fireworks which is the private rooftop terrace of the Bridge Hotel, one of our luxury hotel recommendations for Wroclaw.

Every year, their restaurant is putting a special multi-course menu together for the guests, the lobby transforms into a dance floor with live music and if you book the package, you can enjoy the best views from the rooftop with unlimited champagne… Here you can find more details on the event and their other christmas time offers.

Wroclaw 2024

3. Go Bar-Hopping in Wroclaw

Although there might be a few places which are organising closed parties, many pubs are open regularly and you might enjoy bar hopping on New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw!

In particular the Nasyp area (Embankment) is great for that purpose, or alternatively just the old town!

Here we have prepared more than 20 recommendations for great pubs and bars in Wroclaw for you!

Craftbeer in Wroclaw

4. Dance in the clubs of Wroclaw

We mentioned plenty of times in our blog that Wroclaw is a young city, and that means a lot of nightlife and clubbing!

If you are into techno parties, check out the events in Transformator, Ciało and Tamka – this is where our local techno friends go.

For more alternative or feel-good dancing music, check out Nietota, Mañana Cafe and Czarny Kot.

We have linked their pages above so you can check the latest information on New Year’s Eve Events in Wroclaw directly.

Neon Side Gallery in the Four Denomination District Wroclaw

5. Get around the historic and illuminated old town

We already had a few more party recommendations, but for sure some visitors also do enjoy a more chilled evening.

Even though the city centre might be quite busy with plenty of people strolling around, just walking around a bit in the old town and admiring the illuminated buildings is always a great idea!

And you can decide for yourself if you want to stay out still at midnight, or observe the fireworks from your hotel room 🙂

University of Wroclaw

6. Visit the Wroclaw Christmas Market

One of the main reasons why we are getting so many visitors in November and December in Wroclaw is the amazing Christmas Market!

It got listed in many rankings as one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe, and we definitely can confirm that! It remains open till 7th January 2024, so even when you stay a few days after the New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw, you will be able to enjoy it.

Here we have prepared a bunch of useful information about the Christmas Market in Wroclaw!

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2022

7. Enjoy a fine dining dinner experience

You prefer to spend New Year’s Eve in a really nice restaurant and enjoy some true gourmet cuisine?

No problem! In Wroclaw we have a couple of really amazing places, which you can discover.

Check out our blog post about the best fine dining restaurants here first. And then you can individually check if the restaurants you like most have a special dining offer for the night of Silvester.

In the picture you see IDA Kuchnia i Wino, last year they had a degustation menu – a super tasty four hour dinner experience!

As you can imagine, it is quite important that you book in advance. Many of the more upscale restaurants are very busy in the whole month of December due to business dinners and parties, so even if you arrive earlier, keep this in the back of your mind.

IDA Kuchnia i Wino

8. Stay at the top for the best view in Wroclaw

You want to see the fireworks from the best perspective in Wroclaw? Well, most of the observation platforms in Wroclaw (we compared them here) like church towers etc. will be closed at midnight.

Our top recommendation here would be to book an apartment in the Sky Tower, which is the tallest building in Wroclaw. Some of the apartments are on the 47th floor!

Here you can find the “In the Sky” apartment with guaranteed the best view for fireworks in Wroclaw! If there are no availabilities anymore, you can also try the “Apartamenty Sky Tower” here.

Sky Tower Wroclaw Apartments

Other great places to stay in Wroclaw for New Year’s

If you are looking for options to stay in Wroclaw for New Year’s, then of course there are plenty of other accommodations available. We have our post with hotel recommendations for Wroclaw here and the apartment recommendations for Wroclaw here.

And yes, you should book early in advance when you want to stay into the New Year in Wroclaw! Here on the map you can see the prices per night just for the one night from 31st December to 1st January and find the best options:

9. Get out into a cabin with friends and family

You might know that the mountains are not too far away from Wroclaw and by train or car you can easily go there! We have more information in our post about the best trips from Wroclaw here.

And recently we have been in a lot of smaller (mostly family owned) accommodations in Lower Silesia where we wrote a separate post about cozy and remote places to stay in Lower Silesia.

And if you prefer to stay in Wroclaw, do not miss to check our recommendations on what to do in winter times in Wroclaw here!

Wzgórze Owiec Sheep Hill

10. Learn about Polish New Year’s customs

There are a couple of Polish customs you might be interested in, and we think it is good to share some of them 🙂

By the 31st December, you should have finished ongoing arguments, for example with friends and family, to have a peaceful start into the new year.

That is why you also should wake up early full of positive energy! And most important – how you spend New Year’s, this will be how the rest of the year is going to be for you.

In your case, spending New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw could therefore mean that you might spend the rest of the year in Wroclaw 😉 Or at least come back again!

Fireworks Wroclaw

Where to watch the fireworks in Wroclaw?

Well, before Covid we used to have a big open concert stage at the Market Square with a lot of program. Unfortunately, that does no longer exist. In Wroclaw, there is also no “public” or “official” firework show. Still you will see a lot of fireworks in the sky as many individuals still celebrate into the New Year this way.

For a nice view we recommend you the Oder promenade, the Słodowa Island, some of the main bridges or obviously any tall building like the Sky Tower mentioned before. And when it comes to New Year’s Events, certainly from the private rooftop terrace of the Bridge Hotel you have an amazing view – check it for yourself in the picture here!

Bridge Hotel

Cheers to a fantastic start to the year! We hope that you enjoyed our recommendations for ways how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw!

If you found any other nice ideas for New Year’s Eve or great events, please feel free to add them in the comment section below under this post!

Thanks to the Bridge Hotel that we could use their official picture!

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