Wroclaw – An alternative guide to 100 extraordinary places

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An alternative guide to 100 extraordinary places

  • English-language travel guide to Wroclaw
  • Includes free worldwide shipping
  • 240 colourful pages with lots of photography and a city plan
  • Real book smell, written with love
  • Bonus: Wroclaw locals reveal their individual favourite places in the city
  • Winner of the German self-publishing book award 2021 (Non-Fiction Category)

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An alternative guide to 100 extraordinary places

What’s the secret behind the acoustic mirrors? Why are there dinosaur skeletons in the city center? What’s the story behind the naked fencer? Was there really a cannibal butcher in the market hall? 

From the most popular to the lesser known, from the extraordinary to the bizarre, and from the past to the future, this alternative guide to Wrocław reveals the 100 places and sights – based on the experiences of the writer, as well as many who live in and love Wrocław – that shouldn’t be missed in this historic and beautiful city.

Whether you’ve already experienced the magic of Wrocław or you’ve just stepped off the train, this guidebook provides inspiration to unlock new adventures that will make your stay unforgettable.