Clubs and Party in Wroclaw

Clubs in Wroclaw

Looking for Party and Clubbing in Wroclaw? Well, here we have a selection of great places to go out and dance in Wroclaw. No matter if you prefer techno or more alternative music, we have a couple of hints that should help you to pick a good place to party in Wroclaw!

While we have to be honest that we usually do not go out to clubs a lot ourselves, and do not have the first hand experience for all of them, we managed to gather a lot of input from our party-friends to compile this list of clubs in Wroclaw that are recommended! If you have any additional comments or want to share your experience with some of them, please feel free to do so in the comment section below!

1. Cafe Mañana

Let’s start with Cafe Mañana which is one of the most popular clubs in Wroclaw and in 2024 already celebrated their 20th anniversary. We are not surprised it has survived so many years!

What is special about the place is definitely the unique character. It resembles a bit of a shabby apartment in an old tenement house. You can also have fun under the open air patio and the diversified music guarantees you can dance the whole night.

Many of our friends go to Cafe Mañana to either start or finish parting. Thanks to the great atmosphere on the weekends this place can really be packed, so be prepared for that!

The club is located right next to the Market Square at Świętego Mikołaja 8-10. Check their events here.

P.S. There is also a Mañana 2.0 in the same building with more live music.

2. Poziom 1

We are staying in the same area as Cafe Mañana for the next recommendation.

If you decide to change the venue, then Poziom 1 is another club worth to recommend. It offers you a nice range of music (from old hits to more modern stuff) served in a nicely designed, modern venue.

People visiting Poziom 1 typically enjoy drinks that are quite fair value for money. Do not forget to check their profile on social medias as sometimes they have promotions and hand out some drinks for free.

As the place is relatively small it might also get crowded later in the night. The address is Świętego Mikołaja 8-11. Here you find the latest events.

3. Czarny Kot Klub

Just a few steps from the iconic Neon Gallery Side there is another great place – the Czarny Kot Klub.

There are two big floors and you can dance to the biggest hits and Latino music too. We have been to Czarny Kot Klub a couple of times and we always had a great fun there.

The colorful and artistic venue is matching the vibrant music that is played there, it also has a young and student-ish vibe. We can recommend checking this place also during weekdays as on Wednesday there is a Salsa Night and on Tuesdays they often have Improv Comedy Nights and Karaoke Parties.

Find more information about Czarny Kot here.

4. Lewitacja

If you are looking for a place to have fun with karaoke, then head out to Lewitacja.

It is a regular club with a dancefloor and DJ but on Wednesdays and Thursdays you have a chance to experience probably the best karaoke in the city.

Lewitacja does not have dedicated cabins, but with a bit of booze you will quickly forget about crowds around you and fully focus on singing “Bohemian Rhapsody from the top of your lungs. If you would like to stick to dancing check their website to find out when are Salsa, Kizomba or Bachata nights.

You can check out the club at Świętego Mikołaja 8-11.

5. Antidotum

This is another venue close to the Market Square. If the other clubs are too crowded for you, try your luck in Antidotum.

This two-room venue usually is less busy and you might for find more space for dancing. People visiting this place recommend going there on Fridays, however with different music played in two areas you will definitely find something that you like.

The club is located at Kiełbasnicza 32 and here you find their website.

6. Wyspa Tamka x Art Hub

We are changing the area and music style and moving to the next point on our list.

Located on a small island in the city center Wyspa Tamka x Art Hub is one of the most interesting spots in Wroclaw. What is important to know, it is right next to the iconic Słodowa Island where plenty of people are gathering when the weather is warm.

At nights the club offers techno parties from Fridays to Sundays. It has squatter vibes and people come here for a chilled atmosphere and good music.

On regular weekdays this location also hosts some artistic events and you can grab a coffee in their garden.

We recommend to check their instagram/facebook profiles which are mostly updated with the latest schedule. 

7. Transformator

Transformator is a club located significantly further than the previously listed places, but thanks to its great and underground vibes easily attracts large crowds.

It focuses mostly on club music, such as techno, house and rave. Transformator has three areas, thus there is a wide range of music you can choose from. People love the DJ sets here.

The venue itself falls into a sort of postindustrial style with rather basic facilities so do not expect anything fancy there.

The club is placed in an old factory building at Tęczowa 57 and here you find their events.

8. Ciało

Ciało is the last recommendation on our list that is dedicated for club music enthusiasts as you can listen to techno, rave and house here. The venue is quite dark with two rooms, lots of neons and pieces of modern art. Lots of alternative events are happening here too, the literal translation of Ciało means „body“

To check the lineup and program we recommend to visit their instagram feed since they post the schedule on monthly basis.

Be prepared for questions at the entrance on what is played that night that they actually will let you in.

Ciało is located very close to the main train station at Joannitów 13.

9. Nietota

Nietota is one of the oldest music clubs in Wroclaw. We usually go there to enjoy  live music with a good drink on the side.

Most of the concerts are local bands from Wroclaw, very often at the beginning of their careers. We can also recommend “theme” events, like Tarantino Soundtracks parties which are regularly organised.

The place itself is rather small, but nicely cozy with vibrant colors on the walls.

Nietota welcomes you at Kazimierza Wielkiego 50 which is a walkable distance from the Market Square – here you find the latest schedule.

10. Grey Music Club

We are finalizing our list of club recommendations with probably the most exclusive place in Wroclaw – Grey.

The venue is very modern, featured with plenty of neon lights and glass. In addition to music played by DJs from both the polish and international scene, the professional dancers make the atmosphere even better.

Each year when days are getting warmer, the club opens the “Summer Zone” where you can chill in comfy sofas or beach chairs.

If you are coming with a larger group we would advise to book a private room/floor.

Grey is open for people above 21 only at Świętego Mikołaja 8. Find their website here for more details.

11. Beach Bars in Wroclaw

Of course during summer time, we also have to recommend the beach bars in Wroclaw to hang out and party at night.

Many of them have live concerts on the weekends, or DJ sets. Especially Odra Pany is one of our favourites for a late night summer outdoor dance, the music and DJs there were always amazing when we were there.

Stara Odra Beach Bar Wroclaw

12. Our favourite pubs and bars in Wroclaw

Of course, if you are not into dancing all night long and rather enjoy a good cocktail bar or craft beer to chill out on the weekends, we have plenty of additional recommendations:

Craftbeer in Wroclaw

13. Concerts and Live Music in Wroclaw

If you are looking specifically for live music and concerts in Wroclaw, then we would recommend you to check out the calendars from these venues.

In addition, there is a great page which is collecting information about small underground concerts in Wroclaw which we have shared on our blog post about the more alternative things to do in Wroclaw here.

Concert in Wroclaw

We hope that you enjoyed our little compilation of the best clubs to party in Wroclaw! As mentioned before, if you have any other recommendations or some party experiences that you would like to share, please add them in the comment box below 🙂

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