You just found which is your personal, alternative and real travel guide to Wroclaw!

We love good food, coffee, canoe adventures, travelling and just enjoying life. Did we mention, that we love coffee? And maybe we also should tell you quite frankly that we are just weirdos? But of course the very lovable and not creepy ones.

About us and why this city blog is different

We are just people who are really passionate about the city in which we live. That’s why want to spread the word about Wroclaw and its cool, vibrant and hidden places to the world 🙂 

We know it is easy to find a lot of travel information about Wroclaw online but let’s be honest. Mostly you just find some big travel websites that just tell you about the obvious and main attractions.

We want to be different and tell you about the things that we explored and discovered ourselves. In addition we use only our own pictures made. The places that we recommend are the ones that we visit frequently and just love, not because they pay us.

This is why you can expect perfect inspiration not only for a weekend in Wroclaw, but also for longer stays – we recommend at least a week in Wroclaw, there is just so much to do.  And now, explore Wroclaw as a local together with us!

And here you can find our latest posts about Wroclaw:

Before you travel to Wroclaw

So maybe you want to start planning your journey and check how to best get to Wroclaw? Or you already arrived by plane and you have no clue what is the best option to get to the old town of Wroclaw from the airport? Or you are looking for the best place to stay in Wroclaw?

Maybe you also want to find out what is the best time to visit Wroclaw? The answer to that and even more questions are available in our article on things to know before visiting Wroclaw.

What to do in Wroclaw

And if you already arrived and finished your itinerary to Wroclaw, maybe you want to find the best coffee in Wroclaw? Or enjoy one of the best breakfasts?

This could be a good opportunity to read more about the cool neighbourhoods or best hipster and alternative things to do in Wroclaw. Maybe you are looking for the classic top things to do in Wroclaw, like dwarf hunting?

Or after a long day you want to enjoy one of our favourite and 10 best places for street food in Wroclaw? Or do you prefer high class food and fine dining in Wroclaw?

You also might want to see something different after a week in Wroclaw and escape from the city life? Then we have the best day trips from Wroclaw for you.

Most popular questions about Wroclaw

Some people are asking us which is the best city in Poland to visit. We tell you: Wroclaw is one of the best places to visit in Poland for sure, if not THE best. On our blog we will show you what to do in Wroclaw and reveal some of the hidden gems in Wroclaw.

Another questions our friends ask us very often is: how long to stay in Wroclaw? Well, a weekend trip to Wroclaw is never enough but a first start 😉 So if you are not able to start with a full week in Wroclaw, you should go ahead and book your weekend in Wroclaw.

Also lots of people ask which city is better – Krakow or Wroclaw. Well, both are very different but as Wroclovers we will always tell you to go to Wroclaw! And in all our articles you will find out why.

We really hope that we can provide you valuable inspiration for your upcoming trip to Wroclaw!

Take care!

Ewa & Mirko