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Wroclaw by locals: Four secret and unknown hidden gems in Wroclaw

Rutsche Elisabethkirche Breslau

For us it is always big fun to see travel bloggers coming to Wroclaw and shortly after their stay – often just two days – they are able to write about the best hidden gems, the most local spots in Wroclaw or super secret attractions nobody else has discovered before. Strangely, very often these super hidden things are ”bridges of Wroclaw” or ”dwarfs”… Well….

If you already have been to our blog, then you know that besides the most common best things to do in Wroclaw we also have a lot of insights on really local stuff and love to introduce you to more alternative sides of Wroclaw. Nevertheless, today we will be guiding you to four really local super secret hidden gems in Wroclaw that GUARANTEED nobody else has mentioned to you before!

Are you ready for that?

A little hint: This post was published on the 1st April 2022… If you are looking for real hidden gems, just check out our blog and start with the best things to do in Wroclaw here.

1. The new slide from the Elisabeth Church

The construction has just been completed recently and we are the first ones to announce this great new attraction on our blog!

Due to tightened construction regulations, the operators of the viewing platform had to find a solution where people would not cross each other anymore going up and down in the narrow staircase. Hence a slide was attached to the building which serves as one-way-exit now, and the stairs are only open to climb up, but not to get down anymore.

Originally this was purely to comply with the new restrictions, however many people found it fun to slide down and it already became a new attraction in Wroclaw – even reduced tickets of five and ten slides are being sold.

Not only for kids, this is great fun, we could test it ourselves already and really loved it. We recommend you to try it as soon as possible, before all other bloggers get there and long queues will start to form!

Rutsche Elisabethkirche Breslau

2. Slacklining between the Cathedral towers

You certainly need to have a strong stomach for our second hidden gem of Wroclaw! Every third Sunday just after the holy mass service in the Cathedral of Wroclaw, it goes up very high!

The church in Poland has the same issues like in many other countries – demographic challenges! And well, let us just say for many reasons, it is not easy to attract the younger folks for the church. However, the diocese of Wroclaw had a brilliant and creative idea to gain more attention from them – slacklining!

At a height of around 85 meters, everybody can show off their balance skills now – if that is no thrill, then we don’t know what else it could be… But no worries, even though you can’t see security ropes here, there is a trampoline at the bottom and you would fall very softly.

But to be aware: You have to attend the service before, this is being checked and otherwise you won’t be able to access the slackline.

Slackline Dom Breslau Hochformat

3. The secret BYOL Popup Café

B.Y.O.L. – That means as much as ”Bring your own ladder”. For just a couple of weeks there is a new mysterious café in a very unique place. On top of the concrete chair from Tadeusz Kantor which you might know from our post about bizarre things in Wroclaw, this popup café has started selling coffee.

However, nobody knows how they got there and there is no public access, only visitors with a lot of imagination are able to visit it – we recommend you to indeed bring your own ladder.

The opening hours are quite random, that is why we strongly recommend you to follow our Instagram-Channel – we promise to keep you updated there once we see it the next time. Sometimes there is also a cocktail bar and a DJ playing some groovy music – amazing vibes!

If you like more these strange cafés, you also should check out our post about the most unusual cafés in Wroclaw here.

Pop Up Cafe Breslau

4. The Infinity Pool

Brand new in the 2023 season is the breathtaking infinity pool, which is located right next to the Pomorski-Bridge.

Open only a few days a year, you can have a great picnic in the water at the edge of the water or just float around as you please.

Particularly acrobatic people bring a water mat and practise handstands or yoga formations. Great to observe also from the bridge!

Entry is free, but the pool is only open in April. Alcohol inside is actually prohibited, but actually nobody really cares and controls it…

Infinity Pool Wroclaw

We hope that we did not promise too much and hope you will have a lot of fun by discovering these very super secret hidden gems of Wroclaw by locals!

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