The alternative Travel Guide to Wroclaw — 100 extraordinary places you should not miss

Happy Publishing Day! On 20th November 2020, we released our first German-language alternative travel guidebook to Wroclaw. If you happen to speak German or want to make some of your German friends happy, this might be a good option 🙂

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Wrocław (Breslau) – An Alternative Travel Guide

100 extraordinary places, that you should not miss

Covertext translated from German into English:

Hotel recommendations? Shopping tips? — You won‘t find them here. 100 well-known and lesser-known, some bizarre, some romantic, but in any case extraordinary places in Wroclaw that should not be missed are included in this alternative guidebook.

Let‘s be honest, who already knows the acoustic mirrors or the old city port? What is up with the huge dinosaur skeleton in the city center? Why is the most beautiful street in the city hardly known? What happened that night when the naked man lost his clothes in the fencer fountain? Why did a cleaning lady pick the color of the probably ugliest building in town?

An alternative travel guide that does not overwhelm its readers with compressed information, but selects 100 places of the present and the past and tells exciting, dramatic and grotesque stories. In addition, it breaks with the tradition that only the author has something to tell! Numerous Wroclovers, known and unknown, reveal their three very personal favorite places!

  • Publishing Date: 20th November 2020
  • ISBN: 978-3-98223388-8
  • Price: 16,95 EUR (Softcover) and 8,95 EUR (E-Book)
Breslau Reiseführer Wroclaw Cover

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