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These Books about Wroclaw will get you through the Winter

Books about Wroclaw in Poland

In the upcoming winter we will spend more time at home again… But we like to look on the positive side of things: More time to read!!!

You are looking for the best travel guidebooks to Wroclaw? You love the city and want to know more about it? Interested in the history of Wroclaw? You want to read a cool novel playing in Wroclaw? Looking for a nice Christmas-gift?

Then this is the right post for you. We have hand picked our favourite books that are connected with Wroclaw and Poland in any possible way. By the way, when you switch this post into German, you will find of course the recommendations (even more) in German language.

Do you have a personal favourite? Tell us in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Of course: If you believe that we missed any, please just let us know too 🙂

Travel Guide Books about Wroclaw

This is one of our favourite guidebooks for Wroclaw in English. It has an incredible level of details and takes you on a journey through the whole city. 

Perfect for historical, architectural and general city knowledge, however if you are looking restaurant or hotel recommendations, this might not be the one for you.

Beata Maciejewska is one of the most recognised writers and historians in context with the city of Wroclaw. In this book, she is taking us on some self-guided walking tours in Wroclaw.

Multiple themes make these walks a highly enjoyable experience, no matter if in real or just on paper. Again, an incredible high level of historic details is included, but no bars, restaurants or hotels.

Books about the History of Wroclaw

In „Uprooted“, Gregor Thum is describing the events which took place when Wroclaw became a Polish city. With a lot of empathy for the people from all backgrounds, in our view he makes a great job in explaining the history in a very unbiased way

A highly recommended read for everybody who is interested to learn much more about the history of Wroclaw.

Architecture Books about Wroclaw

Certainly the most incredible book when it comes to sum up the architecture in Wroclaw. It is sorted by the different periods of the city and has a really, really nice layout.

For every building of significance, you will get the most important information in terms of the architectural background, but also the pictures made are really nice which make it a coffee-table book too 🙂

Novels playing in Wroclaw

„Death in Breslau“ is the first volume in a criminal novel series that plays in the year 1933 in Wroclaw. Inspector Eberhard Mock has to solve a mysterious murder which took place on the train from Berlin to Wroclaw.

However, he has to manage to get through a quite complex net of relationships and multiple stakeholders. Will he find his way through? Find it out… 

Amazing Books about Poland

Of course, who does not know the Lonely Planet series? Although there is no version for Lower Silesia itself, we recommend to check out the full country edition for Poland.

Packed with information and advice, we are trusting the Lonely Planet series already for a long time and have multiple other countries at home.

We got another coffee-table book for you! „Live the Polish Way of Life“ is a beautifully made book in kind of pocket size, which tells you a bit of the way how Poland works.

Of course, in a quite funny way, as „jakoś to będzie“ means as much as „everything will be fine“. So there is no reason to worry about anything, right? 

Books written by Authors from Wroclaw

Olga Tokarczuk certainly is one of the most famous Wroclawians as in 2019 she received the nobel price for literature.

In the Polish-Czech border regions a murder happened… And Janina Duszejko, the main character, who actually loves animals much more than humans, now is starting her investigation…

Did you know about our guidebook?

Wroclaw Guidebook

In 2023 we have finally published the English edition of our award-winning guidebook!

If you want to explore 100 extraordinary places in Wroclaw, then of course we can highly recommend you to check out the free preview. Have we mentioned free worldwide shipping? 

We hope that you enjoyed the best books about Wroclaw as much as we do! Let‘s have a cozy winter time and read a bit 😉

Looking forward to visit Wroclaw? Here you find all our recommendations for hotels, hostels, but also how to get to Wroclaw and much more!

Do you have some comments on this article? Maybe you have some other great book recommendations? Help us and also help other visitors by leaving your feedback in the comment section below!

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