• How to buy a tram or bus ticket in Wroclaw (Poland)?

    There are ticket machines at some stops, but not all of them. Then you just can buy the ticket with a contactless credit card inside of the tram. But don‘t worry, when you will get no paper ticket. How this all works is explained here in our post about how to get around with tram in Wroclaw.

  • Where can I park in Wroclaw?

    Actually that is a difficult topic. There are no free parking spaces in the city centre, but multiple paid options are available – for example at the Plac Nowy Targ is a huge underground car park. If you plan to stay in Wroclaw, we recommend to book a parking space with your hotel. All our hotel recommendations in Wroclaw have…

  • Is Wroclaw safe?

    Absolutely. Poland is one of the safest countries to travel to and the crime rates in Wroclaw for example is below the average crime rate of Germany – no worries 🙂

  • Do you give tip in Poland and Wroclaw?

    In good restaurants, a tip of around 10% are recommended.For hotels, tips are not common.In cafés, very often you will find a little jar. It won‘t be required but appreciated 🙂If you go by taxi, around 10% are normal, but only if the service was really worth it. If the driver does not drive well, you don‘t have to feel…